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Simple, easy bread. You CAN make BREAD!! (Freezes well too) (Makes 4 loaves at once)

Simple fast and easy bread. For beginner bread makers or for the baker that doesn’t have a lot of time.
This is our family’s favorite recipe. We make it once a week. Very yummy.
I forgot to say on the video, but this bread freezes very well. So if you don’t need four loaves upfront you can freeze it

Original recipe:

Childhood bread by Rachel Jankovic

2/3 of a cup of oil
2/3 of a cup of honey
4 teaspoons of salt
5 cups of hot water
11 1/2 -12 cups of flour
2 tablespoons of yeast

I adopted this recipe and added the stick of melted butter instead of the oil and the 3/4 cup of brown sugar instead of honey

It says after you add the flour need for about 10 minutes adding flour if it is too sticky. I find that it works very well to stay as sticky as I have it in this video. It creates a super soft textured, delicious light bread

Thanks for stopping by. Please like this video and share with all your friends if you enjoy the bread. Let me know how it goes for you and if you have questions!! Enjoy delicious homemade bread

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

I just wanted to make a video to showhow I make bread for my family and makethis recipe once a week at least itmakes four loaves and we go through itat about a week I have five kids at homeone of them is a baby so he’s not eatingas much as others but I just wanted toshow you the fast and furious quick anddirty way of making this bread bread canbe an art form it can be artisan it canbe really complicated and I keep thisrecipe super simple so that everybodycan make it and it’s pretty foolproof solet me just show you it’s sixingredients and I’m going to go aheadand just get started I’ve got to makethis Brit anyway we’re out of bread sohere we go the first thing we do is it’sgonna be allowed five cups of hot waterI dotap hot so it’s just enough to activatethe yeast and not burn itI do nothing by measurement or closescientific methods here I don’t havetime for that so I’m just gonna cameraso it’s just five cups of hot water[Music][Music]I’ve just done this for so long but idon’t so i should say the clock says 102so let’s say i started at 1 o’clock okthis bread will be probably out of theoven probably at about 5 because of theamount of bread of is it does take awhile to rice so i give it about two tothree hours to rice during the firstrising then i for my loaves and let itrise for another thirty minutes to anhour depending on how warm my house issome days that can be thirty minutesthen it cooks for thirty minutes so i’mthinking probably my bread is going tobe coming out of the oven at fivetonight so i do have to make the breadearly in the day so i can get it done intime for you know going to sleep tonighti don’t want to be caught up withletting bread crew at bedtime becausethen i’m up like trying to get it donegood okay so i’ve got my hot water myyeast is starting to activate i can showyou just a little bit starting to kindof activate it’s not quite bubble yet soi’m going to let it sitjust a little bit more my butter melts Iam I’m gonna go ahead and do the spotI’m just gonna put it to the side so Iwould tell my East faction that’s onetablespoon of salt activating I justsprinkle myself all the way around thecounter the rim that way I can mix it inas it goes hey butter now because I’mmelting my butter so fastit’s going to be hot and it will come myEast if I put it into my water with myEast right now so what I like to do isall that finishes my East is activatingI’m gonna go ahead and measure out oneflower I will add my flour first oh andmy flour first and so I use the samemeasuring cup that I measured my waterin but it’s wetI’m gonna dry it out this is my powerdoesn’t stink too badly all I’m waitingfor is just my yeast to go bubbly on meso that I know that I’m activating hereI use of just a regular fork to mix mybreadit’ll keep going as I add my flour andstuff so my first measure no flour thisis 8 cups actually the original recipecalls for 12 cups of flourI find that twelve cups is still just alittle too sticky for meso I do about 13 cups of flour so I do ameasurement of 8 because it’s how big mymeasuring thing is 8 and then 5 so yeah13 cups okay so I have my flour in surehaven’t mixed it yet so I’m gonna goahead and get my butter it’s fullymelted now just pour my butter right ontop of my flour that creates aseparation from the hot butter to theyeast it’s not getting directlyactivated by that hot butter and itgives the butter a chance to cool downbefore it come into contact with my nicesorry about thatI had a child emergency child is killedum okay so just mix things I can kind ofshow you a little bit mixing my dough atthis point my pork is getting useless soI’m gonna ditch it for my hands gonnatake my rings off now this is where Ikind of cheat on bread making okayoriginal recipe what she won’t get adescription up it says you know turn itout the flour counter knead it for solong or whatever I usually don’t havetime for that with five kids so I Iknead it until it is just holding itselftogether and there’s not a lot of drypatches and then it’s still sticky okaynow I might get real bread makers sayingwhat a huge mistake I’m making with mybread