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I hope you enjoy my TOP-RATED SMOKED SALMON FETTUCINE & FOCCACCIA BREAD RECIPE. It is super easy to make and budget friendly! This pasta dish is one of my favorites and super easy to customize. You can use chicken, salmon, tofu, and add any vegetables you desire. Fettuccine is one of my all-time favorite pasta and seems to be really popular with my family as well

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The pasta utensil I currently have my eye on. 🙂

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi everyone I hope you are all stayingsafe during this time of self quarantineI’m so glad you joined me for this fastand easy dinner recipe we will be makingsmoked salmon garden fettuccine and somehomemade focaccia bread my family reallyenjoyed this meal and I found a breezeto make I hope it brings some dinnerinspiration to wherever you are rightnow to get started we will begin withmaking the focaccia bread if we time itright it will come out of the oven justbefore the fettuccine finishes cookingthis entire meal takes about 40 minutesto make and that includes chopping thevegetables while the dough rest for 20minutes on the counter in the mixingbowl stir together two and 3/4 cups offlour 1 teaspoon of saltone teaspoon of sugar one tablespoon ofyeast 1 teaspoon of garlic powder oneteaspoon of oregano 1 teaspoon of thyme1/2 a teaspoon of basil and a pinch ofblack pepper[Music]now mix in one tablespoon of vegetableoil[Music]one cup of water[Music]turn it out onto a lightly flouredsurface and knead until smooth andelastin[Music]lightly oil a large bowl place the doughin the bowl and turn to coat with awhale[Music]cover with a damp cloth or saran wrapand that rise in a warm place for 20minutes you can use the time while thedough Rises to chop the veggies for thefettuccine[Music]once the dough has finished rising punchit down and place it on a greased bakingsheet or one of those baking sheets thathas a Silpat mat unit is it just me oris there something therapeutic aboutworking with the dough this is one of myvery favorite parts about makingfocaccia bread Pat it down to a half aninch thick rectanglenow you can brush the top with olive oilif you like cheesy bread you cansprinkle a little bit of Parmesan andmozzarella cheese on top I prefer mybread more plain so I just leave it offcook the bread at 450 degrees for 15minutes[Music]while the bread is cooking you’llprepare the noodles and the sauceanother great cooking tip is one that Ilearned from the book salt fat acid andheat by sameen nos wrapped this book isfull of great cooking lessons seriouslyit was like taking a cooking class ifyou only buy one cookbook in your lifethis is the book to get anyway the chefin the book teaches you how to use thefour above mentioned elements to improveyour cooking when it comes to cookingpasta sameen suggest you set a large potof water over high heat and bring to aboil season generously with salt untilit tastes like the summer sea try it andsee how improved your pasta dishesbecome it’s crazy to me to find justadding more salt to the water addsadditional flavor to your finished pastadish[Music][Music]if that pasta utensil is pretty chink Iknow I have had it for over 20 years soone day soon I promise I will replace itwhen it comes to making a gardenfettuccine you can pretty much usewhatever vegetables you have in yourrefrigerator or by your favorite inseason varieties for the Alfredo baseyou have many options you can make abasic recipe with just butter cream alittle flour and Italian seasonings youcan use a jar of pre-made alfredo sauceor a powder flavoring for this recipeI’m using epicures alfredo sauce mix andone and a half cups of whole milk okaynext add the spices and the more heartyvegetables that need to cook to soften[Music]put a lid on your pan and let simmer forabout five to seven minutes[Music]once the veggies are soft but not fullydone you will need to turn down the heatto low and add 3 tablespoons of butterand a splash of cream and put the lid onand let simmer for about 2 minutes[Music]add some cracked pepper and salt totaste in my opinion it’s better to fullyseason your dish while cooking than toadd salt later on[Music]all right we’re just about done get thebread out of the oven and let it cooladd the cherry tomatoes to your saucethe Parmesan cheese and smoked salmon orwhatever other cooked meats or tofu thatyou’re using always taste your food asyou cook to make sure it is turning outas you like after my latest taste test Ifelt my dish needed a little more of themarinara seasoning so I added aboutanother teaspoon or so you are justwanting to heat these last ingredientsto the same temperature as the sauce Iturned the heat back up to medium andlet it simmer with the lid on for abouttwo minutes[Music]voila you got yourself a really nice andeasy meal I hope you enjoyed this video[Music]you

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