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The results will be up on Tik Tok at Lilybfflilyj at 2:00pm 💕

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Video Transcription

hey guys and welcome back to the Samsonsistersmy name is about my name’s Lilly andtoday we’re going to be bakingrocky-road cookies make sure tosubscribe leave a like make sure tocomment in the comment section what youwant us to do next and push the postnotification so you admit be notifiedevery time we post a new video let’s getstraight into it so the ingredientsyou’ll need for these rocky Murraycookies are butter softened butter thatis nice and soft butteryou’re gonna need and soft brown sugarwe actually don’t have soft brown so weare using castor sugar but we don’t knowif it’s gonna work yeah oh you’re gonnaneed one egg which is in the fridge yesand then you’re gonna need and milkwhich is also in the fridge anythingyou’re also gonna need milk chocolateand we are using a Easter Egg but yeah Iguess so yeah yeah it’s also got somewhite chocolate on it as well but thatactually doesn’t matter because youactually need white chocolate as wellyeah and then it you’re also gonna needplain flouryou’re gonna need and cocoa powder ifI’m looking over this because I’mlooking you’re gonna need baking powderbaking powder you’re also gonna needwhite chocolate as we said I’ll be usingthese milky bar and then the lastingredient is mini marshmallows so thetop okay so these are all of ouringredients and let’s turn it in to theside and get likeokay and then the the equipment you’regoing to need is your gonna need a Wayneskills oh we have some wing scales youcan either have these ones which arelike this and or you’re gonna need andlike a net reponse you’re gonna needthis you’re also gonna need and twosheets like room to trade line withbacon we haven’t put on that already butyeah so we’re just going to put thesetwo outside Gianni’s put them on thereso we are doing this so you guys canalso follow it and you guys can also trythis out because you might not have thesame recipe as us so like yeah yeah andthen you’re also gonna need a largemixing bowl and all the changes are allalike like a spoon mix lovin you can youneed and you can flip some spoon andjust nothing little spinning hey bossyou’re also gonna need these aid palletknife and you can even mix by hand witha wooden spoon we’re gonna mix with thisyeah yeah okay so I guess we’re gonnastop I’m gonna need oh sorry guys if youcan’t see okay so the first thing youneed to do is preheat the oven to 180Celsius so she’s doing that[Music]wait until the light goes off okay andthen it’s so let’s start so you’re gonnaput the butter and the sugar in the bowlso the butteryou’re gonna need you Tom Oh 125 gramsso I’m gonna we’re also going to need aknife we should’ve just used or okayright say not sure I think I see youneed 100 take my gram so for now I’mjust gonna put this much we have lostyour hands by the way don’t worry washthem before doing this hundred grassyeah we thought maybe we were lookingaround and we did like think so yeahwe’re gonna do cookies took that quitesimple so and we got this is exactly 125grams butter and we thought well thenyou guys can also color alone with itand and you guys can also do it with usin case like you might not have likedthe recipe that we use yes so I’m justgonna chop up the butter into like alittle bit not squares the like reptilesand put them in the bowl now by the wayand there is a tray here that’s why Isit here she’s not sitting on my yeahand just dropping it something you canuse like any sort butter yeah unsaltedyeah unsalted butter has sorted perfectbut you can use like margarine each ofthese chamois butterthe next ingredient so yeah we don’thave brown sugar but we’re gonna have todeal so we’ve just put the Box in herenow we’re gonna measure around 125 gramsif I wanna do an active it weightsbecause like we like a little thingsyeah wait so I’m just the mix alreadythat’s goodso this is how much butter it’s ahundred 129 grams of sugar and now we’regonna cream the butter and the sugartogether he’s using an electric winnersand so sorry if there’s enough it willbe like we don’t like the noise thenskip like yes sorry[Music][Music]I’m just gonna do free I’m gonna do therest of my little spoon I should do itin Spain let you in everywhere we shouldhave like pretty smooth like butter soand we love baking cookies because Ilike baking cakes we’re gonna make cakesthat will probably do loads of bakingyeah Eddieand then after Lily’s and like mix itall up so it’s like cream and you’regoing to need to put the egg and themilk in need the Wiz okay guys I’mreally sorry[Music][Music][Music]so it’s free now you just wanna make itlike really creamy so nice and softyep so you’re just getting out of thereso the next increase it