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Let’s bake this bread DIXX IN THE KITCHEN ⚡ TEAMDIXX

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Video Transcription

what you know you don’t like itwhat’s not you like about it way toscent song singing she’s all about ithuhright I am T right make sensewhat no right the legal of catch-22 subgoods holler at me when we’re live lookslike we’re live anyway thanks in thekitchen part to see how it goes see howit goes shall weon that water purification gamethree cities random gifted sub – whoevergifted me yeah surewhat up three cities did you rebrand pegAuthorityDick’s back in the back in the will justback in no.66 back in them crank thatcrank that credit are back crickets areback in now crank that 10 months brotherthank youcome I put that put the apron on theback it’s Craig hard you know saying gotme feeling like I’m like I’m a superheroseven months like like I’m fly flythrough the air dog it’s been goodthere’s been a good ten months my friendgood to see in your round is having youaroundjuji’s last game I was on a celloreponse a wordwhat’s on the menu today barbecuechicken roasted carrots I’m gonna dolike I like that set up thisthing no I’ll leave golly geeis it red setup should be roastedcarrots part of what’s on the menuchicken you’re silent all right but youcan’t be too old the kid or even thoughhe looks youngjust finish your burgers so we’re doingbarbecue chicken with my wife is doing asoy based product it’s kind of like alike a thick like patty likebread it how do you eat your hot dogtomatoI’m sorry ketchup mustard relish Iusually go for I’ll usually go for thewhole fine I don’t really like the chiliin it cuz that turns it into a whole newthing you know that’s on the hot dogthat’s friggin that’s a sloppy joeweaning yeah I meanrelish ketchup spicy brown mustard Icould I’m not a big fan of spicy Brownor spicy food but I’ll do a spicy groanyou know like it like a Dijon orsomething that’s been it that’sdifferent I can do like a wasabiwe’re like a sinus opening but I can’tbe like a freaking chili pepper likethat little open your sinuses to butthat’ll also just just a masochist ifyou’re you know into that pain which Ienjoy those three word sometimessauerkraut if I’m feeling adventurous Icould just have a crown I could do thattooCraig goes for ketchup and mustardclassic so no relish I mean if I’m smartI’ll have relish but usually I don’thave relish at the house it’s more oflike awe’re planning a barbeque and we getevery ingredient because we’reentertainersmommy I didn’t check to see if it wasnot good news is the wind is gone how isthat single all right got the lid upmom’s an glorious what up Lukehow you doing baby boo how you doing howyou doing baby baby cubhow you doing covered bail on the windain’t blowing winner winning but I wonin the grass growing can’t complainexcept for all the weird name you justcame up with my dog makes an awesomesweet jalapeno relish steady it’sawkward for a wee second where did thesignal go down againdid your signal down there’s no way Idon’t believe you up againso it just goes purple right and thencomes back I think it’s safe recordingthen just a heads up or whatever but Iit’s a little chilly out here how’severybody Monday’s going it’s cutting inand out good a bit good now though allrightI wonder how we can keep this signal ofyou walking inside and outside maybe itis no I’m not a friggin I’m not afreaking telephone signal what you lineupI’m gonna pull Chuck Donald’s drivethrough how much does one of those fancywands run like 60 bucksthis right hereyou

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