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BAKE WITH ME – BANANA BREAD (Philippines) | Katrina Lauren

Hi! 🙂 Let’s bake a banana bread which is easy to make and really tasty at the same time. I hope you enjoy this video! Disclaimer: I’m not a pro or expert at baking but I try doing it from time to time so pls don’t judge ahe.

All purpose flour
Brown sugar
Baking soda
Riped bananas
Vanilla extract
Melted butter
Evaporated milk
Chocolate chips (optional)




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Songs used:
outdoors- tired
Monday – Jeff Kaale

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]so good need to know young consistencyin 11 Agata Poznan this is Mei Yu at LaMesa para I one good thing but it’s ASAyou not go alonebananashow much weight a minute Petipa’s manalala give manera new vanilla a 1 goingdynamic memory be perfect in a Garminand China along by eyes so after you getmimics mana apples after is young dryingredients okay dry ingredients nowdisclaimer pala typically must bakemarinum laughs yeah so after my mix isthis is if Mona in dry ingredients whichis flour baking soda and salt[Music][Applause][Music]fire[Applause][Music]so at the nail consistency bloomixso on your name I’m a mixture brainwhich is a tall leggy partners aremaking 3pero before initial ill-effectAlana Minami but are you baking threebut I need to make a fuel mixture twentyminutes later[Music]I own that’s it for today guys don’tforget to Like share and subscribe to mychannel and don’t forget to press thebell button below so get notifiedwhenever I upload a new video so thanksbye[Music]

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