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How to bake bread with homemade yeast water? I show you how it works and how to feed you yeast water for the next bread you will bake. It’s not difficult and you will be able to bake bread without yeast from the store forever.

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Video Transcription

there have been a lot of questions aboutbaking bread with yeast water so Ithought let’s make a video about thatthe bread that I’m baking today is justa suggestion if you have a favoritebread just continue to bake it with theyeast water but maybe you find some ofthe tips and tricks that I’m using hereto make it even more successful so letme start with the ingredients I need tomake a pre dough and that pre dough ismade from 150 grams of all-purpose flouror you can also use spelt flour or breadflour and 200 milliliters of my yeastwater then for the main dough you willneed 150 grams of wheat flour 280 gramsof whole wheat flour and 80 grams of ryeflour and as mentioned before this isjust a suggestion if you want to usedifferent flower like spelt flouranything else just do it you might haveto adjust the amount of water thatyou’re adding to get the consistency ofthe dough that you need then also youneed 12 grams of salt and optional somebread spice if you don’t have breadspice you can leave it out or if youwant some here’s the recipe for it so Iwill be using a little bit of breadspices today in the recipe it says 2teaspoons for me that’s too much I willjust use one teaspoon okay let’s putthis aside because that’s for the maindough to prepare the pre dough mysuggestion is that you do this in themorning of the first day of baking soyou should plan like 2 days until youhave your bread and it sounds like anawfully long waiting time but if youbake bread continuously this will justgo hand-in-hand and so my routineusually is that I make a pre dough inthe morning and I need to measure 200milliliters of my yeast water and thatis about one cup a little less than onecup you will always find the customaryunits of a recipe on my blog where youcan switch between the metric system andthe customary system that is used inAmerica but I will always use the metricsystem that’s how I grew up and that’smore precise so it has a better outcomein my personal experience so I mix thistogether trying to get all the lumps outof it okay so this needs to be coveredand put at the warm place in my housefor about 8 hours and that’s why I’mdoing this in the morning usually so inthe evening I continue and make the maindome because I’m making a video todayand I cannot block my whole kitchen forseveral days or with my filmingequipment I have prepared already a predough and you can see this has just toshow you the difference this is verybubbly it’s very active and that’s whatyou want to achieve you want your predough to be very very bubbly and activeand that’s what has happened here so nowfor the yeast water I will need twohundred and thirty milliliters of yeastwater for the main dough so when Iprepared the pre dough that means I dohave to refill some of the yeast waterso that I have enough for later so letme show you how I’m doing that[Music]first so I’m actually doing the samething that I did when I started my yeastwater just that it takes less time nowso if I have a leftover yeast water likethis I just add the water that I usedand replace it with filtered or at leaston chlorinated water then I add one totwo teaspoons of sugar and I’m usingsome fruits again so there was somethingthat people asked like does it have tobe washed or pitted on so the importantthing to understand is that the yeast ison the surface of the fruit or the thevegetable that you are using so in orderto have yeast on it it should be organicif possible or at least it shouldn’t betreated with any chemicals and that’susually the case with home tannic foodand you shouldn’t wash it because thenyou would remove the yeast from from thefood so I’m again using some dates youcould also you cut a tomato into smallerpieces grapes are a good idea you don’thave to cut it you can just put it in inwhole but this bottle is a littlesmaller so I am cutting this into piecesso I can get it out later what elsepeople had so many questions about thatyeah okay one more question was aboutthe the air that I put in it so I willclose this and shake it so that thefresh water and the yeast water mix verywell and the the lid should be kind ofloose so that any gas that is existingin this bottle can be released andDaniel Vidal won’t explodeso once a day I completely open the lidlet some air in yeahthen I close the lid shake my bottle andput the lid back on loose and so I willlet this stand on my kitchen countertopfor a day now so after 24 hours thisshould already be ready to be put intothe fridge until I use my yeast waterthe next time so this is how you refreshyour yeast water he should make surethat you always have a little bit of aleftover so it’s faster getting youryeast ready otherwise you had to have tostart over the whole process that Ishowed in the other video and that mighttake several days so this will befinished and ready to be used in about24 hoursanother tip so when when the 24 hourshave passed I will remove the fruitsfrom this bottle and put it in thefridge and the day before I bake thenext bread I could take it out and feedit just like it did right now and thenmake it even more active for the nextbatch of dough that I’m making or pre dothat I’m making then would be an optiontoo but it’s not really necessary so asyou can see with this pre dough it worksvery well even if you don’t feed it theday before alright so since I alreadyhave my free dough let’s continue andmake the main dough I still have anotherbatch of yeast water so I’m using thisnow for the main door so I don’t have towait for my new batch and I’m measuring230 milliliters of it yepnow put this in the ball and I’m nowadding the predawn it’s very liquid asyou can see okay so in during thiscoronavirus situation I’m doing thecurbside pickup so I don’t go into thegrocery which means that I can’t alwayschoose the brand that I wanders theresometimes out of it and they replace