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Hello friends,
In this video we teach you how to make bread rolls with an easy recipe high nutritional value and restaurant like taste and style

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Video Transcription

hello everyone welcome to my channelretro food recipe if you like my videogive a big thumbs up and hit thesubscribe button today we will makecrispy bread rolls take 4 boiledpotatoes mash them properly take 1 TSPjeera and 1 TSP coriander crush it crushit lightly coriander jeera powder isready take 2 tbsp carrot 2 tbsp peas 2tbsp capsicum and 2 tbsp onion heat 2tbsp of oil add all veggies in it[Music]one tablespoon ginger garlic paste[Music]salt according to taste 1 TSP chilipowder 1 TSP garam masala 1 tsp amchurroasted ginger garlic powder and boiledpotatoes mix them properly take it outin a plate 1 tsp green chilly stuffingis ready now dip bread in water squeezeit properly add stuffing in a to coverit and give a good shape give a goodshape like this[Music]all these printables and puja heat oiland deep-fry these bread rolls[Music]be sure all the sites get golden browntexture tread rules are ready now[Music]look how tempting it is well you’d evermake this more colorful and nutritiousenjoy this crispy bread robe with yourfamily and friends

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