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St. George Craft Time: Make Bread

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Video Transcription

join us today as we make friend firstyou’ll need to start the East you’llneed 1 cup of water 1 tablespoon ofsugar 3 teaspoons of yeast add the warmwater to a bowl next add the sugar andthe yeast stir until the yeast dissolveslet sit for 10 to 15 minutes or untilthe yeast starts to bloom for the breadyou’ll need 1 egg 1 cup of milk aquarter cup of melted butter1/2 a cup of sugar 1 teaspoon of saltand 3 and a half to four cups of flouradd the yeast mixture and the wetingredients into a mixing bowland mix these together[Music]crack your egg whisk your egg and addthat to the mixture next add in yoursugar salt and two cups of flour you’llslowly add the flour in starting withtwo cupsallowing that to mix in and incorporatebefore adding the third cup and then thelast cup stop mixing once the ball hasformedruff a small amount of oil or meltedbutter to cover the surface of the balland put some on your handsbe sure to knead the doughyou[Music]cover with plastic wrap and let rise todouble the size this can last for abouttwo hours punch the dough down and pourflour out on your surfaceneed one last timeif need be now you’re ready to cut yourdough to fit your needswe separated ours to fit a loaf pan andto bake on a baking sheetbe sure to grease your baking disheswith butter or oil this will keep yourbread from sticking cover with plasticwrap and allow to sit to rise one lasttimeonce the bread has doubled in sizepre-heat your oven to 350 you will bake45 minutes at 350 this is a wonderfulthing to do this week with your familyas Jesus reminds us that I am the breadof life whoever comes to me will neverhunger

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  3. Thank you Winnie for this sandwich recipe. It’s going to be my breakfast for tomorrow. Been wondering what to do with the can of Baked Beans I have in my house. I’ll just replace the sausages with sardines.

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  5. Zeelicious food is the MVP, She has inspired me so much to create my own channel , I’ve taken all of her advice and jumped out of my comfort zone to follow my progress by creating my channel. I’ve uploaded my first video and would Iove some support , please hit subscribe and check it out! Keep up the good work, God bless

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