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How to make banana bread*MUST SEE*(toaster oven style)

I started off wanting a snack so I came up with idea to bake banana bread in the toaster.
My banana bread recipe is actually a poor man recipe from the 60’s era, I
ts my grand mothers recipe, hint the corn syrup and oil replacing t
he normal ingredients, I wanted to give you that same recipe my grand mother had.
As a short disclaimer if you are allergic to banana’s then replace it with apples or rasberries.
Flour, salt, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, vanilla,
corn syrup almond milk or rice milk if your allergic to nuts or you could use regular milk.

Banana Bread

* Level: Easy
* Total: 1 hr 40 min
* Active: 30 min
* Yield: 1 loaf

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1 cup granulated sugar
8 tablespoons (1 stick) unsalted butter, room temperature
2 large eggs
3 ripe bananas
1 tablespoon milk
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt

* Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F. Butter a 9 x 5 x 3 inch loaf pan. 
* Cream the sugar and butter in a large mixing bowl until light and fluffy. Add the eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition. 
* In a small bowl, mash the bananas with a fork. Mix in the milk and cinnamon. In another bowl, mix together the flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt. 
* Add the banana mixture to the creamed mixture and stir until combined. Add dry ingredients, mixing just until flour disappears. 
* Pour batter into prepared pan and bake 1 hour to 1 hour 10 minutes, until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Set aside to cool on a rack for 15 minutes. Remove bread from pan, invert onto rack and cool completely before slicing. 
* Spread slices with honey or serve with ice cream.

