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Best Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies cook with me

Hey guys!

Hope you will give this recipe a try- let me know if you have any questions or if you tried it!

2 cups of brown sugar
1 1/2 cups of granulated sugar
4 large eggs
1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
2 teaspoons on baking powder
2 cups of melted unsalted butter
5 cups of flour
4 cups of semi-sweet chocolate chips cook with me

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Video Transcription

hey y’all I should grab my movie herewe’re switching things up a little bitum and so not only can I eat on my bookbox but I can also bake a little bit sowe’re into a beginner’s level thesecookies have been one of my most popularcookies that I’ve had given to familyfriends and random folks and so folkshave asked me for a recipe and how I doit so here it is this is chocolate chipcookies with like a soft base so whatyou’re gonna need is some melted butterand I’ll put all of the amounts ofingredients below melted butter we willneed some brown sugar I like using thedark brown sugar because it gives thedough a richer color of brown and we’regoing to need some regular white sugarwe have some flour some baking powdersome semi-sweet chocolate chips somevanilla extract and some eggs so alrightso here we go and let me see here so Igot a couple of bowls here so your firstthing that you were gonna do is I’musing about a normal glass mixing bowlright and so I am going to do my brownsugar first brown sugar here and there’sno reason to have to use the sister forthe sugar because brown sugar is packedso you actually don’t want it toseparate so hereget that nice impact in so I’m gonna dotwo cups of brown sugar the measurementI have right now is half a cup so I’mgonna need four scoops of these I’mtelling you if you do this right peoplewill love these cookies um it’s like inthe middle of being chewy and solid allright so we have our four cups of sugarthere and as you guys can see so I’musing this measurement right here butyou can see my butters actually in yourglass measurement the reason why I usethis is because it’s just easier toscrape off of the top verses if you’reusing this for like solids and you haveto pour in the sugar you have to likelook at it and then take it out if it’stoo much so I just find the cups a lotmore easier for my solid the liquids Idefinitely use this alright so then weare going to put your right sugar so I’mjust using regular granulated cane sugarand for this one I only put about a cupor cup and a half because you don’t wantyour base to be too sweet so I mentionyour level that outso I’m going to do about a cup and ahalf um if you like you’re like theactual cookie part of the chocolate-chipcookie to be a little bit sweeter youcan do two cups of brown sugar and twocups of white sugar but I do two cups ofbrown sugar and one and a half cups ofwhite sugar and then we do our two cupsof melted butter you’re gonna want touse unsalted butter all right so twocups of melted unsalted butter butterand I really like the brand of GrandalLakesthat’s my brand that I go to I just feellike it’s never done me wrong so i’majust pour half of that in because it’s alot of ingredients you want to makealright so just giving you guys adifferent angle here so I don’t want toput too much butter because I want it tobe evenly distributed less arm work hereso it’s gonna become very crummy as youguys can see thing out there and youjust want to make sure that the buttergets all in there so as you can see Ikind of mixed in my butter so I’m gonnaput the next load of butter in and thisis just easier to make sure everythinggets mixed in evenly if you have a powermixer you can also use the power mixerto it’ll make things a lot more simpleI’m a little old-school I like doingthings hard way so I’m gonna mix it inlike thatso you want to make sure to how I’m likescooping it up the little indentation onthe bottom of the bowl tends to holdsome dry sugar there so you just want tomake sure everything’s in there so youcan see I did it about three differentscoops get all the butter in there soyou’re gonna see a pretty thickconsistency here and again I’m gonnascoop that up so the butter gets to thebottom and it you don’t want the butterto just sit on the top as you can seethere’s a ring there we want to get ridof that butter ring so I would say agood 5 to 8 minutes maybe of stirringand you’ll be good to gosee um how I’m kind of those pocketsthat are coming to the side I’m gonnajust whisk it right there to make sureit gets in because he you get that allgood in all right so I think we’re goodnow all right you also I’m done mixingthe brown sugar as y’all can see y’allsaw the close-up angle to go ahead andset this aside all right so this is whatwe gonna do nextI got another smaller bowl and rule inbaking if you want to mix your wetingredients separately and then mix yourdry ingredients so we still have somewet ingredients I have four eggs regularold eggs I am going toall right so we have our four large eggsthere and then what we are then going todo is we have our vanilla extract and weare going to do vanilla and bakingpowder are hard to find are in Co fit soI don’t lose fill any of this so I’mgoing to just take the same whisk fromthe brown sugar and I’m gonna use it towhisk the eggs and the vanilla all rightso I am just going so whisk it realquick to break that yolk in with thevanilla and then what you are going todo is take it and just put it in thebrown sugar so I whisk the egg before