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3 Ingredient ALMOND Butter Cookies.

The quickest, easiest, but also somewhat healthy dessert to wash down a nice meal at the end of the day. Enjoy something sweet without compromising nutrients! Tune in to see how these Almond butter cookies turned out….

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Video Transcription

what is good like donkeys in the videoexplodes you’re back with another videotoday I’m baking the easiest threeingredient almond butter cookies I’musually busy throughout the day doingthings so I don’t want something that’sgonna take too much of my time up sothis is really simple and quick firstthings first what you guys want to do ispreheat the oven to 350 degreesFahrenheit grab a pan just like this andput some Pam on it baking sheet put somePam on it so ah those cookies don’tstick these almond butter cookies are ahealthy alternative to the moretraditional but sugary and unhealthypeanut butter cookiesI like these does a very high protein soit’s a good snack that you can have adessert that you can have after you knowa meal and a long day of trainingbecause they’ll replenish the bodyproviding some energy for the next dayyou know next big big day at work so I’mgonna start off with the ingredientsthat we have for this like I said threethree ingredients easy simple quick andeasy literally almond butter we’re goingto need a cup of almond butter 1/2 a cupof brown sugar so replacing that with aregular white sugar because it’ssupposedly more healthy so we’re goingto do that and I just need one day somake sure you have all three of those infront of you and a bowl just like so andthis is not a regular Bowl it’s one thatgoes into an electric mixer that I havebehind me I’m going to be using itbecause I don’t have one that’s finewhisk it by hand but I’m going to beusing that because almond butters reallythick step 1 apply the almond butterstep two add the egg perfect crack step3add the brown sugar hi guys over hereblend all the ingredients the flick ofthe switch a little fast again goingokay so after you guys mix that up wecan now start rolling them into littleballs putting them on the pan so what Idid is I put a little bit of oil on myon my hands just so that when I’m makingthem into balls they’re not sticking tomy hand so I can grab them a little biteasier can use like an ice cream scooperto help make the cookies or the balls alittle bit easier but I don’t have thatsomething a spoon I’m gonna do it byhand but try not to think I’m too bigbut the size doesn’t really matter toomuch alright so I’m done rolling mycookies into little balls and my recipemade about twelve cookies for me butobviously depending on how big he makethemyou’re gonna roughly get around ten totwenty four I would say the next stepnow you got before is just going tolightly press on each cookie just kindof fly them out time to place these badboys in the oven[Music]let those sit in there for around 10minutes and you’re eating some gooddessert healthy one alright baby thesebad boys are ready and I’m ready to geta nice good taste of them let’s go openup as you know what time it is it’s thetaste test time everybody knows you’regonna try those right there right infront you there okay let’s goTommy hey how you feel okay what do youthink honestly I mean I do tell her whatit is bingo really guess what kind ofsugar you put in there bingo really wellcookedfirst of all it textures a nice softwarm not burns on the other side[Music]honestly it’s so they’re so moist in themiddle these are good these are good Ithink this is the best healthy thing Imade I can use one with a glass of milkafter a long day of training lots ofprotein in hereholy delicious so it happens when youlive in a house with two sisterscurrently in here your mom your dad wegot two cookies leftwhat a joke

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