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Hi Fam, I want to favorite share my homemade bread recipe with you. Thanks for your support.

2 Cups of warm water (105 – 115 degrees ) I have success at 105 degress
1 Package of active dry yeast
1 Tablespoon of Sugar
1 Tablespoon Salt
3 – 5 cups of ALL PURPOSE FLOUR
Brush butter on bread after baking
Bake at 400 degrees for 20 to 30 minutes or until golden brown.


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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back it’s a girl rentchick and I’m coming to you from mykitchen I’ve been making bread allmorning long and I after two lows Iturned the camera on and said I want toshow my friends how to make homemadebreadI love making it one of my familymembers could not older family memberscould not find any bread and I was justgonna surprise her with some and make itfrom scratch and I thought maybe some ofyou guys would like to learn how to doit too when I was a tailor er when Istarted making homemade rolls and breadsmy sales just went up so this is therecipe that has proven to be to be awinner and I love it it’s easy it’s onlyfour ingredients so since I lost andthis is my third time filming this andso all I can on my next video I willgive you a tutorial I’ve lost all thatfootage but right now I can tell you tomake homemade bread all you need is likefour cups of all-purpose unbleachedflour a tablespoon of salt and atablespoon of sugar and two cups of hotwater the water should be between 100and 105 degrees and then you bloom youryeast a packet of yeast in that warmwater and then combine it all and I’llshow you what yeast I use and I use thisactive dry yeast and I have some breadcoming out of the oven right nowso let me show you that I don’t want allthis information to go to waste so leastat least you can see somethingand when I made Brad I normally makearound the loaf then I make like upFrench bread loaf and when it comes outof the oven baste it with some butteryou can use vegan butter or regularbutter ok and it’s done like you hearthat hollow sound that means it’s donesee the bottom it’s done so put it on arack let it cool same thing with thebrown one hear that sound it’s done soI’m gonna let it cool for a minute ortwo and then I’ll slice into it and I’llbe right back okay guys I’m letting thebread cool a little bit and just let theco2 work for a few minutes because ifyou cut into it too soon you really cancause problems in some people so you letit cool off let everything work togetherand I I’m a I’m a big believer ofself-sufficiency the more you can do foryourself the better you know I hadsomeone call me and it’s like I went tothe store and they didn’t have any breadso nowhave any bring who don’t have any breadshe says I don’t have any bread cuz thestore doesn’t have any okay you got someflour salt and sugar yeah you got somewater yepand I said you got some yeast she saysyeah I got some for Thanksgiving but Inever used it I’m like you got somebread and so that just I said I’m gonnamake bread my relative didn’t have anyso I’m like you know why not I have timeI’m in it and my hubby put some of mybread into one of our fridges that’s notworking well in a freezer site so I’mlike it’s questionable I said I needsome fresh bread too cuz the last time Iwent to the store all the good bread wasgone so this is so much better it’s easyit is time-consuming but it’s easy inthe texture and the taste is so superiorto anything you’re going to buy so thisis something guys that you can keep inyour repertoire you can make pizza bringthis up to me the same recipe you canmake pizza out of it I and hamburgerbuns hot dog buns I’ll do a tutorial andall of thatalright but let me show you I’m gonnacut this round piecekillerssee the texture steam is still comingoff of it this is the way to go way togo grilled cheeses peanut butter andjellyput some ham my husband made a ham theother day put some ham on this bad boyand cheese yes ma’amalright so this is the other one you mixup sandwiches out of this alright guysso thank you guys so much for beingpatient with me and for rolling withyour girl and if you learn somethingtoday you like this channel go on andsubscribe if you’re new my currentsubscribers guys I love you guys thanksfor rolling with your girl and I gotmore content coming up soon alrightthank you guys bye let’s keep rolling

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