Iput it in the brown sugar just so I makesure that the egg is distributed evenlyyou can whisk the eggs directly into thebrown sugar but it just requires alittle bit more work and some moremixing so again my both a little smallhereand so I just want to make sure that Iget that egg in there as much as I canI wouldn’t worry too much about thisring because you can mix that in evenlyonce we do our dry ingredients all rightlike I was saying guys I wouldn’t worrytoo much about there’s a slight ring asyou guys can see but I wouldn’t worrytoo much about it because we’ll be ableto evenly put it into the flour so I’mgonna set my wet ingredients aside andput that here and then what I’m going todo next is what I’m going to do next isnow do my dry ingredients so I’m Elisethis sister on top and what I’m going todo then is I’m gonna need five cups ofregular flour it can be bleachedunbleached all-purpose do not do risingflour it’s not the same okayso again I like using my cup because Ican just go ahead and level that bad boyout so again I’m using you need fivecups but the measurement I’m using rightnow is half a cup so I’m gonna need tenof these so you want to put that througha sifter because you don’t want clumpsin your cookies that requires you to domore more sturdy and you don’t peoplehaving bites of flowers in their cookiesso that is a total of one cuptwo cupstwo cupsthat is a total of three cups righttherefour cupsand that our last cup here so I want totry to be careful I don’t want it to goover this if I would say this if you’reyou feel like baking the sister is likea must have even if you’re doing likeyour box your cake boxes it’s alwaysgood to have this even though it doesn’tsay in the instructions to sieve itthrough so you don’t have those bigclumps and it makes it easier so thenour next wet ingredient I mean our dryingredient is our baking powder so thisis gonna help us fluff up our piece solet’s see so we are going to do twoteaspoons of baking powder and we’regonna just sift that on through to someI just put it on the sideI don’t think it really matters whattype of baking powder that you use but II’ve always gone to this my mom hasalways used this use this brand we havethose three differences towards applyingbaking powder like not even just thisbrand just any baking powder in generalall right so I’m gonna go ahead and putthis to sifter it’s kind of full so I’mgonna just use my spatula I think so goahead and sift that through so as youcan see I’m just kind of mixing from thebottom so a lot of it so I try tocontain the mess fogger is messy bakingis messy but if you can to reduce someof the mess then you know the great andthen once you have you know not too muchflour in there you just tap it on andyou see see that different consistencyof how fine grains are versus this one’sa more clumped up I’m telling you thissaves time and it makes your textures ofthe cookie better all right cool so nobig chunks I’m gonna set this to theside and I’m gonna just kind of even outalright y’all so remember we have ourwet ingredients here our dry ingredientshere what I am going to do is we’regonna slowly pour it your butter andsugar and eggs into the wet but againyou don’t want to do it all at oncebecause it makes it harder to mix andyou might get those pockets of flour soyou want to do it in thisall right so I did about 1/3 of that andthen I’m gonna mix it in as you guys cansee you see how fine and soft thatflower looks that is the importance ofthe sister do not skip that step I’vedone it in my past and it’s hard so andit’s hard to mix alright so it’s alittle crummy there as you can see ourdough is slowly forming I’m gonna putanother 1/3 of my wet mixture into herego ahead and mix it in it’s best if youtry to get the wet ingredients to sit ontop of the dry ingredients so there’snot too much mess and I want you guys tosee the close-up because if you’re newto baking you start panicking yourlittle is this gonna actually turn intodough it does you just gotta put someelbow grease in it so I’m gonna just goahead and pour the risk of the mixturein there and you do want to use this sothat way you can scrape all of theingredients as much as the wet you cangetalright y’all so I’m just mixing in thebutter the brown sugar the white sugarthe eggs into my flour mixture and don’tworry if this takes timelike they say good things come to peoplewait but you gotta really mix this andgoodand I tapped this because sometimes asyou can see the whisk is like a littlecircle and so sometimes it may look weton the outside but there’s actually alot of flour that gets stuck mixed inthere so I just want to make sure to getthat all mixed in while I’m stirringthisall right so I want to give you aclose-up because if you guys look atthat this is exactly what I’m talkingabout see this whole pocket see how itlooks on top it looks like okay I’mgetting therebut that whole pocket those littleridges over there hold these pockets offlour so you don’t want to get to theend and then realize you didn’t mix itwell so you want to lift and mix and youcan see here that the consistency isgetting don’t like so this is prettymuch the consistency that you want -right I’m gonna make some more of theflour and what I like to do is once Ireally feel like I’m all I’m getting tothe end of this mixing take this scrapethe sides of the bowl and you just wantto help that lift make sure none of thatpockets of flour get in there it won’tbe so bad you got to the end and realizeyou left some flour there nobody wouldflour cookies chocolate chip cookies huhsee all that there’s still