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Video Transcription

[Music]welcome back to another video elijahhere and today we’re going to dobaking banana bread and toast ovenso you notice i have two toaster ovenshereone is a black and decor which i usemostly for toastingand things like that i use my oasterfor most of my baking especially when itcomes to like meats and stuff like thati do use the top one right here you usethis one for like baking cookiesand things like that things that arereally simplebut when it comes to like meats andbanana breads any kind of breads idefinitely usethis one because it’s a little bit moreheavy-dutyand it cooks thoroughly through beforewe get startedtoday’s video please go ahead and takethe time to commentbelow what you think of today’s videogive me a likedefinitely subscribe because i am yourown channel you knowthis year is going to be really heavilyfocused on that growthand i really think that um i have a lotof content that is going to be reallyrelevantso do stay tuned share this videoi’ll also leave my social medias in thedescription box below as well asmy website so with thatbeing said i’m going to get today’svideoso starting right here i have uhmy sugar flour i have uminstead of using um regular eggs i usethe egg whitesi like that the definitely a lot betterfor youthey have zero cholesterol and i likethat a lotregular eggs you have a little bithigher cholesterollow sodium i have almond milk instead ofregular milk you can use regular milk ijust use almond milki’m definitely a better substitute foralmond milk ahregular milk i use maseosmassimo’s um canola oiland grapeseed green seed oilyou’ll have to forgive me forfor that but yeah it’s both the samethingi use regular oil touh well i used to use it to cook butthat’s weirdum so i normally use butter but i’msubstituting it forslightly healthier for youi use um i have a couple of things herelike the vanillaand the corn syrup that i’ll be using atthe endjust to keep it really soft i have mybananas obviously i’m not going to useall these bananasi have the baking soda baking powder andthe cinnamonso with that being said we’re going togo ahead and start bymashing up the bananasbecause while we make the rest of therecipe we’re going to go ahead and mashthese up and get them in the fridgeand let them cool for a little bitum a lot of people use big huge eyeballsi just use something simpletypically you’re supposed to use fivei like to use i mean typically you’resupposed to use three but i use five tosixi like to let my bananas not get all theway rotteni know some people like it really rottenso it gets sweeti just like it enough where the outsidestarts to brownand i just break them up in smallerpieces so as i start tostuff to match them rightthey’ll be good another thing i likei like to get thicker ones too so yousee how the brown spottedthat’s how i like them when i’m ready tomake banana breadi like my bananas thicker so that wayum you know i get more from my bucki just break it up break it upand break it up now if you’re allergicto bananasum just make another kind of breadyou know instead of making a bananabread make an apple breadum you knowthat’s what i would do i know somepeople are allergic to certain foodslike bananasso yeah just use don’t use bananas youknowuse something elsejust like thisnow we’ll start using some of thesesmaller onesi do want to get rid of some of theselike this just peel themthis[Music]like this same thinglike i said i used typically betweenfive and sixbecause i like my banana bread to tastelike banana bread i don’t want it totasteyou know like a wheat version of bananabreadplus the better potassiumyou’ll haveall right take all these little ones andjust use the rest of themyeah i just like to do it like thistypically you cando this beforehand like let’s saytomorrow you want to make a banana breadyou know you might want to do this thenight beforebut maybe i just like to you know it’skind of therapeutic to do thisto cook so i like it for that reason tooall right i think we should have enoughbananas but we’re gonna do onelast one since it’s the oddball nowthere we go[Music]just gonna do thisdefinitely will have a lot of bananasall right so now that we’ve done thatwe’re going to go aheadand get them into the bowlnow we’re all set with these so we’regoing to put those awayso now we take our smasherand we’re just going to smash them upjust like thatnow don’t worry if you’re you know alittle bit older or you’reum you know you have arthritis oranything like thatum you can if you have blended uma hand mixer sorry you can use a handmixeri always tell umyou know special about the folk i workwitha little bit older and they have someailments thatprevent them from doing something likethisso i tell them to takejust take a cup like this you knowput a little weight in it right so thatway they’re not doing as muchyou know take it out put it down put alittle weight pick it uptake that back down put a little weightin it that way they don’t have to use asmuch muscleand they can still do it on their ownwithout feeling like they have to usesomewhereelsethen for me i like to move it a littlebit morekeep doing this for a little bit i wantit reallyreally little right really littleso it should be a sauce all right that’swhat it should look like should looklike a saucewhen you’re done it’s going to have alittle bit of chunks and that’s finebecause that’s going to bake right intothe bread[Music][Laughter]i’ll show you what’s going to happen nowwe take that bowl againjust take itscoop the remnants of it offand then we’re just gonna put it rightback into the ballall right just like thatthere we go so the banana is all readyand we’re gonna let it chill wowwhile we make the rest of the dryingredientsall i do is just rinse this off realquickall right rinse it offnice thing about these newer homesis that they’re creating betterappliancesall right sothat being saidwe’re going to start by getting the dryingredientsinto here rightum oh before we do that we’re gonna getbutterand sugar and we’re gonna cream it up inhere so we’re gonna go ahead and startwith thatum you will needso we will need a cup of sugarall right nowum some people like to use the sugarand only the sugar what i doisi’d like to add the sugarnow i don’t fill the sugar up all theway and i’ll show you whybecause as i told you earlier we add inthe caro corn sugar out of the cornsyrupso we’ll go ahead we’ll add half a cupall right the reason why i use the cornsyrupin my banana bread it’s more of an olderrecipe butit helps it to stay moisturizedkeeps that moisture inside andoverall i mean it just tastes betterwith the