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My Simple Breakfast | Leftover Banana Bread

So yummy taste so good the toast banana bread.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey good morning everyone my breakfast
diet this is nice time order with mom
yummy and the bread my banana bread how
they did here is i toast the bread face
oh yeah oh it’s like chocolate then
we’re going to add we have a big batter
here guys let’s take a butter okay
better much better
this is yeah I’m against a charge this
one last me then I prove it
anything to forget that when you eat the
banana bread a day that I wake you slice
dorset after that spread butter so yeah
I mean so this is my food this morning
days don’t want a little butter before I
left I want to do this room like this we
just sleep
bread and butter doors like that Wow and
then from Chile but I need the toss and
what the butter the butter will seep
through the bread yummy crunchy a coin
fun coffee
Wow perfect guys you try this one guys
oh wow it’s still good heaven I’m gonna
show you guys my my corn guys that is my
see that’s from the corn dog the dog
food the white corn I I pray that one
then after that I found it so that’s it
yeah I saw really yummy guys you try it
this is still my banana bread the one
that I make the other day still yummy
our next next bake I’m going to write B
today I’m going to make carrot bread so
instead of banana bread I’ll add carrots
because we don’t have banana hair
the banana I picked up that one at the
market so we didn’t have close marketer
it’s too far far away it takes 12
kilometers to run to town and especially
now we didn’t have vehicle it cost me a
lot to go to town so now since I don’t
have a banana
so because feelable of this one really
guys like my bacon so I’m going to try
the carrot same recipe so let’s do it
later guys bye guys so yummy really guys
you should try this one
blended bread and your toes I didn’t add
our butter I’m not sure if you like but
I like it
well thanks for watching guys Yuri my
coffee – or Danny coffee

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