a pocket Ican see a pocket of flour you guys cansee right hereall right so we’re almost done with thecookies it’s their easy recipedon’t be intimidated by it and I’mguaranteeing these cooking they’re bombI have not heard one bad word aboutthese cookies and so I just want to tryto get as much I can get out of my wastethere and I always do this so if I’mcooking for like the family like my ownhousehold I won’t use gloves orprotection on my handsbut if I am and I don’t have the what isthat called like the food serving gloveswhat I do is I always do this when I’mbaking for somebody else I don’t care ifyour hands are washed no matter how manytimes your hands I wash things can getunder your nails it’s not sanitaryso I put my hand in the plastic bag andwhat I do is I need this all rightbecause you want to make sure everythingis fully mixed in there so the mythwhisk might not be so as you guys cansee I wouldn’t have caught that littlebit of flour with the whisk and I justmake sure to do this and that way is itturns as you guys can see like when myhands moving it out it rubs away fromthat crummy look and smooth that smoothdough all right see I want to get allthe way to the bottom level make surethere’s no ridges and this is kind of aconsistency that you’re looking a littlebit more buttery and mobile than a breaddough but definitely not okay so allright okay JoeGrice so that’s what I wanted to see wewanted to look like alright yeah so Ihave the base of the chocolate-chipcookie as you can see it’s nice andbrown and next you want to do yoursemi-sweet chocolate chip cookiesI do use Nestle Toll House orGhirardelli chocolate chips but ifyou’re running more on a budget you canuse the off-brand just get one bag ofthe Ghirardelli or the tool-house andthen one bag of the off-brand once Ithink that chocolate probably reallychokes so what I’m going to do is therecipe could cause for about four cupsbut for me I just really like I in it Iwant to make sure there’s like at leastfour to five chocolate chips in eachcookie that I putI mean I do use about a whole bag of itfor it for this amount so again as youguys can see on the close-up the waste aspoon does not do it as good and yourhands do it to really get thosechocolate chips evenly in there I amgonna drop this off at my parentstomorrow so that is in the bag for myhousehold so I’m gonna pour in somewhite chocolate chips and that’s thereason why you don’t want your base youwant your base to taste a little bitless sweet than my sugar cookie but nottoo sweet because you already have thechocolate chips going in there so youdon’t want it to be too sweet you wantthat equal balance of flavor in the basebut not too much you know even in theother sweet tooth I’ve tried these beingthe base being more sugar and I justdidn’t like it you can only eat one ofthem and you’re kind of over it so I’malmost there y’all see some I justpoured out full guys in there so I usedabout 3/4 of the bags I used it for mycupcakes a day earlier that made earlierthis week alright and again it’s thisbottom part see how I’m scooping thatthat bottom part isn’t elected and youwant to mix this as well as you canbefore because you don’t want to startmaking the cookies with me on the sheetand having to add more chocolate chipsinto each cookiealright y’all I am satisfied everylittle area like a one inch square has achocolate chip in there so this is whatits gonna look like this is what we’relooking at perfect chocolate chip cookiedough and so what I usually do is I likemy cookies to have some volume and tohave a little bit of softness right youdon’t want your cookies to be runny andflip so what I found is that I’m gonnaput this in the fridge put saran wrapover it put it in the fridge for aboutmaybe no more than an hour two hours youcould even leave it overnight and thenafter having it solidifying a little bitmore than you actually want to bake itcuz then it creates that thick cookielook that you really want so it doesn’tcreate that thin crunchy cookie becauseagain we’re going for pretty soft solidcookies alright so I’m gonna put this inthe fridge and then i’ma show y’all howI scoop it onto the baking pan and inthe put it in the oven and how thatoutcome is I’m telling y’all it’s gonnabe bomb hey y’all so again I put it inthe refrigerator for about an hour and ahalf and this is what it looks like hereand I’ll do a quick close-up so you guyscan see the texture the texture that youwant it to be alrightso as you guys can see it’s not supersolid but you do have to like make sureyou scoop it in right so you want it tobe pretty firm to get that big cookieconsistency ever have a cookie sheetright herealright you also remember I do about asyou can see the scoop here about a scoopand a half for my cookie sizesif I make sure to clean out as much as Ican I’ll probably just scoop it out andthen get that half bit of it so see howit’s kind of invented it jumped rightabout so I’ll go ahead and it’s easierif you have the gloves but you work withwhat you got I mean we had a hard enoughtime finding baking powder so again Ileave it about there I’d say about alittle bit less than an inch apart andyou should be able to do three this side[Music]the import is the importance is you dowant them very similar sizes right sothat they all are baked at the same timeyou don’t want some under bakes youdon’t want some of them over baked youwant them perfectly baked so that is thereason why do you want them very closeto size it doesn’t seem that importantbut it does they look fairly big rightnow but I promise you is to create thatthick whip