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Homemade Bread for Beginners (ft. Pro Home Cooks)

Easy and Rewarding White Bread Recipe. Nobody starts with Sourdough ! Get 30% OFF your first bag of coffee with Trade Coffee when you click here . Also, Enter for a chance to win a MoccaMaster KBT by using the promo code MoccaAlex at checkout.

Check out my buddy Mike from Pro Home Cooks :

A Very Simple Yet Amazing White Bread Recipe ( Makes 2 loaves !!! )
FLOUR : 2 pounds flour : 7 cups : 907 grams (1 cup flour = 128 g)
Bread flour is great, AP Flour works especially if protein content is higher than 10%
LIQUID : Half milk, half water.
A bit less than 2.5 cups. (1 cup water is 236.59 grams)
You can go full milk for more comfort, or full water for simplicity,
FAT : Life needs fat. I am french I going full on butter.
100g of butter. (14.2g per tbsp)
7 tbsps ! Oil works as well, or lard, crisco… same 7 tbsps.
SUGAR : 88g or 7 tbsps of sugar.
SALT : 3 tsp of salt = 18g, for a 2% salt content dough.
Instant yeast : 9g. Active dry, instant yeast, don’t bother. It’ll work about the same.
or 3 tsp. ( knowing that 1 packet is 7g and 2.25 tsp. according to )
Big mixing bowl. Tepid Liquid goes first. Then, Yeast, sugar, salt, fat, flour. Mix it till shaggy mess.
Cover and wait for 1 hour. This is the “Autolyse”.
Knead the dough for 5 minutes straight. Pause for 15 minutes. Knead again for 5 minutes.
Dough should be smooth by now.
Add oil in a big bowl, place the dough in. Wipe the bowl with it. Cover with cling film.
1st proofing starts. Wait till it has doubled in size, usually 2 hours. Sometimes more. You could also wait a day or two if it proofs in the fridge.
Deflate. Divide in half. If you just want to bake one loaf in the end, that’s the moment to freeze the one of the doughs. Flatten to the width of your (oiled) cake pan. As my dough is soft, i use my hands. Roll up. Place in, with the seam facing down.
Let it proof again, until doubled in size again, then bake it. ( no punching this time )
200°C – 400°F for 30 minutes or golden brown on top. Brush the top with butter. Let it cool down 30 minutes. Enjoy.

