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Easy Yummy Crispy Cookies | How To Make Cookies At Home |

Easy Homemade Cookie Recipe | How To Make Cookies At Home |

Easily Available Ingredients At Home

As we all know cookies are everyone’s open your cook tube can even bake.

Even for those who doesn’t even know how to cook!!
“Zero knowledge! I said”

So guys here’s the recipe to bake on your own.

Ingredients :
1 cup refined flour,
Half cup gram flour,
2 tea spoon suji,
1 cup refined sugar,
Half spoon salt,
1 spoon baking powder,
4-5 cardamom,
Half cup ghee,
2 spoon milk
then bake it for 30-40 minutes on low to medium flame
cookies will be ready to eat!!

Oh..wait wait.. let them cool before eat.

Original of the video here

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