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Breadman 2-lb Multi-Function Bread Maker w/ Fast Bake on QVC

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Breadman 2-lb Multi-Function Bread Maker w/ Fast Bake

There’s no loafing around for this multi-function bread maker — it works hard to feed your fix for freshness. It features eight settings to choose from, giving you the option to make artisan breads, pizza dough, and more. From Breadman.

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Video Transcription

man I feel like you could it feels likea superhero name the bread man makingthe whole house happy for the holidayseason and beyond its a two-poundcapability multifunction bread makerwith fast bake this is how you customizeour favorite comfort food of all timethis season and you can do it with easeit’s a lot of nada it’s not a lot ofdough for this bread man ah you knowwhat you can customize it’s awful you’regonna hear that about six more timesum you can customize the size of theloaf but you know what you can’tcustomize the memory because every timeyou smell fresh baked bread it justtakes you to a cozy family setting nowwill you get the bread maker you get thekneading paddle you get the measuringcup and spoon and you get a littlebooklet with more than 50 recipes on theinside the comparable retail value hereis a hundred and three dollars andthirty cents our QVC – big deal price is7998 Oh hold up wait a minute we put alittle free shipping in it it’s on freeshipping and handling and six easypayments that means all in you’re savingapproximately thirty dollars and you canget it home on easy pay for $13.33 soeight settings programmable loaf sizelots to discuss here so we need anexpert where could we find dawn majidwhen we need her Wow always good to seeyou can we make gluten-free breadbeautiful I want everybody to see howbeautiful this bread is it’s light itsAiry it’s got all those holes in it it’swho’s afraid I’m so exciting you knowwhat I made it alright I pushed a fewbuttons but I did make it it’s warm I’mamazed it’s fresh bread you know what itsmells amazing gluten free choices havecome a long way they have but when youcan make it at home there is nothinglike it the texture is perfect theflavor is perfect is this the recipe outof the book this is the recipe out ofthe bookand you know what there’s a lot ofingredients in a gluten-free recipe youknow that so I recommend to people buythe boxes buy the pre-made gluten-freeif you’re not sure or if you’re not butif you have a relative that’s glutenfree how do you make them feel specialyou bake them bread you think abouttheir needs and it’s just amazing howperfect this I’m eating every bit ofwhat’s on that plate I get to be in theclean plate Club today I’m so excitednow we have color choices for you I’mgonna start right down here we have itavailable in black but hang on blackthere are 800 remaining gone by 100 havebeen ordered now this is the red red isexclusive to us here at QVC and QVC tothen I’m gonna dive on over to anotherexclusivity story we have it availablefor you in white only find that colorhere and then look at this blue alreadyavailable here in the blue and there’s athousand left to go around 2500 have nowbeen ordered we are very busy and let meremind everybody six easy payments of$13.30 and free shipping and handlingbut wait not just four loaves of breadwe can do other things too you know whatthis is used in my house probably 50% ofthe time as just the vessel thatperfectly needs and brings my dough’stogether this is a gluten-free pizzathat I’m letting coughing I am notkidding you Mary we have we like this isthe bread man at for you but I’m we’regonna let this cool down a bit and I’mgonna so you can go back to your breadand I’m gonna get some regular loavesout but look at how beautiful thisgluten-free pizza is love this here isthe dough here’s go of a regular pizzabut I want you to know that the breadman knows how to make perfect dough itknows how to you know treat the glutensit knows when to rest when to knead howto mix it together properly the breadman is that smart and it makes us lookreally good because we spend a lot oftime and energy but with the bread manyou really don’t you dump in youringredients literally push a couplebuttons and the bread men does the restnow I’m gonna pull this out this is notonly your baking vessel but it’s alsoyour mixing that vessel so let’s talkabout cleanup let’s do that there isnone can we look insidehow is that possible did you dosomething special to itnothing there’s no pre-treating I rinsedthis out and it’s ready for next timeit is so nice I don’t have mixing bowlsI’m wearing a navy sweater and I’m notfull of flour I mean it’s just so smartlook at this beautiful bread just slicethis thing yes I’m already one slice ofbread deep so I just thought I’d updatethat look beautiful this is a lemonblueberry look at how evenly distributedthese are now what you do with the breadman is you put in all