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Bake your own(Almost Whole Wheat bread) #Easy tips for #Baking

Whole Wheat Bread for busy moms tired of making roti and paratha two times a day ,every day!

300 gram Ashirvad Whole wheat atta
100 gram maida
12 gram good quality instant yeast
Sugar atleast 8 gram (you need it for the yeast to work its magic)
Salt according to taste
Olive oil 15 -20 ml.You can add butter if you want a richer taste.
Warm water 50 ml .
Super tip:
Add salt after the sugar yeast and hot water has been mixed with the atta+maida combo.

Add ingredients in the order shown in video.
Knead till the dry and wet ingredients come together.
Atleast 15 minutes .Butter the bread tin.Place the dough in it after shaping.
Keep in warm oven covered (if it’s cool climate)
Keep atleast 40-60 minutes of till it rises to reach the edge of the tin.
Preheat oven at 180C
Bake at 180 C for 30minutes.
Take out
Ley cool cover with moist cloth.
Slice .

Original of the video here

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