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The Great Canadian Baking Show (S04E01): Cake Week – Season 4 Episode 1 – Watch Online

The Great Canadian Holiday Baking Show (S04E01): Cake Week

For their first signature challenge, the bakers were given one hour and forty-five minutes to create a bundt cake that was topped with either a complementary glaze or drizzle. For the technical challenge, the bakers had to make a cupid cake — a vertically-striped red velvet cake with a Swiss meringue buttercream icing, topped with tempered ruby chocolate decorations — in two hours. For the showstopper, the bakers had three and a half hours to create a mirror glaze cake; their cake could be in whatever flavour they wanted, but the cake had to be multi-tiered to allow the mirror glaze to cascade down the cake.

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The Great Canadian Baking Show Summary

A group of amateur Canadian bakers are convened for a baking competition. There is a theme to each week’s competition, generally in the vein of the type of goods the competitors are to bake (i.e. cakes, cookies, pastry, etc.).

Each week, they are given a set amount of time to complete each of three challenges, their finished products which are evaluated by expert judges. The first weekly challenge is the signature bake, the competitors to bake something from their home recipes which are to signify who they are as bakers within the category. The second weekly challenge is the technical challenge, where each of the competitors are provided the same recipe, in large part of something they may have never heard of let alone baked before in their lives.

This challenge is to see how knowledgeable the competitors are about general baking concepts. Their finished products are evaluated blind in that the judges have no idea who baked what. The third weekly challenge is the showstopper challenge, in which the competitors are to pull out all the stops to produce a baked good which overall grand appearance is as important as taste. At the end of the week based solely on the three challenges, the judges will name the best competitor star baker, and will send one competitor home, that person whose competition has come to an end.

The final three competitors enter into the finale, the winner of that week who will be crowned the overall competition winner.

The Great Canadian Baking Show FAQ

Where is the great Canadian baking show filmed?

Produced by Proper Television in association with the CBC and Love Productions, the show is filmed on the grounds of the Canadian Film Centre in Toronto during mid-summer, then premiered in November for season 1, and September for seasons 2 and 3, on CBC.

What channel is the great Canadian baking show on?

The Great Canadian Baking Show Produced by CBC Television

Who are the judges on the great Canadian baking show?

Bruno Feldeisen and Kyla Kennaley are the judges on the Great Canadian Baking Show

Who won the great Canadian baking show?

The Great Canadian Baking Show (season 1 2017) – Winner Sabrina Degni

The Great Canadian Baking Show (season 2 2018) – Winner Andrei Godoroja

The Great Canadian Baking Show (season 3 2019) – Winner Nataliia Shevchenko

Who are the hosts of the great Canadian baking show?

For its first two seasons, the show was hosted by Dan Levy and Julia Chan, with French-born Canadian chef Bruno Feldeisen and Canadian-Australian pastry chef Rochelle Adonis as judges. Taylor and her friend and Baroness von Sketch Show co-star Aurora Browne are also new to the series, replacing Schitt’s Creek creator Daniel Levy and English actor Julia Chan as hosts

How to apply for the great Canadian baking show?

You can apply at

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