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BAKE WITH ME | Super Easy Banana Bread

So apparently you’re not in iso until you’ve made banana bread!

This is my favourite and SUPER EASY banana bread recipe, perfect to bake with mum on MOTHER’S DAY!

– Loaf tin
– 2 medium bananas
– 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
– 1 cup caster sugar
– 1 2/3 cups self-raising flour
– 2/3 cup oil
– 2 eggs
– Melted butter (extra)

Let me know in the comments below how your banana bread turns out.

XoXo S.A.S


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Video Transcription

hey everyone my name is Shakeel LeeSmith and welcome back to my channel soif there’s one thing that I’ve noticed alot of during the covert 19 pandemic itsbanana bread obviously by the title ofthis video today is a baked with mevideo and you guessed it I’m bakingbanana bread this recipe is super simpleeven a kid could bake it and that’sprobably because the recipe is literallyfrom a children’s cookbook I’ve had thiscookbook since I was a kid and I’ve beenmaking this banana bread for a reallylong time and it’s one of my favoritesso I thought I would share with all ofyou so these are all the things that youwill need for this recipe I’m going tolink the recipe in the description boxbelow so you can just refer to that ifyou need to[Music]so let’s jump to the kitchen well hellofrom the kitchen I have preheated myoven to 180 degrees Celsius and to startus off we’re going to take a littlemelted butter and you’re going to usethat to grease your loaf tin[Music][Music]next you’re going to take some bakingpaper and line the tin now even thoughtechnically it is a nonstick tin I don’ttrust my oven so I always use bakingpaper as well now you’re going to take alarge mixing bowl and add in three ripebananas you can add two or three I hadthree sitting around so I used all threeof them and I’m using a potato masher tomash up the bananas you can use a potatomasher you can use a fork whatever youhave around the house either of themwill work just fine once the bananas areall nice and mashed you’re going to addtwo teaspoons of ground cinnamon now ifyou want this to taste a little sweeteryou can also use cinnamon sugar insteadnext up you’re going to add one cup ofcastor sugar and then you’re going tosift in 1 and 2/3 cups of self-raisingflour[Music]and from there you’re just gonna mix allof those ingredients together[Music]once that’s done you can set it asideand grab yourself a medium-sized bowland in that bowl you’re going to add 2/3cup of oil and crack 2 eggsand just give them a whisk togetheruntil then as a mixedthen take your egg mixture and add itinto your banana mixture and give them areally good stir once all of youringredients been mixed together you’regoing to take your tin and pour themixture in now depending on howefficient your oven is you’re going topop it in at 180 degrees Celsius forabout 45 minutes to an hour and don’tforget to lick the bowl because that’s areally important part of this recipe soyou can test with a skewer down thecenter if it comes out clean then yourbanana bread is ready to goso let it stand in the 10 for 10 minutesand then transfer onto a wire rack tocoolyouthat was my super simple banana breadrecipe so let me know in the commentsection down below how yours turns outdon’t forget to subscribe if you haven’talready and give this video a thumbs upif you enjoyed it thank you so much forwatching my name’s show Kylie Smith andI hope to see you soon

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