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How to make No-Bake Oatmeal Cookies with Chef Luke – Ep.12

We’re back at it again with a Lukey baking show, but no-bake is the key ingredient!

This was such a quick and easy snack for the whole family to enjoy. Follow along as we dump, pour, smash and mix a ton of ingredients together!

Also, wasn’t able to put this whole episode back together due to computer issues. Dad’s working on getting this situated, but Lukey will never stop eating. So the show must go on!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

we got here I think you got it this timeyou got it high five high five yeah[Music][Applause][Music]how the troopers today we’re makingoatmealyes you hey boo[Music][Music]next video coconut coconut and Greggyou’re just eating and I’m even helpinganymore[Music][Music]Wow good daddy[Music][Music][Music]almond butter me make me put a big scoopof isn’t it[Music][Music]like me like me slowly please crazy andlets you play the big challenge we gottamake sure all the stunts are out thereTim here try this right now I know timeto make stock okay gang that’s right[Music]your mouth is again Oh comfortable[Music][Music][Applause][Music]yeahyeah well how do you spell your name[Music]

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