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This is Edible Art. Bread so beautiful it looks like art!

Do you know about the beautiful breads that are going viral?
If not, Let me tell you about it, lately on Instagram, with everyone being home due to COVID-19 baking bread has become a thing. One of the Instagram user @vineyardbaker says on her profile that she’s “putting the art in artisan bread.” Her beautiful images of bread topped with fresh vegetables and herbs inspired me. I wanted to try and figure out an easier way to do it with my daughter, and share it with the special needs community, so here you go.


The FUN you get to eat!


Pizza Dough (15-ounce)refrigerator bag pizza dough. Set it at room temperature about 30 minutes prior.
Fresh Vegetables: (assorted cherry tomatoes, green onions, olives, etc.)
Herbs: (basil, rosemary, whatever you like)
2-3 tablespoons olive oil
2 teaspoons Italian spice seasoning
1 teaspoon salt (You may want to sprinkle a little extra on top)
Cooking spray olive oil (optional)

Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. Bake at 425 for 20 to 25 minutes
Use cooking spray to coat a 13 by 9-inch sheet pan with olive oil.
Spread out the pizza dough to fit the sheet pan. (you may have to work it to make it fit. Pinch to close any holes that show the bottom of the pan.

In a small bowl, mix the Italian seasoning and olive oil.
Brush the seasoned oil all over the top of the dough.
Using the tips of your fingers push into the dough to create dimples. Keep working the dough until it stretches to fit the entire pan.

Decorate the dough with fresh vegetables and herbs, creating a picture of a beautiful garden, seascape, or anything your family desires.

Bake in the hot oven until the bread is golden brown, about 20 to 25 minutes. Cut into squares and serve.

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Create Picasso Style Clay Mask using air-dry clay:

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Video Transcription

hi welcome to create cooking talk I’mshot a I’m Kayli what are we cookingtoday do you know art Bray art bread didsomeone send us this recipe you rightokay so I don’t know if you guys knowthere’s like that trend that’s going onwhere people are making their ownsourdough bread and they’re makingfocaccia bread artwork and I thought ohthat’s really cool but there’s no wayI’m gonna like take the time to make myown bread so I thought but hey we canstill do it what if I bought pizza doughbread but that’d work on pizza dough andI found you today not plugging thisperson but we found it at WalmartI’m sure Publix or whatever your grocerystore has as well so we are going tomake art bread today so taking that forexample let’s go over the ingredientscan you leave because for those of youlittle wait one second for those of youthat may or may not know Vikash artbread is using fresh vegetables andherbs to decorate the brain okay nowlet’s go over those so we have oniongreen onion by signing up this is freshbasil roses roses or rosemary rosemaryyep some Keeney’s zucchini noodles asnoodlesPapa moly yeah pepperoni or that salamicuz you pixel all machine and then webought different colored tomatoestomatoes too so that we can make ourdecoration and olives right and all inokay so what we’re gonna do first iswe’re going to spread the dough soactually we probably need to get somespray on our hands right okay our handsare clean I’m gonna let Kayleigh do thispartI already sprayed the pan now you’regonna need it out and make it spread tothe whole pan and you have to kind ofpull it like this you guys it’s kind ofbusting your faceyes right numbered and let’s read it outlike play-doh okay he thinks it’s likeplay-doh okay check out the pizza doughto fit the full pan I think this is a 9by 13 pan I hope anyways go ahead kidKayleigh is brushing it with olive oiland Italian seasoning I just mixed abouta tablespoon of Italian seasoning inwith the olive oil and she’s gonna breadit because focaccia bread or the breadis supposed to be really oily you knowand that when it cooks so make sure youget all the spots so what I thought wewould do which would be fun for this artbread would be to create Picasso’sfriendship bouquetI’m sorry bouquet of peace and I thoughtgiving the times and everything that’sgoing on right now I thought that wouldbe Purdy so we’re going to see if we canreplicate this with our vegetables andherbs ready all right so kay these guysdecorated so now we’re gonna start onthe decorating so well we got Italianwe’ve got the onions I’m gonna make thispart so you kind of know and this is howeasy you guys it is you just kind of itdoesn’t have to be perfect Kaleigh youstart on the tomatoes where you’re gonnaput the like remember you use this partfirst to kind of here I’ll start one foryou how about right there and then youwhere’s the other one look at thepicture right about thereokay all rightand right we use the different colortomatogo ahead so you may give this for yourart project oh I messed up okay so we’regonna make the flowers and all aroundokay I’ve got one up there okay we’regonna put something else besidesTomatoes yeah all there where you putthe olives around this one oh in thecenter okay that’s a good ideaI’ll put the olive in the centers okayall right put them upside down all rightyou guys well you know this is goodmorning mom I’m learning you got thatrightokay what about what you got a lot ofall this daddy doesn’t like those okayand we help always okay so what aboutthe pepperoni okay put your pepperoniokay so Kayleigh and I can pleated ourartwork our art bread and we’re gonnapop it in the oven and see how it cooksits 425 for about 20 to 25 minutes we’regonna check it out hi thought why be artbread is cooking in the oven that wewould talk about Picasso ken what do youknow about Picasso picked up art thisshe’s an artist that’s right and he washe made cubism yep popular pop all rightbut this is one of his paintings he wasalso or drawings this was called thebouquet of peace because in Picasso’slater years of his life he came moreinvolved in promoting peace andadvocating for peace internationally andactually he also has the the sign of theDove was a drawing that he did thatactually is an emblem for the sign ofpeace that’s an international emblem forthe sign of peace so I think what thispicture represents with everythingthat’s going on in the world is thatit’s a I from what the description saidit’s kind of the flowers because they’rebrightly colored like new birth and hopeand that it’s childlike in a sense thatwe you know are you know maybe for loveand harmony and your giving and that weneed to be united for each otherand that it’s about friendship and loveand that we need toand become too and funny right andpeople from Diane say might be paired upworking in this three though people areprotesting yeah so we all kind of needto know that we all need to what it’sabout loving each other right andrespecting each other mm-hmm and andworld peace and I think it begins withthat right so we hope that our art breadcomes out looking like this we don’tknow because you never know but we stillgot some minutes on the timer so I loveto see how it goes so we just pulled itout of the oven and I did want tomention that I upped the oven to 450 Ithink then it came out pretty it’s Ithink gonna be fun to serve so what doyou think K can you see itI like it our vegetable bread so whythat cools down before we have lunchwhat do we need to say I’d say if youliked our video give us a thumbs up ifyou want to see more recipes pleaseplease do and and did you like thisproject yeswas it fun so this edible art yeah andyou mimic it when you have your friendall for you mimicking when you have aparty yeah are we having parties rightnow at Kobe no no but we’ll have a partywith our own family anyways thank youfor joining us um enjoy encouragelearning like creating young we’ll talkto you soon bye-bye

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