your liquids thenyou put in your flour lesson that goesin this the yeast but it’s gonna mix itand knead it but then it’s gonna have abeep come off that beep says if you wantto add something like raisins or walnutnow is the time and it ensures that theyare evenly placed throughout the loopbut look at how beautiful that is thatis an amazing loaf of bread so I wantyou to have this with the next pot ofsoup that you need oh my gosh there’snothing like having a nice savory soupand then add a little bit of sweetnessand creamy butter and you have made ahit look at that that mean well that’s asingle tear right there because makesyou think of my grandmother who had fivechildren and you know what not a lot ofmoney to go aroundno and when it came to making sure thatthe kids had delicious foods they shewas so good about it and you know I I’veheard so many stories from you over theyears where we’ve talked on the phone bythe way feel free to call ourtestimonial line at eight hundred sixhundred one five five six let’s talkbread memories today what do you say Ilike that and that fun and you know whatbut so for so many of us the warm toastycrunchy on the outside perfectly bakedon the inside bread loaf moment is sucha memory to mom is such a memory toeverybody being home together and that’sexactly what we’re bringing you todaybut you know what I don’t have I don’thave a proofing drawer you don’t youdon’t or like I used to do I used toturn my oven on I might dryer on get ita little bit warm then put a towel overthe bowl I don’t have to do any of thatnow and look at it right now you see thetexture texture is absolutely perfectthis is steaming hot perfectly madebread this doesn’t taste like it cameout of Iraqthis is bread the way it used to tastethis is bread where you tastes the wheatyou taste the yeast you use your owningredients it is so absolutelydelicious and I want to show you howeasy it is to don’t to silence that Maryis never stunned to sign not everybodyknows that fun fact not even in my sleeptake a look I mean the bounce is perfectif it baked if it was under proofedbecause I’ve watched enough Britishbaking show to absolutely drive thewhole neighborhood crazy there would bethat wet line at the bottom like it’sundercooked it’s over cook there’s allthose telltale signs look how perfectlythat has been cooked now it’s on sixeasy payments of 1333 the comparableretail value is 103 thirty okay I stillthink that’s a great value this is lessthan 80 and we have six easy payments oneverything on air and online right nowand our QVC – big deal is on freeshipping and handling this is the timethat you place your order and send it towherever you’re going for the holidayseason right because it’s about the loafof bread sure but we can make our pizzadough’s in here make your sourdough inthere I was googling for recipes forbread machines bubka’s stolen I meanBiggles you can do those all right hereand easy easy maybe you can’t need maybeyour hands of change your dexterity ischanging you can’t knead the dough aswell as you used to be able to thismachine does it for youit’s so funny my friend bill got him onehe loves to cook he made the bagels hesaid when I went over I brought him oneof those containers of the everythingbaked bagels seasoning I’m like ifyou’re gonna be making bagels you needthis but that’s what’s so fun about thisyou can make memories you can becreative it’s just amazing now I’m goingto show you how easy it is to load okayfirst let me show you the programs solet’s look at the front here so we haveeight programs and unfortunately becausethis was already on it it’s on the onfunction but we have a program so herewe have basic then we go into fast thenwe go into French whole-wheat sweet thenwe have quick breads dough’s and bakedonly but what’s really nice about thisis we also have threefunctions for the size of the loaf youcould do a one pound a one and a halfpound in a two pound now if I’m makingsomething like a dough I always make thebigger amount and you can freeze it didyou know you could freeze it and thereso I’ll just bring it back totemperature but when I’m doing you knowwhen I’m making bread fresh bread for ameal just make a pan that’s all you needthen you can do crust size in thebeginning start with a light crust andsee how it works and see what yourfamily likes this makes it so easy soliterally you’re hitting four buttonsand you’re good to gobut the way you load it and I want toshow you how the instructions look okaythey give you all your ingredients andthey list them in this order they giveyou different kinds of yeast you can usethey give you all the ingredients youstart and you just go from the top andyou go all the way down there’s nowritten words there’s no paragraphs andstoriesyou’re literally dumping youringredients and then hitting a buttonthat’s how I like directions for gettingto a party to turn left turn right fromleft to right I don’t need the color ofthe housethank you bye so I like that in thisrecipe