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Uttapam | cashew and wheat bread uttapam | bread uttapam | cooking with fa

This Recipe is a Tasty,delicious and super healthy.For quick breakfast ,evening snacks or teatime snacks. Specially kids will going to love this and finish in no time.
(zero oil is used)
Bread-2slice,(I have used white wheat bread)
Cashew nuts-1cup(I have used roasted and salted)
Salt-as reqd
Coriander leaves-handful, chopped
Green chilli-1,chopped
Chilli flakes-1/4tsp,optional
And Add any chopped vegetables of your choices

1.Take bread ,remove the crust from bread, cut the bread into small pieces.
2.put bread pieces in a mixer jar,blend it until it becomes dry powder.transfer this in a mixing bowl.
3.Take another small jar add roasted cashew nuts and blend until it becomes soft powder. Transfer this in a same mixing bowl.mix bread crumbs and cashew powder well
4.Add onion, green chilli,coriander leaves, carrot,semolina and salt.give nice stir.
5 .Add curd ,dont add curd at a time,add little by little. Mix well nicely.
6.batter consistency shouldn’t be to thick or to thin.
🔴if your batter is to thick add little curd or water.
7.Batter is ready.heat non stick pan.
8.Pour some batter,spread it with spoon it should be little thick.
9.cook for 1 minute on low flame or cook until golden colour appear on other side.
10.Gently turn it over,cook for 1 more minute on low flame.
11.when cooked Take it out.
:Serve immediately with any type of chutney
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