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Sourdough bread – Episode 4 getting ready to bake

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Video Transcription

hello sourdough kim’s back nowi’m ready for my final stage of making aloaf ofsourdough bread and that’s the baking ofit as you can see my loafof bread has risen nicely it’s reachedabout the top of the banana which isjust about perfectand it should make a really nice loaf ofbread nowi’ve got my oven preheating to 450and preheating in the oven is a dutchovena cast iron dutch oven with an enamelcoating i believeand so you preheat the ovenand the dutch oven at the same time sothat you have a nice hot dutch oven whenyou get ready toput your loaf of bread in it and it justbeeps so it’s ready to goso i’m going to now tip this over outonto thissheet of parchment paper and there we goa little bit of extra flour but there’smybeautiful loaf of sourdough breadnow i’m gonna get out my dutch ovenand you want to use oven mitts to makesure you don’t burn yourselfso there’s my heated dutch oven i’mgoing topluck this in there just like thatand try to get the paperso it doesn’t andone thing you have to do and some peopledo with the sourdough bread isscore the top so if you control the riseandyou don’t get a weird looking surfaceand some do it outside before they putit in some do it after some dude on thesidei just like to go across the topgo in with a sharp knife some havespecial tools buti don’t so i just use that and ii like to make a cross on it it kind ofrepresents my christian faithand i like to because jesus talked a lotabout breadso i justlike to have a cross on it crossed andbreadseems to me kind of fitting okayi scored it and i just about made themistake of trying to lift the lid withmy hand which would have been a bigmistakeso i just put the lid on it and we willnowbake this in the oven for 20 minuteswith the lid onand then another 10 minutes with the lidoffand that is it for now and i’ll comebackand show you the finished product sothat’s 20 minutes in the oven at 450with the lid on10 minutes with the lid off so 30minutes totalso see you later with the final product

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