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How to bake bread with Anna and mom

Today we are going to make bread fastbake cool touch bread maker

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guyswelcome back to your annual mom andtoday we’re going to be makingbread but before we do make sure you hitthat subscribe buttonred to gray hit the like and the bellbuttonso you get notified every time i post anew videolet’s go today we’re going to be usingfast bake core touch bread maker we’regoing to be bakingtwo pounds of sun dried tomatoand olive loaf of breadso the ingredients we’re going to needisone and a half cups of waterthree tablespoons of sunflower oilhalf a cup of sun-dried tomatoesone and a half teaspoons of olivesthree tablespoons of sugarthree tablespoons of skimmed milk powdertwo teaspoons of mixed herbsone and a half teaspoons of saltfour cups of flowers flour andone and a half teaspoons of yeastfirst we’re going to pour into in thewaterone and a half cupsnext we’re going to pour in thesunflower oilthree tablespoonsnext we’re going to scoop in thesun-dried tomatoes which is half a cupnow we’re going to scrape in the oliveswhich is one and a half teaspoonsnow we’re going to put in the sugarwhich is three tablespoonsnow we’re going to put inour skimmed milk powder which isthree tablespoons and we’ll get thespoon heremake sure it all goes inokay now we’re going to put in the driedmixed herbs which is two teaspoonsokay now we’re going to put in thesalt which is one and a half teaspoonnow we’re going to carefullyput in the flour solet’s get the flouryou have to be really careful with theflour so it doesn’t get everywhereso let’s carefully open thisflowerokay there we go it’s a bit powderyokay oh now we’re going toput in the yeast which we have to makesure we put all of it in therethere we go which is umthe yeast has the yeast is one and ahalfteaspoons and there we go make sure youdon’t mix it and so now we’re gonna haveto put it into the bread makernow we are putting it into the machinemaking sure we get it in the groove andtwist itnow we close it nowwe have to press start and itautomatically startsthere we go now we have to wait fiveminutes after the bread has been kneadeda bitit looks really cool when it’s gettingneeded i can’t wait for the final resultnow it’s three hours later and we’ve letandy and it is donewe’ve let it cool for one hour and nowmom’s gonna take it out for usso here she is taking it outthere it is looks nicethere we go so that’s the bread nowmom’s going to take it outlooks niceand that is your loaf of sun-driedtomatoand olive bread so now mom’s gonna cut apiece so you can see the inside of itso that’s what the inside looks likeit’s niceand like it looks nice and soft andthat’s itif you guys enjoyed this video make sureyou give it a big thumbs upand go watch one of our other ones we’llsee you guys next time[Music]byeyou

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