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let’s bake banana bread | Bekah Gordon

hey guys!

this week i decided to bake some banana bread and i wanted you to bake with me!!

i hope you enjoy this video! make sure you give it a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel and click that bell!!

– bekah

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if you’re reading this, have a cookie 🍪

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Video Transcription

what’s up guys it’s Becca and welcome tomy youtube channel if you’ve watched myvideos before then welcome back welcometo my kitchen you’re gonna bake with metoday I am making banana breadyou start off seven braids we need[Music]really just bananas okaypecans it says we’re walnuts but I’monly some walnuts as we all know I needto crush raphy flour cinnamon and eggsitting for my chai ingredients my handsare all clean and the oven is preheatingnow just so it’s ready I’m going to goahead and combine everythingin another bowl combine the egg bananassugar pudding oil okay oh my gosh okayI just have this little thing thatapplesauce because I want to eatapplesauce is a really good substitutefor cooking oil and it says just to pourit in to the well alright my mom alwaysmakes the banana bread so now I’m goingto chop Zee nuts oh my gosh this I’m theone cleaning pour it in the bread panand then a base for 55 minutes set a 55minute timer awesome while the breadbakes I am going to clean up this messokay so it’s been over 24 hours nowwhich is how long the bread needs to sitso it finishes baking all the waythrough even after you take it out ofthe oven so I have it in foil right hereand I’m going to go ahead and cut it uplook at how deliciousI had to relocate to my room because thedishwasher is running and it’s reallyloud but the banana bread just got outthese are the two end pieces and they’rereally small so let’s go ahead and tryit this is good if I were to give this arating out of 10 I would give this likean 8 good action maybe and a half if youwant to make your own banana bread withthe same recipe I will put the recipe inthe description box and so you can saveit screenshot it if you want to check itout and try to make your own bananabread it’s really easy and it’s reallygood so I definitely think you shouldtry it if you have bananas laying aroundthank you so so much for watching thisweek’s video I hope you enjoyed it ifyou did please give it a big thumbs upsubscribe to my channel bye that buttondown below and I’ll see you guys in nextweek’s video byeyou

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