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How to cook fried shrimp with bread crumbs | Fried prawns | Cooking | Modified cooking and vlogs

How to cook fried shrimp with bread crumbs
Fried prawns with bread crumbs
Prawns tampoora
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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome to Madras modifiedcooking and vlogs this is my first videoso I’m them now was here so I don’t knowhow to face the camera so that’s why I’mthem now was so please guys keepwatching my channel and subscribe mychannel I will give you a lot more foryou so please keep on watchingbasically I dedicated this channel toall the yfw those who can link to how tocook Arabic for all that so today I’mgonna show you how to cook fried shrimpwith breadcrumbs so guys please watchmyself first of all we start themarination I will take near shrimp 1 and1/2 kilo shrimp I limit and be windedandcould clean then lemon juice chillipowder chopped garlic and salt start tominimal we put salt here[Music]the Mongoose toliman some silicone is amild chili powder very mildwe call it Kazmir a chili powder now ifyou know find this one as you know is amodified cooking so you should usepepper powder so I can use herechopped garlic four cloves of choppedgarlic and here mix it[Music]we take here flower so I’m going to mixit with water and little bit of soilthen I must this one here then I coverit with the breadcrumbs just taughtacross this one little bit salt and theysay water add some water heremake sure there there is no lapse[Music][Music]Sevilla began the supermarket you canfind it thereyes you make it like that[Music][Applause]coating is done now I will refrigeratethis one half an hour one hour when youwant to cook this one when you want tofry until that you can keep it in thefridge when you want to try this onethat time you will take it outside andhide it so it will be properly stickaround the coating so are you going toput in the fix[Music]now we going to fry the shrimpmake it work and put oil oil is heatednow I’m going to fry the same[Music][Music][Music]fight it until golden brown[Music][Music][Music]these are just done this is quite simplyvery crumbs[Music]I hope you enjoy the video thank you forwatching and do subscribe my channellike and share it with your friendscomment on comment section and take careguys be healthy love you all[Music]

7 Replies to “How to cook fried shrimp with bread crumbs | Fried prawns | Cooking | Modified cooking and vlogs

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  3. Amazing thank u for ur clear and simple idea… Pls make more blogs arabic food.. And Chinese food..

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