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Bake along with JennyBake – loaf of bread

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Video Transcription

hello everyone welcome back to bakealong with Jenny bake and today I’mgoing to show you how to make a reallysimple day for the bread and we keepthis recipe is that today I’m going tobe making a granary though but you canuse the same recipe and make either awhite loop of bread or a wholemealneighbors but if you just change theflour that you’re using you do need touse and bread flour for this it madeMike with normal plain flour or someraising flour so you’re looking out forthe strong bread flour and and you canget that in a supermarket okay so let’sjust talk through the equipment that wegonna need for today’s recipe first ofall you need a decent sized mixing bowlsuch as this need a lift in and to bakeyour bread and this is a 2 pound lift inon 900 grams and and that’s been lightlygreased with a small bit of oil so youjust put a drop of oil in and smooth itaround to closed it if you haven’t got alocal team you can still use this recipeto make bread rolls and in which caseyou just need a flat baking sheet taughtthrough the ingredients so you need 500grams of bread alright as I said I’mmaking granary today so this is granaryflour and but you can use white orwholemeal but just a quick rhythm thewholemeal flour so it does tend to makequite a dense slope of bread and so ifthis is your first and go at makingbread it might be advisable to you andmove remove some of their on the flourand replace it with white flour and mixthe two together so you get a lighter Ilike to like then we need includinggrams of yeast we use in this fastaction yeast which comes in stature safelike this each Saturday’s already sevenground so there’s no need to weigh backjust like 1/8 to get flour we’re goingto use a teaspoon of salttwotablespoons oh yeah I’ve got vegetableoil over here cuz that’s what I’ve gotin stock and you could also use oliveoil and then we’re gonna add 1tablespoon of runny honey this is thereany stuff not the fat stuff and thenfinally we’ve got here 300 millilitersof warm water that’s really importantlywater in two hearts because that cankill the yeast and it’s not the breadfrom rising so I put in here and 200miles of cold water from the tap andtopped it up with a hand written out ofjust boiled water from the kettle andthat’s about right you need to be ableto put your hands in and it’s not toohot okay so let’s get babythis is really easy so first of all wetake our flour that we’ve laid out for apinch of ground tip that into yourmixing bowl the next step it’s an actualyeast dough get your stash name a pinand I’ve got to one side of your bowl soall together next so anything and thesector measuring spoons to get a reallyaccurate in my house and this one hereit’s equivalent to one teaspoon if youdon’t have a set of these you can justuse a teaspoon and you draw I’m gonnaget myself under the spear now that’s alevel teaspoon that let’s all like saynow you need to put this in the bowl theopposites like to the youth so they justsprinkle it all on put it on one sidehe’s the one side and salt on the otherand again to me that is if yousalts next to the yeast it can actuallykill the geeks stop it from working ifit combines too early do you need themon separate sidesnow we’re going to add our liquidingredients so you can do twotablespoons of oil 1 tablespoon of honeyokay yeah I’m gonna use this same spoonthat has got the oil on and becauseyou’ll find that the honey just pullsoff it really easily it doesn’t stick tothe speed and finally it was gonna addin our water so just pour that into theboat okay that’s for giving me Jamesand now the fun a messy bed you don’thave to stick your fingers into this I’mafraid it’s the best way of mixing itall togetherand you’re just gonna bring it togetherinto a dough before we tip out and startkneading so keep your fingers in may beafraid just around no stops it cometogetherit will be quite tricky to start with[Music][Music]you need to sprinkle some flour andwe’re gonna need this day for betweenfive and ten minutes and the idea isthat it goes from being quite sticky tostart with to being really smooth andelastic to do this you have to put yourdough when you floured work surface andyou turn it in on itself and press itdown start to try and stretch it out alittle bit just keep going to move itaround a little going just perfect yepbecause it will get less stickythe more you need ityou really burn with it it’s really goodif you you know embryo what sector getrid of all of that but it went into thebread I said it will stick to your handsto start with but you need to keep goingthrough that sticky face until it getssmooth Erinyes yeah they’ve attempted toadd holidays extra flour the kazoowell it’s actually finished early[Music][Music]okay so right now for about eightminutes and it’s actually a really goodworkout for our musclesso what’s out mr. Smith is to becompetition for your fitness videos andthat actually might be named it betasize with mr. price it’s a really goodwhatever capanyways you can see now the don’t stoplost its stiffness so I can need it onthe way up top without it sticking it’snice and smooth and you can sort ofstretch it apart without it breaking sothat’s what we’re looking for okay rightthat’s ready so we get our baking’s hereand we’re gonna put our bread in here toprove now if you making bread rolls andwhat you need to do at this stage isdivide your dough into eight shape theminto balls and put them on a baking trayand then follow the same instructionsfrom there so we’re gonna make it intoit with sausage shape it’s like say putit like that now this needs to creep andthat that’s the process in which theyeast starts with it and it should takeleave double in starting it’s gonna takeroughly an hour and there’s differentways to do this so I’m really lucky I’vegot an open with their dough provingfunction on it which means that I mighthave a really really low temperature andpop the bread in there it’s a little bitwarm and helps the bread so puppies ifyou don’t have to actors find a warmspot in your house or perhaps a sunnywindow something like that and if notyou can just leave it on the worktop anddepending on the temperature in the ventand it will still rise you might justhave to wait to be a little bit longerfor it to double in size actually that’sbetter eat me because if you’re not inbrush because the flavor is better thelonger it takes for the yeast to workokay but the purpose of the day I’mgonna keep mine in myfour thousand our so city’s suddenly saya big nice to me within hello again somy blood is now been creaming for thatmatter and in my proving Abid as you cansee it’s growing quite a lot smellpaternalism above it so that’s the kindof thing we looking forso that we ready to go into the oven topreheat your oven to 200 degrees ifyou’ve got a normal event electric a big180 degrees if you’ve got an electricfan of it and that’s gas mark 6 and ifyou’ve got a gut of it and that’s gonnabe cannot other than for 30 to 35minutes so boy put it in we’re gonna cutthree slashes at the top of the doughnow just help it rise a little bit soget a really sharp knife you look you’rejust gonna slash across one two threejust in one go see what see it willstarts to sink a little bit when you dothat that’s fine it’s gonna rise back upnicely in the other okay so here’s myfinish life and it was in the oven for30 minutes altogether and if you turn itdown when it’s and my sleeve is in anice and golden brown on the top and onegood test to see if it’s ready when youturn it out of the tin right upside downtap the bottom you should get a hollowsound and that’s a good indicator thatyour bread is cooked as you can see Ican resist already taking a slice or matat the oven and slugging it with thembuttering down absolutely delicious andI hope you enjoy your bread – thank youvery much

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