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Editor : Joshua Mark Sadler

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Video Transcription

this video is brought to you by tradecoffee white bread white bread white yeswhite bread what do you mean some otherway I mean and I have serious about sourweb but sourdough bread hasn’t changedmy life the way this recipe has pridesatisfaction accomplishment making yourvery first loaf of bread by hand yes allby hand this is a feeling that is hardto describe right so I’m glad I got yourattention now hey guys sorry this isAlex I hope you guys are well I’m good Imean I’m still stuck at home these daysbut I had recently some very positivechanges not talking about my mentalhealth gone for goodand I’ve got so much of it anywaysomething way more powerful like thisI’m talking about flour wheat flour Idid manage very recently to get my handson a good amount it means just one thingit means it is finally time for me toshare something that I think will benothing short of a life-changing recipefor you I’m serious so as all goodrecipe should start this has been stuckwith a big mixing book to which I’mgonna add half milk half water this isstep it and then I’ve got 550 grams ofit okay that’s two and a half US cupswhy warm basically because yeast growbetter in a warm environment we’retrying to make it cozy for them whenyou’re making bread liquid always goesfirst this way you don’t have flourstuff at the bottom to spacerI used milk to make this bread a bitmore comforting basically you don’t haveto you can just go full on water andthis will be just fine as well seventablespoons of sugarone two three five six seven threeteaspoon of salt and three teaspoon ofthese so I’m perfectly aware that saltand yeast don’t go long together that’swell but in this recipe doesn’t matterfor us mere mortals it doesn’t matteryou know mineJacobo now you want to go with sevenchips that’s two pounds that’s 900 gramsplaces all-purpose flour if you’ve gotbad flour then by all means please usesa seven tablespoon of butter you canreplace that by seven tablespoons of oilor lard of Crisco whatever you use thisokay it’s gonna be very hard to make itcome togetherand believe it or not you don’t have toincorporate it the best you can and justwait waiting wait waitand then afterwards wait this issomething that that is definitely withinmy reach I feel it’s made for dummieswhy am I not using the wooden spoon whenI’m a weirdo I told you about it this islike this it breaks very easily you willnotice that later on the dough will havemore structure see trying to get myhands out of this it’s the mostwonderful time of the year I’ve beenwashing home alone with my kid for likethe median time now this needs to restfor half an hourone hour is better to hour is evenbetter when you let the dough rest thedough is just easier to work with itbehaves better it’s smoother it’s morepleasant to work with basically so it’sbeen this more than than an hour it’sbeen two hours and a half in fact Lentitime to rest it’s now feels like it’sready for some kneading action stretchfor stretch for that dough were to bemore tacky then I would use the secondmethod which is take the dough like ababy you smashed the bottom that’s wherethe baby analogy ends immediately youpull you roll it take it from the sideyou start again there’s a very nice totell you that I you made the sourdoughseries in this case I’m just gonna do itsamemy left hand is here to place the doughin the right position my right handgrabs it folds it onto itself and pushagain pull it’s already getting a bitsmoother I’m gonna wait for five minutesthat resting time is gonna do me somegood and it’s kind of – the dose I’mgood as well making is all about knowingwhen you need to put the work on andknowing what not now it’s not always somuch softer I can’t believe that I justgave you an advice and I’m surprised bythe outcome of this advice I mean we allknow I reckon the kneading is now donewe are about to enter poof in stage onea bit of oil and then with the doughwipe the interior do it like this soboth sides of the dough are now oilythat’s something to cover it up causeother way it’s gonna dry and then youbasically leave it this room is not coldat the moment so I’m gonna leave it onthe counter like this if you’ve got acold room you can always pop that inyour oven without any heat going on butjust having the light turn on thatthat’s a good cheat sign so this isgonna stay like this for an hoursometimes two sometimes three hours youwant that dough to double in size plentytime to have a lovely chat with my buddyMike from the channel pro home cooks anamazing cook is also the mazing Bakerhas been making sourdough for yearsso on top of that is a very good friendof mine and to be honest at these timesand take any excuse to see a friendlyface so let’s just give this guy a call[Music]what’s up Mike the situation where youare you’re not invoking at the momentwell are you my wife and I fled the cityyour lockdown right you can’t yeah I’mbaking all day long I’m cooking all daylong I’m enjoying my family as well sothat’s how I feel tooyou know we’re lucky to be able to workit’s funny cuz I had friends on thephone and they told me can you imaginewe need to cook every night I can seethat I can seevalue in in our jobs as well it’s liketo be able to go in the fridge and justmake whatever I want with whateveringredients I have not have to go to themarket so it becomes very valuableyou’ve been baking mad you’ve beenbaking sourdough tons of different breadand I love your experience drivenapproach the way you you think sometimesby feel if you had things that would beworth sharing so ok I’ll give you just afew one is you know a process calledauto lease and it really just means whenyou can bind water and flour and throughthe hydration of the flour they juststart bonding together and creating thegluten so you don’t even have to touchit if anything’s ever feeling weird andsticky just let it relax for a littlebit and let the auto lease processhappen another great tip is when itcomes to using geese packets is don’tuse as much as the recipes tell you thatstuff is really powerful half what theytell you and just let it ferment andanother great tip is to slow downfermentation throw something in therefrigerator the temperature reductionwill slow down the yeast production butit won’t do much to the bacterialproduction so you’re still going to bedeveloping a ton of amazing flavorsthrow it in the fridge if it’s late atnight and let it ferment for a day a twodays three days sort of fling on thesecond either one build it into yourschedule that’s very interesting becausethe time situation when it comes tobaking go ahead it usually is likesomething that bother peoplebut knowing that you can just sloweverything down using the fridge this isamazing what I try to do for people isjust get them started on a bread journeydo you have a you know a bread loaf thatcomes out like and you’re stompingyour feet like you’re you know 6 yearsold that’s all part of the game that’scompletely natural it’s good to see youin these moment please be safe you seemsafe as well ok bye you men bye bye okso it’s been about an hour that dough isready to be shaped and then we’ll startthe second poofing so at first theydon’t want any flourI really need it not to stick to thebench Wowsoftness fluffiness I can sense thePurple’s inside you want to deflate thatoops I’ve been working out lately thisis the cake pan that I’m gonna use so Ishouldn’t go wider than this now I’mgonna roll it tight adding a bit oftension by just pulling on it every timeI make it tell stupid definitely videofor dummy and videos dummy being meantheses for to look I’m sure it’s gonnabe fine[Music]now starts the second proofing and thatloaf needs to double in size as well inthe meantime I might just preheat theoven I’m gonna go for 200 degreesCelsius that’s 400 degrees Fahrenheitwith the rest of those you’ve got plentydifferent options I’m probably ain’tgonna make a few burns to make burgersthis is just a blank canvas boy do Ilove but okay sponsor time trade coffeeis all about speciality coffee theydeliver fresh coffee from the nation’stop roaster or right to your dog firstyou go on their website where you cantake a quiz this will tell trade how youlike your coffee and this way they cancurate matches just for then then wesend out the coffee this is the one thatI’ve got right there that chalk likesmokey brown sugar Wow then you canwrite it back on tray that they will useyour feedback to adjust and to improveon how they pick the right matches foryou for me in this case so besidescoffee they also sell all the tools youneed including the mocha master abeautiful coffee maker handmade in themiddle and they just produce outstandingcups of coffee click the link below andget the 30 percent off your first bagwith free shipping includedand if checkout you use the promo codeMooka Alex you then enter for a chanceto win the mocap master we saw earlierplease see the disclaimer in thedescription box so all the details youneed are in the description box is downbelow and for now let’s go back to bedmaking should be ready to be back by nowoh look at that dude it’s gonna getprobably even bigger in the oven it’sgonna think about 50 minutes to panicmore or lessbefore opening the top of the ovenbecause it’s gonna leak some moistureout some steam out and seems very usefulto baking 28 minutes in I reckon it’stime to get it out I may say so myselfand I am that is just stunning mine canblowing of course I’m tempted to slicethat buy it open right now but Ishouldn’t cause every decent Baker outthere will tell you that you need towait for it to completely cool downbefore slicing it I don’t know becauseof what to be honest so if you know theanswer to this let me know in thecomments okay it’s gonna be 30 very longminuteshang in there Alex hang in there let’sget it open[Music]this is the piece that everybody leavesaside here but this is my favorite oneif that is your first loaf there is noway in a million years that you’re notgonna do it again I’ve been baking whitebread Brown better yeast bread basicallysourdough bite I’ve been baking quoi soI’m still amazed by how proud of myselfI feel just by baking something assimple as just flour and water plus orplus a few tiny ingredients and turningthem into that wonder it’s a wonder okayit’s biblical it definitely is biblicala solid bread recipe that we work everytime slice up like a big chunk of thiswhen you toast this stuff if it’s thickenough it’s gonna be cold on the outsidebut still very fluffy and then almostchewing the inside doing a massage tothis but it’s probably time for me toend this video anywayanybody got what it takes to make thisbut I didn’t use any machineI didn’t use any fancy ingredients andreally easy techniques I hope youenjoyed this video as much as I enjoyedmaking that but I really hope as wellthat you you guys are staying safe atstaying at home that you guys are justcoping with this moment I am with youlet’s bake together okay easy bye bye[Music]

