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Bread kunafa വളരെ ഈസി ആയി എങ്ങിനെ തയാറാക്കാം /how to make bread kunafa/Kunafa easy recipe/🤩😍

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This is a simple hack version of the much loved Kanafeh/Kunafa. There’s a little taste of bread but the syrup and cream evens it out perfectly! So try it out ❤️

Ingredients :
Bread –5-6 slices ,
Cream – ( any thick cream cream or fresh cream we have used puck cream , amul and nestle are also fine )
Mozeralla cheese
Butter – 4 tbs melted or more (ghee is also okay)
Pistachios- 1 tbs crushed
Sugar syrup-3 tbs ( boil 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup water with 1 ,1cardamom , rose dry)
Rose,lavender(dry) for garnish.

Make cream cheese for inside by mixing fresh cream, mozeralla cheese.
Whisk and keep egg aside.
Take a bread slice. Cover one side with the cheese. Close it with another bread. And take a quick dig up in whisked egg and cover it with kunafa dough or vermilcelli.
If cooking on gas stove , cook on low fire. Close with a lid and cook. (If you don’t want to cook directly, use a pan (tawa) and cook on top of it)

When you see the sides turning into golden color then slowly flip the kunafa and cook the other side. Remove from flame and Add in sugar syrup .
Use rose or lavender(dry) for aroma and garnish and voila! Bread kunafa is ready.

Original of the video here

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