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The HAPI Cook-a-long! – Bread Rolls

There is nothing better than freshly made bread and this recipe will not disappoint!

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello and welcome to the cook alonetoday we’re going to making some easybasic bread rolls which I promise youare absolutely wonderful I hope by nowthat you’ve got all of your ingredientsand equipment ready if you haven’t iswhat you’re going to need[Music]okay so now that you’ve got everythingready let’s get startedthe first part of this recipe is to doyour weighing and measuring and you cansee just here that I’ve got my dryingredients and also my wet ingredientsfor my dry ingredients what you’re goingto need is 200 grams of strong breadflour and I’ll talk about why we’reusing strong bread flour in a couple ofmoments you can also see that I’m goingto add a 1 teaspoon of mixed herbs I’vegot 25 grams of cheese and that’s goingto add the flavor to our bread rolls sowe’re not tempted to add any extra saltand to the recipe and we’re also goingto need and just one teaspoon of fastaction east as well so there’s a coupleof ways in which you can weigh andmeasure your flour first and easiest waywould be to use a set of weighing scaleswhere you pop your bowl on top you pressthe zero button and then you ante flouruntil you get G of 200 grams if youhaven’t got a set of weighing scalesthough don’t panic because you caneasily just use a little dessert spoonlike that because one heaped spoonful offlour just like that is equal to 25grams so doing my maths you’re going toneed approximately eight spoonfuls offlour to make that 200 grams just likethat and that’s an easy way of doing itif you haven’t got your weighing scalesas I said I’m gonna grate the cheese ina couple of moments the last thing weneed to add them to this is just onespoonful or 1 teaspoon of my fast-actionyeast and if I hold that up just likethat you should be able to see that thatyeast is just like looks that a lot likesound right it’s not sound a promise ifthe living thing and again we’re gonnatalk about why it’s important to usethat pinnacle moment so I’m going to addthat and that is my dry ingredients okayyou’ve then got your wet ingredients andI’ve got approximately 300 millilitersof water and just there I’m gonna usesome sort of tap water today it’s notwarm it’s not cold it’s sort of roomtemperature okay and then all I’m goingto do is I’m going to add there’s onespoonful of oil into itthat and then we’ll act one spoonful ofoil just into there and then we’ve gotanother spoonful for when we meetingafterwards so this is stage number onein a couple of moments it’s over to youI need you to weigh and measure your dryingredients measure your wet ingredientsadd a teaspoon of oil and I’ll see youin a couple of momentsokay so now that you have done yourweighing a measuring we can start tomake this bread dough you can see thatI’ve already grated my cheese and I’vemixed everything in and all I’m going todo with my flour and my wooden spoon isjust make a little well just in thecenter then we’re ready to add our waternow when it comes to our liquid the ruleI always like to follow is you canalways add more but you can’t take anyout if you add all of your water at onceyou can end up with a slippery povertyporridge right which we can’t get backbut if you add it gradually then you’remore likely to make the dough that’ssuitable for kneading so this is how todo as I said make a little well in thecenter and then the way I like to dothis is we come to add three little bitsand then we give it a little mix rightsirin die tree just like thatthen I’m gonna get my little woodenspoon and mixing well it’s Comiskey sowe go into Comiskey come muskie comemuskie come muskie come muskie comemuskie until it’s absorbed all thatliquid then I can add a little bit moreright so in die tree then we give itanother little mix come muskie comemuskie Comiskey come muskie come muskiecome uh skew and you can see that allthat liquid has started to be absorbedand I’m starting to make that littleball of dough but it’s still too dry soI’m going to add a little bit more areyou ready in die a tree then we’re gonnagive it another little mix come muskiecome muskie come muskie come uh ski comemuskie the muskie and you can see thatI’m starting to make that though no Idon’t think that I need any more liquidright because we’re just going to giveit a super premise for now we’re gonnagive a chemist e-commerce Kiki muskiecome ask a chemist e-commerce key andthen just until you make your ball ofdough just like that you want it to beslightly sticky not too wet but it’slike this to keep but not too dry andyou can see that I’ve got my perfectlittle bread dough just like that ifit’s too dry then you can add a littlebit of water if you make the mistake ofadding too much water then just add alittle bit of extra flourif it goes let into a real sort ofsloppy soft porridge mess then