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Let’s Bake Banana Bread

Learn how to make banana bread with Ms. Diep! Remember to ask your families before baking.

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Video Transcription

hi powerful wingless dragons so today weare gonna bake some banana bread andwhen you bake things you have to usefractions so a hole would be like onewhole cup and then in baking used partsthat are divided up so we’ll use onewhole one-half one-third and one-fourthas we’re baking today the first thingyou’re going to need to do is you’regoing to need to mash up some bananasooo ripe bananasyou didn’t tell it banana is ripe whenit is yellow and has brown spots orstreaks on it that tells you about thebanana is ripe and will be sweet foryour banana bread you can take a forkand you dress keep poking it with ituntil it becomes into smaller it so yourbananas after mashing and poking for alittle while they should look somethinglike this now that we finished mashingthe bananas we’re going to add a coupleextra things in herewe’re going to add a dash of cinnamonwhich is really just a couple sprinklesyou can decide whether or not you wantto add it you don’t have to you justcover kind of the top of the bananas I’mgoing to add two tablespoons of milk inokay and then we’re also going to addour butter we’re going to need 1/3 cupof butter to melt there’s a line righthere that shows that that’s a third youwant to line up your butter knife andcut through the paper so that way youhave exactly 1/3 then we’re going toknock aboutnormally when you bake things you wantto mix all the wet ingredients togetherfirst and then all the dry ingredientsnow we’re gonna do our dry ingredientswe’re going to put in flour whyand 1/2 cups of flour so rememberearlier we talked about our fractionsthis is one of the parts where we needto use our knowledge of fractions so onewhole cup of flour and 1/2 a cup offlour so here we go it’s reallyimportant when you measure flour thatyou want to make sure it’s even in thecup so as you can tell there’s kind of alittle hill on my cup and I’m just gonnatake a butter knife and kind of scrapethe top gently pushing the extra flourover back into the container so that’sright here half a cup of flour I’m gonnado the same thing now with a whole cupof flour and that’s one whole cup offlourI’ll put it into a bowl great the nextright ingredient that we’re gonna needis baking soda baking soda we’re gonnado one teaspoon so that’s one wholeteaspoon I don’t have a whole teaspoonso what I’m gonna do is use 1/4 of ateaspoon and I’m just gonna do four ofthem right so if I have one two threefour that would make one whole teaspoonhere we go one two three four you canuse a whisk or a spoon anything worthshe’s gonna mix it together and thenwe’re going to add a pinch of salt so apinch is where you pour some salt intoyour hand like that and you pinch thesalt between your fingers and you’regonna sprinkle it in the extra salt youdon’t put it you can just put that inthe sink otherwise it will be too saltyso those are our dry ingredients we’regonna do again now some more wetingredients this which is thesugar and the eggs so 1/2 a cup of sugar1 large egg so the way that you cancrack an egg is you want to crack itactually on a flat surface not on anedge and you just go a really firm tapput your fingers in between and then itshould break in if you see any shellsyou can just pick them up with yourfingers so now you’re going to mix theegg and sugar together this is calledcleaning the sugar so it should looksomething like this where it’s nice andyellow it’s thick and everything ismixed together you can’t tell thatthere’s a separate egg or sugar so weare going to add in a teaspoon ofvanilla a whole teaspoon again I don’thave a whole teaspoon so I’m gonna usethis 1/2 teaspoon remember two halves isgonna make one hole so two halves of ateaspoon is gonna make one wholeteaspoon of vanilla for me I’m justgonna gently mix that in our wetingredients together into one full mixit up just a little it’s all togetherI’m gonna mix in my flour baking sodaand salt I am NOT gonna pour the wholething in and as you about 1/3 of theflour and I’m gonna mix it gently in soto make sure our Bibiana bread doesn’tstick to our pan I just put a little bitof oilI’m gonna use my spatula get it up inthe sides corners make sure it’s allgreat so now we’re gonna pour our batterit’d be great if you used a spatulawhich is what I’m using if you don’thave one that’s okay and then just makesure it’s even you can just give it alittle shakeand a banana into the oven I’ve alreadypreheated it to 350 degrees Fahrenheitso make sure the ovens hot and readythen we’ll put our banana bread in tryto go for the middle of the oven we aregonna set a timer for about 50 minutesand then we’ll come back and check itafter 50 minutes to see how it’s doingso it’s been 50 minutes and we’re goingto check all right banana breadyou remember to use gloves it’s very hotso it has a nice brown color golden theway you check if something is baked isyou you poke it with a toothpick and ifyou pull it out and there’s nothingsticky on it then it said remember thepan is very hot so be very careful whenyou bake it’s really important to ask anadult to help you especially when takingthings out of the oven now you can enjoyyour banana bread see you next time

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