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BabyCakes Bakes Molasses Cookies

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back my video todaywe’re doing making soft molasses cookiesyou will need 1/3 of a cup of butter 1cup of sugar 1/4 of a cup of molasses 1egg 2 teaspoons of baking soda 2 and 1/4cups of flour 2 and 1/2 teaspoons ofpumpkin pie spice and 1/4 teaspoons ofsaltlet’s get first we’re gonna put butterand sugar into a bowl and then we’regonna cream it[Music]the butter and sugar what it should looklike when you cream it togethernext we’re gonna add molasses and oneeggso I formed the molasses into thismixture now I’m gonna add in my eggnext four dreams the mixer again and mixit all together[Music]it should look like this when you aredone mixing it so now the second boltand we’re gonna add all the drummerpoints we’re gonna add our baking cupbaking soda[Music]pumpkin pie spice and salt then we’regoing to take a whisk and mix togetherthere should be it should all be mixedtogether when you’re donethere should be no patches of just onetime[Music]now that I’m done that I’m going toslowly add it to this mixture as I goI’m gonna out of it and then I’m gonnamix it up[Music][Music]once you slowly to add the dry mixtureto the mythwhat mixture it should look like thatnow we’re gonna put it in the fridge forabout thirty minutes before we put it inthe oven okay so now that it’s it sat inthe fridge for about thirty minuteswe’re gonna um they’re gonna meet a bowlwith some sugar in it start with about ahalf a cup a pan with some parchmentpaper or you can spraya spoon to scoop into spinning to scoopout the dough first they’re gonna scoopout a little dough and make it into aball if you have a little bit too muchyou can always pick some up it should beabout this size now you’re gonna take itand you’re gonna roll it in your sugaronce you’ve done that you’re gonna putit on your pan about what’sabout a little farm just a bit not toofarpeople do that we’re gonna keep on doingthat between you’re out of cookie doughabout that far importance because ourcookies are gonna flatten and getyou’re gonna turn the oven to about 350Fahrenheit and once you’re ready to putthe cookies in the oven you’ll putyou’ll start with eight minutes and ifthey’re not ready you’ll put them in forten minutes you know where they’re readybecause they will be kind of crinkly onthe topthat’s when you know they’re gonna beright so I’m going to keep them makingthat up and then get back to youthis is what your cookie should looklike when they’re done if you can seehere there’s not two rounds but they’rea little brownhmmbut oh I forgot to say don’t use theoven under adult supervision andsubscribe to my channel it’s a belt forany notifications of it about my nextvideo and hit that thumbs up bye

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