obviouslyyou’ll have might have to redo yourdough but you should be able to get itto that stage so this is stage numbertwo in a couple of moments it’s over toyou to make your bread row and I’ll seeyou once that’s done okay so now thatyou’ve made your bread dough we canstart to think about needing it andthere’s a couple of ways in which youcan knead you can either knead by handor if you don’t want to get too messythen you can knead in a bag both ofabsolutely brilliant and both a great Ipromise you great great fun okay so thefirst thing we’re going to do is we needto get our dough out and we need toflour it up so it doesn’t stick to ourhand so it just in here I’ve got someflour in my little flour Treacher if youhaven’t got a flour dredger at home justhave a bowl of flour with a teaspoon andthen you can sprinkle it on just likethat just using a floured dredger isjust a little bit tinier okay so we’vegot my flour onto my plate just likethat to start with and then all I’mgoing to do is I’m gonna put my doughjust like that and I can pop thatcustoms meat I’m not gonna touch it yetbecause what I need to do is just pop ona little bit of flour onto my hands justlike that I’m gonna use that flourTreacher and that will prevent it fromsticking again I’m not going to touchthe hands and I’m gonna pretend that mydough is like a really hot sort ofparticular right so we’re not gonna getour hands stuck onto itwhat I’m gonna do is I’m gonna roll themaround in that flour to start cutting inin that flour just like that and thenthat is ready to start kneading now I’mnot gonna need on the plate I’m gonnaneed this one straight on to this worksurface and today just like that tradeso I’m gonna pop that just onto thereand then to knead by hand to get that onthere and you’ve got the long waysthe lung is running away just like thatthen we’re gonna start kneading now whenwe’re kneading by hand make sure thatthere’s a little bit of flour on yourhands and the way that we’re going to doit is we’re gonna fold then using ourknuckles we’re gonna push and turn okayso we fold push and turn fold push andturn fold push and turn in Welsh pluckygoofy Oh Troy plucky goofy Oh Troyplucky goofy ah that’s right now when wekneading the key with kneading right isbecause we’re using that strong breadflour that’s got something called glutenin it which I mentioned earlier rightthe gluten makes your bread nice andstretchy so this yeast which is a livingthing just like us has had its food fromthe flour it’s had its water so it’s hada drink it’s now starting to breatheright and if your bread isn’t stretchyyour bread won’t rise so we need to makesure that bread is nice and stretchy sothat when that starts to produce thecarbon dioxide okay because we breathein oxygen we breathe out carbon dioxideit helps to make our bread rise okay sowhat we’re gonna do once againokay fold push and turn fold push andturn pluggy go through Troy fold pushand turn plucky go feel Troy plucky gofeel Troy you’re going to need for about4 to 5 minutes right don’t be tempteddon’t be too nice to your bread rightdon’t do this because you’ll make arubbish rubish bread okay equally okaythat that’s not gonna do anything eitherright you need to make sure it’s movingso fold push and turn fold push and -you can see that I haven’t added anyextra flour because we’re not adding ormaking a snowman right if you do need toadd a little bit of flour then please dobut just rub it aroundthen rub it into your hands rather thanonto the bread so fold push and turnfold push and turn as I said you’regoing to do that for approximately fiveminutes and it should end up lookingnice and smooth on top all right sothat’s the first way of doing it if youdoing it by in a bag which I said isn’tas messy at the first way all you needto do is you need to add just in a dayspoonfuls of oil then I’ve got my dopejust here I’m going to use half of thisdough that I made earlier just like thatand I can pop that in just like that Ican then give it a little shake theycooked it in the oil and then I put inflat on the surface and when you need inthe bag what are you going to do isyou’re gonna do ten presses and then tensqueezes but with a shape in between sothis is how to do it if you’re doing itin a bag so you you press once youdie tree Petra pimp they say play nodick so if it comes really really flatthen you think about a loop of shape andit turns into its dough you put flapdown the surface and you do ten squeezesyou ready one two three four five sixseven eight nine ten give it a reallygood shake and then you can go back topresses and you’re going to press andsqueeze five times each right so you’llhave 50 suppressants and fifty squeezesand that’s another really really goodway of kneading your bread and then allthat you need to do just let it have alittle restit’s just roll it up just like that andthen you’ll be ready to shape itafterwards so this is stage number threethere are some reminders coming up onthe screen for