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Step by step instructions to bake a great bread 🥖🥖🥖

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Video Transcription

okay let’sbake some bread uh in one bowl you add800 grams of bread flour[Music]and then in a separate bowl 10 grams ofactive yeastand in that same bowl with the yeast 640gramswater in with the flour10 grams of salt and then you stir theyeast and the water togetheryou produce to dilute into the waterand that mix you add to the flour[Music]then you stir it around with a spoon andjust try and give it all to cometogether nicelyand to use like a homogeneous mess onceit’s togetherclose it and let it rest forhalf an hour after half an hour this iscalled stretching and folding you stickyour hand underneath the dough and youpull it and tuck it over itself this istoactivate and get little development letit rest for another half orphanageand stretch and fold again afterswitching and foldingclose it back upand let it rest foranother half an hour you’ll see at thispoint that thedough pulls away from the bowl and it’sstarting to developsome strength into the doughthis is the last rest umat this point you flower your countertopand you ease the dough out of the bowllightly dust with flour and then divideit up into three equal partsbecause it’ll give you sort of threemedium sizedloavesat this pointyou do a very sort of gentle shapingand this is called the bench restonce you have all three of them shapedjustall the way around build you just let itrest for[Music]about 10 15 minutesmaximum depending on the ambienttemperature if it’s very hoti’d go maximum 10 minutes but if it’s acoolish sort of day15 minutes is fine then after the benchrestyou go intouh the final shapingand that you shape it into the form thatyou want but basically you need tostretch the outside of the doughover itself that you create they call itstructuralforming so you tuck it in over itselfmake a seam and then roll it that theoutside stretches you get like a smoothskinuh and that will give it structurewhen it rises in the ovenonce the shaping is doneyou lightly dust it with some more flourand that’s just to prevent the plasticcover from stickingif i don’t want it to stick i’ll propthings under it to just keep the plasticaway from the flourlet it dry for 30 minutes put abaking tray at the bottom of your ovenandset the oven temperature to 250 degreescelsiusand let it pre-heat after30 minutes you removethe plastic cover off your loavesand now it’s time for scoring the breadyou can get creative herei prefer long scoreit makes the bread tea open quite nicelylike that but there’s a hundred ways ofdoing this it’s all up to you you canreallyuh really experiment and havefun after scoringplace the bread in the oveni put it quite high into the oven thehighest spot that i can that it doesn’ttouch the elementand then i throw a handful of us intothe preheated baking traybake it for 15 minutes at250 degrees celsius and then another 30minutesuh at 280 degrees celsiusand that’s it your bread will be readyuh leave it foroften after 40 minutes to cool beforeyou eat ithope you guys enjoyed it if you do likeit please share commenttell me what you think and i hope you dosome great breadsif you do bake some breads please feelfree to send me some pictures orcomments orquestions but enjoy getting yourfeedbackgood luck happy baking

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