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Tutorial l how to make garlic bread

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Video Transcription

pardon the curious and the cool I swearyou swear at camp got a head butt a pertspend money today has a wonderful day[Music]preheat oven to 425 Fahrenheit so theoven is already because we have pizzathere so ok blade slices one flat bakingyeah warningother thingsyou[Music]cheese and bacon butter lace bakingsheet or affordable army was shelf of sowe didn’t have to do that we put awayprepared but so I want to add butter tomine[Music]solike you that nice hey I don’t like youwith that mind I’ve used nice pleasehandle and it is okay it’s butter dayyou gotta rubbed all the way he’s goingdown[Music]okaysee me done so now I’m going to add somecheese on hereso we have Parmesan cheese so you don’tneed that much some tips are so youyou’re use your hands to measure so youwant to take a little bit about thismuch they measures out your handsthen sprinkle it over thereokay mrs. sharp cheddar cheese[Music][Music]perfecto okay so now I’m gonna need towant some bacon bits I’ll get one withitso I’m gonna she’s gonna show me yourhandnot so much measure it like that theysprinkle it like this she won with moreno that’s perfectokay okay so we’re going to take thepizza out what[Music]their pizza[Music]yeahsowhat you’re going to do this let me saythank you place it in the middle[Music]so we’ll come back to you guys wheneveryone is done and we’ll show you guyswhat looks like now I am once fixing thebeeps I mean the bargeman no rap italive okayit’s called itso this is this is how are you how to docook pizza I mean I’m starting to playsplit garlic we’re quite a grip so oh noI want your icon subscribe so you nevermiss a video of mine I love you guyshide in the pubis a minute cool I swearyou swear I can we got a headboard aperp my me today is a wonderful daytoday

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