you in a couple momentsenjoy you’re kneading and I’ll see youonce you’re doneokay so now that you’ve done yourleading we’re ready to start shapingthese bread rolls and your 200 grammixture we easily make eight sort ofsmall bread rolls six sort of medium orfour sort of large just be aware thatthe bigger you make them the longerthey’re gonna have to bake in the ovenso we’re gonna make the little mini onestoday so what I’m gonna do because I’mgoing to use a little bit of maths nowI’m gonna cut my bread in half to startwith and then I’m gonna cut each half inhalf so I’ve got my four little piecesand then we’re gonna cut each one ofthose in half againand I should have my eight even sizepieces just like that so I’ve got myeight sorting little bread rolls and allready to start to shape in a couplemoments then we’re going to shape ourlittle bread balls and there’s a coupleof ways than which you can do this youcan either do it the easy way which I’llshow you in a couple of moments or youcan do it in the slightly harder way aswell so I’m just going to again pop alittle bit of flour onto my surface andmake sure that you’ve got a little bitof flour on your hands I just like torub it in and just like that so first ofall we’re gonna make the easy sort ofbread rolls and literally all I’m gonnado they’re gonna pop that into my handand then I’m gonna roll in up just likethat until you get a perfect sort ofball of dope just like thatand then that can go onto a non-stickbaking tray that’s got a little bit offlour on the top so I’ll show you onceagain that goes into my hand I’ll do itup to the camera you roll it around justlike that just until you’ve got a nicesort of ball shape and that goes ontothere just like that now if you want aslightly smoother bread roll then youcan do it in the not so easy right sothat goes on to you bake your table topjust like that and then using yourfingertips you’re just gonna flatten himdown just like that until you’ve got abit of a sort of oval shape just likethat and then literally all that you’regonna do is bring those edges into theCenter just like that pressing it downeach time you then turn them over twistthem with your hands and what you’ll endup with is a nice smooth sort of breadroll just on the top just like that soI’ll show you once again roll them inthat flour just like that then you pressthem down to make that sort of ovalshape you then bring those edges intothe center just as so turn them overtwist them in your hands and then youcan pop that onto there so once you’vedone all eight with then ready to startto bake those off and there’s a coupleof ways in which you can do this you caneither leave those to proof for half anhour and then bake them in the oven andwhat I’m going to do today and I’ve gotsix that I made earlier I’m gonna popthose straight into the oven and nicecold oven then I’m gonna turn the ovenon to 200 and then let them as that ovenheats up these will start to prove andthen that cook for about 15 to 20minutes that’s the easiest way of doingthat and then your bread rolls should belovely and risen I should be nice andgolden brown on top and I’ll show youhow to check that cook they should behollow on the bottomwell hello and welcome back I hope thatyou’re shaping of the bread rolls wentwell and they’re now in the oven bakingaway minor just come out and thiskitchen area smells absolutely deliciousyou can see that they’ve all well risenand they’re nice and golden brown andthe other way to check that they arecooked it’s a fight tick one off thereand hold it upside down if you tap thebottom and if you listen reallycarefully it should sound like a hollowdrum right you might need to get an idolto help you with this but just tap thebottom just like that and if it soundslike a hollow like a drum it means thatit’s actually cooked and the last thingwe’re going to do is these will be readyto eat in about ten to fifteen minutesonce they cool down because there’snothing better than a hot bread roll butwhat we’re going to do is just so thebase doesn’t go soggy if we just popthem onto our little cooling wire justlike that and if they’re stuck togetherjust like that that in baking terms thatmeans that they’re kissingright and so it means that they’ve risenreally real well and then no touchingeach other all of those can go on totheir 15 minutes let them cool down andI promise you these are absolutelyBlastoise yeah if you don’t eat allthese straightaway I suggest that youlet them cool down and pop them into thefreezer and just until you need them andthen laolao them to defrost because theywill go I’m hard if you leave them inthe bread bin overnightwell I hope that you have enjoyedcooking along with me today don’t forgetthat all the recipes are available onthe Facebook pages as well as ourwebsite which is cooking together Co dotuk’ I look forward to cooking with youagain in the future but in the meantimecook in your habits

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