itwith something else and I have adifferent wheat flour all-purpose flournow and it is very different from theflours that I’ve been using before so itseems to absorb a lot less liquid solet’s see how this turns out this timethough I have some of the rye flour andwhole wheat flour in this recipe whichmeans it should not affect too much ofmy bread so I’m adding also the salt and1 teaspoon of bread spice okay now thiswill be mixed at a low speed for 5minutes and then on a medium speed foranother 5 minutes[Applause]okay so this was a ten-minute needingtime and we give this a little meet withmy handsokay so I’m folding my dough which meansI take the sides and fold them to thecenter of my dough which creates tensionand then I turn it around and just pullit like this that’s a very nice roundshape and now this has to rest I’ll puta little bit of oil into my bowl here Iput this in there and a little bit ofoil on top of the dough just to makesure that it doesn’t dry out I need alittle more than that and then it has toprove for roughly one and a half to twohours it really depends a little bit onhow strong your yeast water is and itshould about double its size during thistime so I’ll add a lid and let it standin a warm place for proofing okay sothis took longer than two hours actuallyI think it’s been almost three hours Icould have taken it out earlier it wasalready rising but I felt like it couldrise a little more so I gave it moretimeno I removed the dough out of hereand I will again fold itand it’s a very soft and elastic dough Ilike it very muchokay let’s do the thing again withcreating some tension in the doorokay I have a very good feeling aboutthe consistency of this door it’s reallyreally good now I’m was receive I’mflowering my proofing basket and somepeople in a different videowhen was taking this for for a bakingforum which it is not it’s really justfor proofing of the dough and you do notput this into the oven okay so a lot offolks are new to to the whole breadbaking thing so I have to explain someof these things in order to prevent anyproblems okay so this bread goes nowinto the proofing Basking with a seam onthe top like this okay I will cover thisagain and this has to prove again now soit’s not ready to be baked yet I havetwo different options now I can eitherput this into the fridge for about 12hours and then bake it this kind ofproofing in the fridge over a long aperiod of time can very much increasethe texture and the taste of the breadthat’s one way to do it and the otherway to do it is to just let it rise asecond time at room temperature whichmight take about maybe again three hoursI’m not sure and bake it then so youdecide what what’s best for you sinceI’m making a video today and I don’twant to block the entire kitchen foranother day I will bake it today so Ilet it just rise at a warm place againfor a couple of hours before I put itinto the oven and bake it okay let’stake a look and you can see even thoughit wasn’t the bought yeast from thestore it was my yeast water you canclearly see that this has turned outvery nicely it has really been risingvery much to the top of this proofingbasket which is quite largeI don’t see a downside us to use anyyeast water instead of theirstore-bought yeast by the waystore-bought yeast has a lot of chemicaltreatment and is probably not as healthyor not as good as the wild yeast that wejust made by ourselves so my next stepis baking this dough and I want to bakeit in a cast-iron pot this time most ofthe time I bake my bread just on abaking sheet and you can definitely dothat you don’t need to use the themethod that I’m using today but Idecided to make it this way I like tochange things up every now and then sofor that I have preheated the oven to230 degrees Celsius or 450 degreesFahrenheit and I also heated thecast-iron pot in the oven together withthe oven so I’m going to take this outof the oven now so I can put the breadin there okay so this is very hot and Ialready placed some parchment paper inthere so and I’m not just let’s hopethis works well whoopsit’s a little bit of a push here okayand I’m cutting across into my breadlike thisand I’ll cover it back it comes littleand this goes now into the oven for 40minutes and after 40 minutes I’m goingto remove this lid and let it bake foranother 10 minutesso here’s now my bread let’s see if Ican carefully get it out here oh sorrynot it moved a little bit too muchinside let me there’s a tool I don’twant to burn my hand okay okay here wegoyes so this is the bread that I madewith yeast water and you can see it hasa very nice height so it did not turnout to be flat or anything and yeah itlooks really good I have to let thiscool no entirely so that will takeprobably an hour and then I will cut andopen and show you how it looks from theinside finally the bread is cooled andnow let’s take a look what it looks likeon the inside so that means make a nicecut[Applause][Applause]all right so not my best card oh butyeah you can see it has small poresthat’s okay and it is very even that iseven better and let’s taste some of itand you can hear the noise it makes whenI cut it[Applause][Applause]hmm hmm this bread is a very good tasteI can taste the spice of the bread spiceslightly but it’s not overpowering soit’s just like a hint of it and that’show I like it best and it’s a verystrong taste of a bread so I wouldrecommend eating this with some coldcuts or cheese or something that is morehearty but it would also work with somegem or or some honey yeah I hope youenjoyed this video I proof you can bakewith yeast water it takes a lot longerso I think the proving time was like mmmmaybe 2 to 3 times the time that Iusually have for proofing of my doughbut the outcome is as good as it is whenI make it with store-bought yeast andthis is definitely an alternative to thestore board yeast since it’s very hardto get at this moment yes so thank youfor watching I hope you enjoyed this ifyou did please give me a thumbs upsubscribe to the channel also hit thislittle Bell button that’s next to thesubscribe button so you get informationfor new videos and enjoy the bread[Music]

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