17 Replies to “Homemade Bread for Beginners (ft. Pro Home Cooks)

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  2. “that’s where the baby analogy ends immediately”… thanks Alex I just shot my drink out of my nose laughing so hard! LOL

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  5. Alex totally figured this democracy thing out! Ask Twitter what to name his next video, then ignore the vote and do your own thing. Nice Video as usual Alex, well done!

  6. Alex here’s why you shouldn’t cut into bread too early: while baking the gluten releases water molecules that bind it together. While heating up, this water hydrates the starch in the flour, causing the starch molecules to explode, producing a gel-like paste in a process called gelatinization. Gelatinization causes the starch to become firm as it continues cooking, helping to form the structure of the bread along with the gluten. BUT the starch doesn’t fully set until you let the bread cool to room temperature (in a process called starch retrogradation). Therefore, if you cut it too early you’ll have gummy bread and a lot of moisture loss, making the bread go dry faster. So wait until the starches set! FYI: starch gelatinization is also what happens when you cook a roux, and the gelatinization process helps thicken the sauce. Also, bread staling is caused by a loss of moisture due to starch crystallization (due to continued starch retrogradation).

  7. My sourdough is telling me, “don’t you dare make a pan loaf with instant dry yeast!” lol Your loaf of white bread looks beautiful though.

  8. Hold up… did you say kid? Some of your jokes now make a lot more sense as dad jokes. Awesome video thanks Alex

  9. Premature cutting releases moisture that is usually incorporated into the bread and keeps it from drying after time. If moisture is released the bread will become dry/stale quicker.

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