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Baking Bread, So Easy And Tasty !

Three Bread Recipes with the same base ingredients! A Beginners guide on how to make bread. Baking Bread has never been so simply, So easy and Tasty My Homemade breads can be eaten with dinner, breakfast or as a snack!

Baking Bread, So Easy And Tasty !

Basic Dough –
500g Strong Bread Flour
7-10g Dried Yeast
7-10g Salt
300ml Luke warm Water
30ml sunflower oil or similar

Chocolate Buns –
Basic Dough
½ Jar chocolate spread of your choice (not a full jar like I used lol)
65g brown sugar if the spread isn’t sweet enough
85g walnuts
Extra sugar and butter for the glaze

Baguettes –
Basic Dough halved but no Oil and 200ml Water

00:00 Ingredients
08:22 Kneading
10:06 Equiptment
12:20 2nd Proving
14:43 Bun Mixture
20:10 Baguettes Rolling & 2nd Proving
23:00 Loaf and Bun Bake
28:12 Baguettes Bake
30:46 Tasting!

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