here but it turns out fine for usit’s edible makes good sandwiches makesgood toast so we’re okayso the next thing I doand then I add oil into my bowl again Iwas mixing it and I’m just gonna smearit up to the facethis is going to have all my bread toproof in here and when I am ready todump it out it will just come right outso if I clean and I would show youthere’s still a bunch of bread down inmy bowl but I have found that once Iswear that while in and I’m taking itout it does just fine it cleans upreally easily so now I’m gonna take mydough back into there and just make sureI have a nice smooth surface on the topforced to rice just kind of fold it intoitself and fold it down below so that myhands sticky now I’m going to cover itand let it sit on the counter for two orthree hours I will know when it is doneby it’s going on let me show youokay so my bread dough down here okayit’s pretty low I’d say it’s you knowtaking up about the bottom third to aquarter of the bowl when it is fullyrisen it will have filled the bowl andsometimes it will dome on top so that iswhen I know that it is ready to go onand do the second proofing so I’m justgoing to cover it clean rag push it tothe side and clean up and I’ll show youwhen it is proofed okay it is now 3:30ish so I’ve been letting it rise Iforgot to say at the end of the lastsection was that I started my bread atone o’clock and I set it to rise at 100C was 112 so about 12 minutes to get itfrom nothing to go to proofing so herewe go his 3:30 and it has been risingfor about two hours now so I will showyou I’m gonna so has filled the bowlfairly full it didn’t dawn this time Ithink my temperature in my house is justa little bit cold but I looked at itabout 15 minutes ago and it was even alittle higher than this I had touchedyou see there’s oil on my cloth there’soil spots here which means that thedough actually touched the surface of mycloth and then it fell down a little bitfarther so we are definitely proofedenough and now it’s time to form theloaves and so I will show you how thatis done in order to show you the loavesit may cut off my head a little bit sowe’ll justand I don’t have enough bread pans forfour loaves so I just use this 13 by 9and it does the job and it does what Ineed so I’m going to show you now I’mgoing to dump this dough well am I gonnado I’m actually going to just I’ve gotclean hands just wash them punch it downokay I’m not gonna need it too much so Iwas just kind of down I’m going to splitthe dough as evenly in half as I can andeach of those halves in half pinch itoff then normally I would I used to dothis on the counter I don’t anymoreI find that it works just fine like thisjust flatten it roll it into a cylinderpinch the two ends over and just kind ofpinch the whole bottom seal that up okayand make it look fairly uniform and intothe bread pan here’s the next oneflatten it just a bit roll it into acylinder pinch the ends together kind ofpinch it together to seal out all thatair I don’t want those air bubblestrapped in there so I kind of squeeze itjust a little bit as I’m sealing thebottom listen to the bread pan always itjust soon as I start making bread okayhere’s the last or the next oneconvinced the to roll onto a cylinderI’m in into the repkin this one’sstaying here there’s the last oneif I use my counter I would have alittle bit more ability to shape thesebut again I’ve done this for long enoughand I don’t care right now I just needto brag to be my peopleokay and that has informed these twowill actually fill out this pan they’llwork against each other they will pressagainst each other and fill out the panokay so now I will show you so I havethose two in there they don’t quite fillout the pan yet but as they rise theywill and then that one is pretty cooland then that one is pretty full sothat’s my bread in their pantsokay I’m just gonna cover it again I’lllet them rise for another half an houror so it’s like I said it is 3:30 thatchukka me literally three minutes to dothat just now 30 minutes rising and thenwe’ll bake okay it has been threeminutes it is for ten my loaves areready to go in the oven I just finishedmy preheat in my ovenI’ll show you they have proof nicelythese two have filled their pan almostentirely full the other two are nice anddon’t try to do a from the side viewokay so now it is time to go ahead andput them in the oven um I have a littlehelper I’m gonna hand him off to Ashleythat way I don’t get him too close tothe hot ovenalright so my red pants do fit nicelystraight across here my oh that’s reallyhigh okay my 9 goes right to the sidethen my new red pants sit right next toit they all fit perfectly right acrossone shelf that way we have even heatingand they are in I’m going to set thetimer for 30 minutes I will check themusually it is right at 30 minutes that Itake them out they need to be hmm how doI explain this golden brown one shadedarker than lightly golden brownanything darker than that I find it getsreally dried out and really crumbly andit doesn’t do very well so we like itjust slightly more than golden this isSalish she has made this bread for memany timesthat’s how easy the recipe is ok it hasbeen 30 minutes moment of truth herethis is the color that it should be isjust slightly darker[Music][Music]

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