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How to make bread egg fingers

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi everybody today we’re gonna belearning how to make bread ik fingersit’s a really tasty dish so yeah let’sget to the ingredients we first we needsome butterthen we need some pepper we need somesalt any salt is fine and related andsalt is good and some chilli powder andturmeric powder we’ve also got somethree eggs you got some chip one chilidice you got half of onion diced andyou’ve got some bread cut into shapeslike fingers cut all the three eggs andget it into a bowl like this and beatthe eggs like this beat it until itturns yellow like this add all theturmeric a chili powder salt and pepperand beat it nicely now we have to addthe onions and chilies and beat it againbeat it nicely now becomes like this addthe break bread fingers like this mix itwell mix the bread sticks really welland take it out immediately because itwill become soggy then as we heat it thepans add some butter to it and afteradding the butter add the bread breadsticks immediately now it’s gettingprepared now will I have to turn it onthe other sideit’ll be really soft and it’s a goodsnack for evening team the X sticks arecooked wellnow let’s transfer it to the plate soguys this is a final result so this is adish hope you enjoy

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