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How make one dough 4 type of bread part 1

How make one dough 4 type of shawarma, buger, bread crumbs bun, pizza part 1 bread crumbs bun

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Video Transcription

hi everyone welcome to China trip inmaking shaman is the ingredients whenthe server map please take noteso first what you’re gonna do is you’regonna mix all the ingredients togetherto make a doughso while mixing you can add the egg andmix a again mix and it becomes like adoor also a water so they became evenbecome like a dooras you can see it’s almost like you knowbecoming like a door so let’s go to awild second or when it’s like this kindof pens ideas you can add a little bitbut little bit of water so you canbecome a fully do so for now my mom tookthe dough out of the bowl and she’smixing it on the table to be easier andfasterhow to see when you’re done when youwhen you’re done they should become likethese like this is very soft so if itbecomes like these then you’re done andyou can stop mixing now you gotta cut itinto four pieces and we’re gonna make itfor them into circle shape so coolso now they’re into four pieces of doughyou can actually make four differentthings with this doughmy mom made pizza and burger in the lastvideo please go and check it out so nowshe’s gonna call for 20 minutes whilecovering it you can make the tuna addtuna and and my your knees on top of theend mix itjust do the same thing my mom is doingall she do is just my anis and that’s itand then so I’ve tried – two days andyou can go back to the tool so now we’regonna take a dough and then to chop likeyou know circles circles like that nojob as much circles as possible I’mgonna have the tunic re on inside sorepeat the same for the others and do asmuch as possible doing much how much youwon yeahwhen after done with all of those youcan dip it in the egg and put it in thebreadcrumbsand keep it aside for us do it the samefor all the others if you want you don’thow you can fry it or fun you can makeit if example if one you don’t have todip it in the egg and the breadcrumbs ifyou just fry it away but if you if youwant you can just dip it in the egg andthe breadcrumbs and bake it it’s up toyouI’m afraid you’re done I’m not readingthis you can even sit back and keep itin the freezer so whenever you want youcan just take it and fry it or bake itmy own tradition Romeo subscribe likeand comment still MC save and commentdown below it is bye

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