in the cookie and not to havea very like runny thins crunchy cookiethat’s what we’re trying to avoid forthat place the cookie dough it is stickprobably be able to do four rows andthen three ways this wayas you can see once you become a pro atit you are able to kind of I the capitoto be around the same size and you cansee how it’s pretty friendly it’s prettyfirm right like you don’t see the thedough flattening on the cookie surface amaple board put in love it I’ve triedmany recipes of chocolate chip cookiesand this is by far my most favorite oneso I’m just finishing up putting mycookies onto the baking pan it lookslike a night I can fit nine on here sothey’re fairly large cookies again youcan make them a little bit smaller but Iwould suggest you keep them around youdo not want to flatten it because thenyou have a flat so let it do its naturalmelting in the oven so I usually I willpop these in the oven at 350 and I willput them in from between 10 to 12minutes depending on how stronger he isin the oven I would say when we pop themin I am going to take them out about aminute before they’re actually fullyprepared so that way when it’s coolingthat heat will cook the cookie itself alittle bit and so that way you have theperfect cookie and it’s not overcookedand it’s not dried so I’ll show you guysof course and then usually what I do iswhen I pop in these cookies I’ll haveanother bowl and I’ll just make a bunchof circles in the cookie dough and putthem in that bowl so that way I put themback in the fridge while these cookiesare baking so they don’t melt becausethey do have butter in them and that wayonce I take these off I will just putthe pre circle cookies on there and it’sa quicker process so I will pop these inthe oven guards and then I’ll go aheadand show you guys what the outcome isall right y’all the cookies are readyand I wanted to show you how it goes Ihave to tie my hair it would be in hotcuz of the oven and so one thing beforeI show you the cook the cookies is thisis last time out earlier so while thesefirst batches I just make the circlesI’ll pop them in the fridge pop them outwhen it’s ready for the next load allright so let me show you guys what thesecookies will look likeI’ll get a close-up for you all right sothat close-up I was telling y’all aboutsee right here see how thick that cookieis on the side that’s what give it alittle bit of chewiness and these are Iwould say 30 so I put them in exactlyfor 13 minutes so as you can see it cameout clean there about 30 seconds frombeing perfect I take them out a littlebit earlier cuz one it’s stillgenerating heat because it just came outthe oven so the heat within itself it’sgonna cook the dough fully and I wouldremove them immediately after you takethem out of the oven because you don’twant them to overcook so this is acooling rack that’s gonna let them cooldown from the bottom up and the top andsee this as you can see they came out asfull balls like this see how that thoseare circular balls and I didn’t flattenthem out and then as you can see here onthe cookies it melts a little bit in theoven so it creates a good perfect cookieI will need you to also check one or twoof them do the stick test to see if itcomes out clean again because if they’rethe same size they’re gonna cook a bigvac same rating and I’m gonna show youguys me just putting a little bit moreon the cooking traydown cookies and then here is my cookingtray I honestly don’t change out theparchment paper unless I see somebrowning on the edges so literally abrown it turns brown on the edges Ireuse them it looks like a cookie sheetand a tip that I have is if you’re gonnaput if you have a multiple layers ovenand you’re going to put more than onecookie sheet so if you’re putting liketwo cookie sheets either put themside-by-side on the same level or if youhave two different levels you want tohave one stacked on the left-hand sideand on the second level of set on theright-hand side and the reason why youdon’t want them on different levels ontop of each other is because you have tothink about it the heat rises from thebottom so it’s hitting the first handbut it has to hit the second pan andthen go through that pan for the firstpan to cook the top cookies and so forme I found that sometimes they don’tcook evenly if I put them right on topof each other so I would say you couldput one at a time or stack them one onthe left one on the right if you’redoingso I’m gonna put these on and I’m gonnacook the rest of the cookie and don’tforget to put your dough it is importantto put your dough into the fridge whenyou’re not using it I’ve left it outwhere you got all melty and one thechocolate chips started to melt into thedough so it wasn’t like full chocolatechips and it became like this marbledeffect so that is pretty much how I makemy perfect chocolate chip cookies I’mgonna pop the rest into the oven andfinish it off I appreciate y’all haveany questions about this recipe pleasefeel free to ask me if you mean I couldmake another video on specifics on itagain thirteen minutes in the oven at350 keep your eye on it though the lasttwo minutes depending on how strong youroven or how weak your oven heat is but Iappreciate y’all for joining me andthere will be more videos this isbeginning there’s some intermediate andsome advanced level of baking thathappens he’s in love yo these cookieswere not harden if you bake themcorrectly they will stay soft for abouta good solid 4 to 5 days and if they’rethat good they would probably wouldn’tlast that long

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