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Alison Hammond Makes Pret’s Fakeway Chocolate Chip Cookies | This Morning

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We’ve helped you master the McDonald’s Sausage and Egg McMuffin, and cured your craving for IKEA meatballs. And now it’s time for Alison’s take on Pret’s delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Broadcast on 30/04/20

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Video Transcription

Allisyn Hammonds got her take on therecipe so hire my name yeah hi guysmorning yeah we cooking that’s how thereason why I’ve gone through cookiesbecause practice actually put theingredients of their cookies online sothey’ve got like a dark chocolateflavored cookie so I thought you knowwhat I’m gonna use their recipe do alittle bit of a twist on it and I’mgonna add instead of dark chocolatewhite brick I’m gonna go milk chocolatefor a little twist of orange zest inessential these are orange chocolatecookies and they’re so easy to makereally really basic and so we’re gonnastart off with some melted butter reallyreally simple Paula back in I’ve justmounted that in the microwave that’s 110grams then we add some brown sugar 85grams of brown sugar look how easy thisis to assemble then we need a hundredand 70 grams of caster sugar just bangit in because our sort of recipe I likeI like nice and simple you don’t have tothink do you know what I mean that’swhat you need one egg bang eating andthen we need to give that a really goodstir obviously get that stirred in it’sso so simple and there you have itwhat’s so great about these cookies iswhen you actually put them on the bakingtray they look tiny but then they comeback and I see the size of your head soyou need to not put too much cookiedough on your train okay so we’ve gotthat then we’re gonna add a little pinchof salt not too much I don’t know why wehug so we just do don’t ask me the preprecipe is that is that why you putsomething as they say put so yeahexactly this is the prep recipe with mylittle twist and then we’re gonna addsome flour now today I’m not gonna sipit because I don’t see why we need to Ireally don’t so then we’re going to foldit in can you hear me okay yeah thefrozen four bit on one of your shots butwe’re we’re watching on the other wordsno but we can he follow you crayons sowe stole all that in and then we want toadd our chocolate pieces okay so ahundred grams of chocolate add that intothe dough and as you can see it’s nowcreating a bit of a dough so really andtruly you want to get your hands dirtyand get in there so that point get yourhands in there and get it into thatlittle bit of a dough and I’m going toshow you one later this is what I didearlier added a little bit of our inzest to this mixture now I just realizedI actually haven’t got a grater so ifyou can imagine this is a grater and I’mjust grating in a little bit of orangezest use your imaginations because I’mgreat I can’t find it your questionsprobably the dishwasher can I ask you aquestion with your with the one that youdid later earlier yeah did you put thatin the fridge because it looks a lotmore low controllable no no no this isthat just because I had a little bitmore time to do it it’s just I addedmaybe a little bit more flour in orderto get a little bit more malleable yousee what I mean I mean a nice one justmaybe just needs a little bit more flouryeah so if it does come out a little bitI just and a little bit more flour andit’s gonna be fine and then at thatpoint you want to just separate it andget these cookies on your tray like sonow can you see the massive gaps thatI’ve gotten between them socially thisone removed this one because they doreally explode okay so get those intothe ovenand we’re gonna pop those on a gas smart200 put them in turn that down a littlebit look like it’s on fire want to do aJohn to Road okay we’re gonna leave thatjust look at me okay we can leave thatfor 14 minutes not very long and youwant to see what it looks like when itcombines absolutely crazy now these whatI made lookand they’ve got a beautiful crunch letme take really really lovely I’m notgreat about these you can freeze themputting them in the freezer cuzobviously you don’t want to eat thatmany cookies yet so me put them in thefreezer and Satan another rainy day sothey eat both of my ice and Hammondorange chocolate yeah the orange theorange zest twist is a really hangingorange and chocolate is a winner winnerisn’t itthanks so much are you happy girl yeah Iknow thank you very much see you latersee you but all of the recipe detailstake a look at all this morning atyou

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