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The Easiest Baguette-ish Bread: Legate Loaf

A lazy-yet-delicious way to make homemade bread that’s functionally similar to baguette or ciabatta loaves. Thanks to Vistal Supply for sponsoring this video! Get 10% off their cheese and charcuterie board by entering my discount code ADAM10 at checkout:


1/2 cup water
Pinch of yeast (no more than 1/8 teaspoon)
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1 cup bread flour (you can use all-purpose, but you’ll probably need a little more, since it absorbs less water)

*Note: Recipe requires a food-grade spray bottle filled with water.

Mix ingredients in a small glass container (at lease twice the volume of your dough, circa 1 quart) until they just come together. The dough should be just barely wet enough to have no visible dry patches. Add more water or flour if necessary. Cover and either rise on the counter for a few hours until about doubled in size and then refrigerate (at least overnight), or put it straight into the refrigerator for a week.

Prepare a parchment-lined baking sheet. Wet your hands and stretch the cold dough into a snake the length of the pan diagonally. Lay the dough on the parchment diagonally and let it stick. Spray the top with water to keep it from drying out, and let rise for about an hour until puffy. Bake at 500 F, spraying frequently (at least for the first 10 minutes, until fully puffed up), until dark amber and done, 20-25 minutes.

Original of the video here

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27 Replies to “The Easiest Baguette-ish Bread: Legate Loaf

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  4. “water can be a perfectly good lubricant” idk Adam last time I tried that my doc said the tearing probably won’t heal completely

  5. Q: Why didn’t you score the bread?
    A: That dough is too wet. If you scored it, it would immediately smoosh back together again. No point.

    Q: Why did you spray it instead of putting a pan of boiling water in the oven to create steam?
    A: Not only does the pan of boiling water method create a mess that then needs to cool down before you can clean it up, it also doesn’t work very well. That’s why most of the recipes that call for it tell you to use it in combination with a spray bottle, or do to something crazy like fill the pan with river rocks to create more surface area for the water. I think the bottle is way easier and works better. But you do you.

    Q: What do you mean salt doesn’t kill yeast?
    A: I’m sure it will, but only in sufficient concentration and if given enough time. I have made many bread doughs. I have tried putting the salt right into the water with the yeast, and I have tried adding it to the flour instead, as the chef dogma would have you do. There is no difference in the rise. Salt does, however, interfere with the chemistry involved in the no-knead process. You can get a better texture if you let it rise without salt, and then fold the salt into the dough before you proof it. I tried that. I don’t think it makes a big enough difference to be worth it.

    Q: Why didn’t you shape the dough with some fancy folds and pleats?
    A: I’m lazy, and this dough is extremely wet. I’m not sure if I could shape it if I wanted to. But the wet dough makes for a very open structure and makes kneading and punching it down totally unnecessary.

    Q: Why do you have so much milk in your fridge?
    A: I have very small kids. And the open pint was leftover from a weekend car trip.

    Q: Why do you have X in your fridge?
    A: Keep in mind that I am not the only person, or the only adult, who uses that fridge.

    Q: Why didn’t you put sugar or oil in the dough, like you do with your pizza dough?
    A: The sugar and oil in my pizza dough is chiefly there to enhance browning. It’s hard to get pizza crust sufficiently brown in a home oven, and those additions help. This dough, in contrast, is plenty brown by the time the inside is cooked.

    Q: Are you bothered by the memes?
    A: No, but I do think jokes about alcoholism are kinda dick. Anyone who has lived with it themselves or via someone they love knows it’s not funny. Or, rather, the joke had better be REALLY funny to earn it.

  6. I hope that Mirror Universe Adam becomes a mainstay, but I also hope that you don’t continue saying the joke nearly word for word every time so that it won’t get stale.

  7. Once I put some dough in the fridge and forgot about it. Eight days later, it made the best bread I’ve I’ve made.

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