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How To Make Tortilla Bread | Cook With Me | Easy Method Of Making Shawarma Bread

Hey Sunshine! Hope you love this video on how I prepared Tortilla bread for shawarma wrap, Chicken wrap etc..

Please stay safe and guided❣️

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Video Transcription

hey guys you’re welcome back to mychannel your scream is Jennifer Oggy ifyou are watching for the first time andyou’re definitely welcome so sorry thatwe’ve been missing in action for quite along time on today’s video is going tobe a quick one bore I before then Iwould love to say thank you so much forthe love you gave me on my last videobecause of that very video I receive somuch requests from you guys the Torah’sor how to make some African dishes andalso on how to make sure I’m a brainwhich is video you’re watching right nowI said upload this one first before therest of the videos so on today’s videois going to be on how to make such abright useful Sharma hot chicken arrivedso if interested and watching this videokindly keep on watching so these are allthe items in dead you making thistortilla bread we start out by using anall-purpose flour you can see the nextis the baking powdersecondes salt then you have only for youany warm words inside coke so the nextthing is to go in a mr. English endstogether and basically inside this bowlI have 1 cup of flour the destination isto add it teaspoon of salt next I added3 spoon of baking soda after the Beccastood that suppose I am to mixedeverything together before adding thisoil but I missed at sonic’s so the nextthing is to add words are honest you cansee how I’m doing I didn’t add all thewater as it sigh so they do will not bethat to watch we just add what accordingto the constitutive for your makingafter that you go away in to mixeverything together just like I’m doingand make sure there is no any lumps leftin between and as itscover up you go for 30 minutes and afterthat say means this is what it lookslike everything has been cooperatedtogether and as you can see it looks sostretchy and soft someone else is tofind a clean surface and sprinkle insome flow in order to create a smoothsurface to knead your dough so I forgotto mention about the rolling stick thisis very nice insurace you’ll be needingit to roll you do after that you go awayin two coats the dough into equal sizesand after godson needs you apply alittle bit of pressure in order to helpflatten it so that when you’re rollingit it should be more way easier for youso the next is to start rolling thedough you rub back and forth back andforth until you get a desired sacralshape and almost AC true in the doughyou continue with the rest of the doorsonto your don’t for the next step sonext is to heat up the pan and after youturn it option it’s done to a mediumheatanother natsu boniello bringing thedough to cook usually the dough iscooked for 1 minutes for both differenceand back always monitor adjusted it willbond and remember to Tronicscontinuously until it’s readyalso check out for air bubbles coming upand compress it out cause it’s nani deadso after one minute it’s down and thenext thing to do is to proceed using thesame methods to cook the rest of thedough and see you achieve or your breadand as you can see here our bread isready and it’s complete to cut it soexcept I do a pizza bridge you can usethis to make a shower because it to makea chicken wrap even some people preferit’s in these latex so guys if you likedthis video don’t forget to give me athumbs up right now your comments Iwould like to read all those and alsoplease most importantly don’t forget tosubscribe see you in my next bye bye

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