corn syrupum i don’t likei don’t like when my banana bread getsdried up and so thisprevents it from getting dried up so youcanso the next step is to add the butteryou can use the butter orwhat i’m going to do is i usemy oil i do like to make as muchadd as much healthy ingredients as i canright we’re adding the sugar with cornsyrupso we do want to add in as much healthyhealthiness to um to it as we canlet’s go ahead and getall right so now we’re going to go aheadand add the one cup of butterso what we do isso we’re going to add we need 80 tableteaspoons eight teaspoons ofbutter which is a half a cupi’m going to go ahead and add the oilinstead of the butterhe said as much healthy ingredients aspossible and most butter is not healthyso i’m gonna go aheadtypically this should be creamyour batch isagain not going to be creamy because ofthe corn oiland corn oil the corn syrup in the oilright so this is how it should come outin our recipeoily liquidy rightall right all righti then add so iadd vanilla to my banana breadi like to add a little bit of flavorthere we goall right so we’ll go ahead and mix thatin don’t worry we’re going to add allthe flour and all that to this anywaysso we won’t have to worryso we’re gonna put that aside for nowsorry we’re gonna add two eggs so we’regonna adda fourth cup so if you don’t know afourth cup is aboutone egg so that’s what we’re going to doonetwo[Music]just a little bit of egg left so i’mjust gonna pour the rest inwe got that goingall right so as you can see it’s nowliterallyvery veryall right so now what we’re going to dois now we’re going to get therest of the dry ingredients and thenwe’ll add the milkone two threeall rightso we needanother measuring cup[Music]one tablespoon ofbaking soda one teaspoon ofbaking powderand then we’ll need two cups of flournow umnow remember it doesn’t have to beperfect you don’t have toall right so oneand twoall right so we have all the dryingredientsand we have our liquid our liquidingredientsso now we’re going to go ahead you’resupposed toadd them in a little bit at a time rightso what i do is i just spread them allover the liquidsrightso now it covers it right so nowi can start by stirring it innow normally in a regular batch if youdidn’t have this combination and you usebutter sugar you would have to add alittle bit in at a time because it wouldget too thick too fast but becausebecause ours is more lipliquidyrighti’m going to show you now we’re going toadd inhere and get the rest of this goingthe rest of the flour and everythingelse with themyou can even add if you like likechocolate chip banana breadsome people like chocolate chips andthen banana bread you can add thati think we’re just gonna do it like thismake sure you scoop up all the excessflour you’ll needevery ounce of the flour that you havein thereand just a very little bit when youdo this long enough you’ll know how mucha tablespoon ofmilk is a tablespoon of this you’ll knowa lot of people ask how do you know whenyou do soand i’m not even that old you knowimagine i’m not old but ii haven’t lived as long you know like myparents been doing this for yearsso then we addin the cinnamonso now we have the cinnamon in therejust like thatwe get all mixed up in thereand once we’ve done that we’re going togo ahead and preheatour ovenall right so we’ll go ahead and preheatthe oven toit says 325 so because our oven cooks alittle faster we’re going to do it 275because our 275 will be an equal toa 325guys tell me if you ever had that whereyou have an oven that you have toactually lower it just to cook it at thesame temperatureit tells you to cook it at bakehere we gowe’re gonna go aheadso we’re gonna set this thereto the end25 minutes get our pansall right so iuse coconut oilspray them down really quick this willmake sure that they come out really softat the bottom but they ground nicelyall right we will then pour them inthere’s enough in herefor two batches so we’re just going toright pour it inpour it inand just evenly pour it in that wayyou know they’re both about the sameheight that way weum you know they’ll cook roughly aroundthe sametimeand then i just scoop any excess outi’m not a fan of wasting anything soi like to just scoop the rest outall rightgo ahead and wipe any excess offbecause when you get it into theoven you don’t want it to betoo um you don’t want it to likeovercook ordrip down the side so what we do is wejust plop it inand it’s gonna cook for 25 minuteswe’re going to say do the same thing uphere except here we’ll do 325it doesn’t cook as fast i’m gonna set iton 25 minutesand do the same thingabout a boom by the bay and in 25minutes we’ll come back and check onthemand see how they come upall right everyone welcome back wefinally uh finishedand it came out beautifulum as you can see oh soif you look at the inside it just has aperfect combinationof everything mixed insidetake a piece of butter this is avocadobutterjust in case you wanted to knowanything you can to eat better foryourselfso moisturethat’s just some moistureit just has so much moisture andso much flavor everything just blendedin togetherum and so yeah that’s how i make mybanana breadvery simple like that you can use a loafpani like my pie pansum i let them cool off typically forabout half an hour 45 minutesyou really want them to cool off thatway they don’t stick to any surfacesbag it up or you can use ziploc bags youcan put it in containersuh yeah and you can have it with anymeal like i like to have it withif i’m having like maybe if i’m havinglikelike steak or meatloaf is a good examplei might have this with thatso she goes with any meal or as a snackhasplenty of bananas in it so definitelygetting your potassiumand i just really wanted to show youguys that you cancook with this and i want to show youguys what you canreally cook um and i’ll enjoyshowing you that not just with a toasteroven buti have a few other things i have like acrock poti have smoothie a smoothie maker i havedifferent thingsi want to show you guys so um do commentbelowlet me know what you think tell me whatyou do want to see what would be helpfulespecially being you know there are somany minimalists out there thatyou know want to be minimal so if youhave any thoughtsjust leave them in the comment sectionbelow subscribe turn on postnotificationsshare my channel i am growing and thatis my goali do want to have a reach and it’s allaboutstarting fresh you know it isstarting with very little and build yourway upso without further adoi’m gonna have to say goodnight it’sbeen a long day and i will see you inthe next videohave a good one bye

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