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How to Prepare Bread Omelette | Bread Omelet Recipe | Bread Omelet in Kannada | #cooking

#Cooking #Chickenrecipes #Cookingrecipes #Chickenrecipesinkannadda

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Video Transcription

my friend said Largo namaskara record eh
I know you saw guitar Ellis obscure
money they’re letting you to Madonna or
develop please Hagen and – hi Kelsey
Naniwa – simple like in my nail a bread
omelet model north of Sydney
so it’s there by like him out of the
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egg modern automatic vehicle good read
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momily southern operative only you know
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machinae on the car teaspoon of garam
masala on the table spoon it na bakke a
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from the arid affirmation cat’s undercut
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repairs to matter when the Miriam says
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the tomaten Alan is another cut mahogany
kaatham Bruin that was a cut out the
hole and we’re all that backup powers to
sound that cut mark foley
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know tucker record 20 the early early
tomahto Avella fellows are polite a
framework for baku circle or a gay after
authority other than that a different
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you have ever shown affray of many
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question mark oh brother
but the garam masala key the new part
didn’t international framework ellipse
so much plug in a sectional yuning’s
next Eric or DeMarko voodoo mattei a
lovely hoping bellicose anchor for a
trip to Ravikumar it oh no voodoo so
brave little boy Anagha latch a negative
you got a latch on a free Iraq booty the
name ego and ball again aliquot theta
under the name Morton channel first to
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at the Cape now for any magic tea rajma
masala suddenly you don’t thought to my
channel with anyone said it rhyme out of
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Ithaca chicken is toss salad recipe guru
so vegetarian reciprocal toaster teeny
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given the comments muddy subscribe I
guess a more alike modeler with any

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