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Whole Millet bread recipe without yeast (Gluten-Free bread vegan no baking powder soda,eno)

are you looking for a millet bread recipe no yeast, vegan and gluten-free? do you want to learn a healthy indian bread recipe with millets without yeast? here is one that uses little millet as the base, psyllium husk for binding, flaxmeal for omega 3 punch, nuts and seeds for flavor, and millets for gluten free nutrition.
1 cup 240ml
1/2 cup Millets of choice ( I have used little millet)
2 tbsp psyllium husk
2 tbsp flaxmeal
1/2 cup water
1/2 TSP salt
2 tbsp coconut
1tbsp melon seeds or seeds of choice
3-4 deseeded dates ( or any sweetener )
Is millet bread healthy?
Absolutely, there is no doubt about it.
What is millet bread made of?
This easy vegan Indian millet bread recipe uses a mix of millets, psyllium husk, and flaxmeal.
What does millet bread taste like?
It tastes like sandwich bread.
Is millet flour good for baking?
I bake a lot with millets . Baking with millet flour is easy.
This millet bread recipe indian looks easy. Is it tasty?
I won;t share any recipe until it is healthylicious. (healthy +delicious)

Is the millet bread recipe no yeast easy to make without oven, airfryer?
I have made gluten-free millet bread in airfryer. But you may choose to bake in any appliance. The recipe of vegan bread is easy to replicate.
whole millet bread recipe
This Indian bread recipe uses whole little millet. But you are free to choose any millet of choice.
I am looking for a millet bread online recipe.
This is one of its kind millet bread recipe in Youtube
Where to buy millet bread? You can bake millet bread easily at home. Baking with millet flour gives you healthy, nutrient dense, fiber-rich bread recipe, which is deprived of any bread improvers, colors, fragrances, flavors, fillers, and sweeteners.
I will soon post a foxtail millet bread recipe.
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