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The Magic of Making Tasty Herero bread | No Mixer | Easy Recipe


Hello, Besties! I am happy to bring you another video. Todays recipe is inspired by the Ovaherero tribe, who are indigenous hunters/ gathers and are said to be related to the Himba tribe. They are spread sparsely across the Eastern, Cental, and North Western areas of Namibia. Herero bread is relatively easy to make, you can make replicate this recipe at home especially now that we are approaching school holidays.

The ovaherero poeple are known for their love of meat, though this does not exclude the rest of the population because Namibians generally treasure their Kapana, braai, barberque and poitjie. Namibian cuisine is influenced largely by german, British, Dutch and South African culture due to its colonial history. Herero bread is a wheat based bread which can be enjoyed with cooked, stewed, grilled and fried on meat or fish. The classic herero bread is prepared in a cast iron pot, collectively known as a poitjie. I hope you liked this video as much as I enjoyed filming it and if you like to see me make more videos like this in future, please give it a massive thumbs up. Leave a comment or recommendation, I would like to hear from you!.

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello there bestieswelcome again to silly old Diaries butyou are tuning in for the first timetoday a very warm welcome to you as welltoday I mean another proudly Namibianrecipe AeroBlade combine 1/2 a cup oflukewarm water and 6 tablespoon of brownsugar mix well and add instant dry yeastnext Ngram of course[Music]see six level cups of all-purpose flour[Music]make a well in the center of the mixingbowl add one teaspoon of salt and pourthe yeast mixture and begin to work yourway around the flour and keep addingsmall amounts of water at a time untilthe dough can no longer be mixed with aspatula if you would like your dough tocook really well you can add a quarterof a cup of on my array or my error isbasically a term used for culture drillin a shahira language which is one ofthe local vernacular or dialect spokenin Namibia[Music][Music]knead your dough for 10 minutes and atthis point if you can observe the doughis sticky because the gluten hasn’t beenformed properly this can be corrected byallowing the dough to rest continuekneading the dough until all visibletraces of all-purpose flour cannot beseen then add a tablespoon of you[Music]the trick here is to pull the dough fromthe side and bring it in the center forme a fist repeat this process over andover again until all the ghee has beenincorporated into the dough after 15minutes of kneading the dough is visiblysmooth and not sticking then transfer itto a greased mixing bowl and cover itwith cling film allow it to rest in adark area for approximately one hour[Music]after one hour of proofing this is howyour dough should look like the doughhas doubled in size so the next step isfor you to remove the air out of thedough by pressing a hole in the middleof the bowl then remove the dough fromthe bowl and continuefor another 5 minutes using the extraflour kneading requires pressing pullingback and forth stretching and basicallyplaying around with the dough to developthe gluten mold the dough in the shapethat you want each to take on once it’sdone baking transfer the dough to agreased Heike pot close with a lid andleave it on the kitchen counter forapproximately 30 to 45 minutes afterwhich this is how the results shouldlook like your dough has second cookedand doubled in size again pop the pointypart in an oven which has been preheatedto 185 degrees Celsius for about 30minutes and continue baking the breadone hourand interrupted allow it to cool for 15minutes before removing it from thecourt[Music]voilaauthentic header of bread forms a yummycrisp golden-brown crusthave you given this video and massivethumbs up yet have you subscribed if youlike to see more of this content pleasesubscribe to my channel give this videoa massive thumbs up thank you very muchfor watching bye besties[Music]

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