book but you’re showing us how toload what did you put in first okay soyou always start with your liquids sohere we’re making pizza dough so I addedthe water and the oil they were togetherthen I added the sugar the salt and Iadded some dried milk because that’sgonna help the yeast to grow now I’mgonna add just the flour okay and thelast thing we always add is the east andthe east goes in last and then literallyyou just hit number seven and you and itknows what to do it’s that good I wantto show you because Mary I know you’vebeen eating your bread but I have to cutsome pizza for you I’m so excited wehave friends standing guys that want tocome eat – oh good so keep in mind bluewhite red and black those are our fourcolor choices but as dawn slices thehang on I got a roll around in thesewords for a minutegluten free pepperoni pizza we’re gonnainvite some of our friends in okayeverybody come in okay let’s see so youstart on the pizza I’m gonna get a newloop this is my friends oh yeah good tobe here um first of all three of herfriends that are coming up in in thekitchen with Mary in just a few momentsum how good does it smell anyunbelievable this is a very big spacenow we’d like some bread with butter andjam would you like some pizza all of ityes so we chose the lobes here in thefront and the butter and jam is here inthe front and then I think we have someplates under here if you all don’t mindmy manners I’m gonna grab a little biteof it before because it is a rareopportunity I know and if you’ve neverhad gluten-free pizza you should try itthank you so much so I’m gonna take thiswait a minute I want to give some butterwhat is that this is an apricot walnutand what’s what it does is after you addyour ingredients it’s gonna it’s goingto knead it and mix it and let it restbut then it’s going to beep and it’sgoing to tell you it’s time to add theapricots and the walnuts and when you dothat it makes sure it’s incorporatedthroughout now this is just a littlelike decadence a little bit of drizzledhoney because it’s not actually asweetbread until you add a little bit ofhoney hello had me a tad sweet you haveto add a sweet look at that I mean thepull is right there’s a piece rightthere ready to go that I’ve alreadybuttered for everybody the butter andyogurt oh my gosh yes I wanted to showtoo in my hands this gluten free pizzacrust has a rise to it are you kiddingme look at that there is a rise to thatgluten free pizza dough mm-hmm never inmy life have I seen that no homemadegluten-free pizza dough serious neversleep awesomesee once again I was successful and Idon’t even know why or how that’s whatthe bread man is all about now I want toshow you this piece of bread here seethese apricots and the walnuts they’reevenly spaced everybody’s loving thisbut it just knows how to do everythingfor you so you can have your bakingmemories but you’re baking them easilylike how much fun is this with thefamily all right so you have kids mm-hmmmake the pizza dough it gave everybody ahunt they make their own pizzas it’s afun Friday night watch a movie onNetflix like it’s it’s a good timeyou’re making it from scratch but you’resuccessful and you know what’s in itall the right ingredients a little warmcup of coffee maybe with oh yeah I wasyeah I already knew the coffee was gonnago withthat’s my favorite texture what do youthink unbelievable perfect crust yeahand then within apricots this it’s crispbut it’s not too dense like it’s notit’s a nice thin crust they just givesyou that right bite that you want seeingit’s funny because one of my husbandlike go out to dinner I eat the crusteats the center’s like there’s certainthings about our marriage that’s notperfect but I mean there are people thatare crust this I think makes thatperfect crust with a really soft gooeyson there that’s just an texture it’seasy I mean yes you can make a breaddough with your stand mixer and you canget a loaf pan out and you’re good to gobut you know what it’s a lot of cleanupand a lot of potential for mistakesbecause sometimes bread Romans call forthings at specific temperatures and youhave to add them in and layer themproperly you don’t have to fuss with anyof that not even the kneading or theproofing drawer which frankly I’m notadding to my kitchen at this time it isso nice dumping clothes is what I sawthank you I mean I hate to be there butit’s that simple and it’s not even likeI’m not a big digital girl or atechnology girl it’s this simple you hita button you go through one of eightprograms which are listed right here youdon’t have to open the book and I needthat I want to get something home and Iwant to be able to pull it out rinse itout and start right awaygosh you did you got bread come overyour shoulder just like that’s my goofybread face I’m sorry that was really youknow what friends thank you thank youokay this is where memories begin somany of our memories begin in thekitchen without them and

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