should be likecreamy its way it looks like eggs fitdoes not it does notExodus yet so we have to have swimeffects we have to all this cuz we’regoing crazy next position so we need oneegg oh my god she’s crazy about thislike she was at one time so and we beatthe egg and you okay right what do youhave so you need to put 1 tablespoonsure you can do any video 1 tablespoonof white egg this is crazyI know no one ruined X it’s like a whiteeggimagine a chick just came out I can dookayno meyeah[Music][Music][Music]right side it kinda goes like scrambledegg but okay just give that mix don’teat the flower like okay now you’regonna start at the flour and the cocoapowder and the baking powder in okay soyou’re gonna last video we got 118 yearsI think that’s great so thank you alland for the five lights and sixteensubscribers that’s okay measure out someflourthis is playing yes we’re ready messybakers no pop it in okay now I’m gonnameasure out the cocoa powder did it howis it the same thing did you say it wasthe samegood abouts I’m watching anyway coolcheese the baking powder comments youcan solve our forties by using this sortof baking powder as you can really useany but not like by climate and so doesnot say things yeah try do it Isabel noI can usually do it I have to know howeasily she just does it just twist itand icons off sorrysorry okay so once you that we’re gonnaput how much and if you said to savethat half a teaspoonmy god it’s really messy tonight yes Ican see you clear up rightoh please oh my god she looks good itsmells good dude doughnuts that page soI recommend doing this because it’s likepretty easy yeah it’s pretty rightingredient so this is the butter thesugar the flour the cocoa powder the eggthe milk and the baking powder it’s notwritten it’s not ready yetand then the white part of the whitechocolate and half of the milk chocolateso you’re gonna need 50 grams of cocoawe’re are you gonna do 25 that’s mybunny he was facing it no okay right ohthis shut up that’s not 25 grams we’regonna put up Bridget Annie so on thesescalloped eyes cuz they were when wemeet brownie we made brownies we justestimated how much to fit in I know butthey’re to turn up yeah they actuallywant you guys to make brownies so andthis my friends it’s it’s 25 grams ofno it’s not 25 rounds I’m sure it isI’ll just use this yesmaybe bumper that in there and thenwe’re gonna put this back today you acatyeah to put it yeah yeah yeah we’regonna open up face in Englandspraining it’s actually really sunnylike it was like right so I’ve justwoken up 25 grams of white chalk and nowwe add it to that’s not all oh okaysorry[Music][Music]expand so and the results will be mytick-tock leave Lily BFF NHS you guysthat so you can see the results of thesecookies right so why should you not seebefore you doLenny one spoon show you to trade 170story if the bow is like in the waythere’s one free I think you they mightextinct I mean there’s one spoon yourhair is in Miami for me to get thingit’s really like this changemaybe it’s the stripper no no no pleaseright well on the picture they shouldnot block it on nothingyeah easy I’m gonna leave it a spin16:16 subscribing which is really goodfun yeah we’re really thankful for sidethankful we need a bit more I did not wehave misses all that yeah you probablydid betterreally treats our hands don’t I swear ifyou do please and the cookies might be alittle bit right so so annoying we’velit you it says that and make 14 I’vedone four and Lily’s done tooI’m fetching our mixture have we missedanything no I think I think this is whathappens where we do baconwell by himself once I’m not herewe’re not go to bacon yeah as soon asshe leaves fingers just buy wrongbecause she’s going to see that thistrifle three new books do deer foxesyeah living under a shed oh yeah I amright in my shirt my robe my feelingsand pictures and yeah these cookies arelike oh my god you literally use all theVictor hey guysyou make my life giver this one’s gonnabe really differentwe’ll show you them once the ball is outand so yeah this was what aboutquarantine ideas – yeah and so I guesswe could say some more so we could sayOh playing games is actually pretty funso played games and yeah yeah you can dothat going outside today you can write[Music]and say basically and whooping excitedthese these cookies go in the oven go inthe oven for five minutes and then youtake them out really quickly and you putthe other 25 grams of white chocolateand dark and milk chocolates for 25grams of each running the marshmallowson the top and then you put them back inthe oven for another 6 minutes so intotal they should have they should cookthe 11 minutes so guys and these are thefinished reviews the results will belike teamily BFF Lily James thanks forwatching guys bye

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