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Bake With Me: Emma MacDonald’s Banana Bread Recipe| Sophia Dancel

Hey everyone! Editing this video made me laugh, hope it makes you all laugh too…I am NOT a baker, but this recipe was so fun and easy to make. This video is more for entertainment, I recommend checking out the link below for a good overview of the recipe ☺️

Link to Emma MacDonald’s Video:

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

I think that’s goodhello okay so today I am going to bemaking Emma McDonald’s vegan agluten-free banana bread recipe so herewe go my brother is here to helphi film slash bake the thing we have todo is put this I’ve never done thisbefore so mashing bananas okay so we putthese in a bowl twice three yeah threeshoot great bananas and these are goodthey’re supposed to be kind of brown sothis is like and their prime okay soaccording to the video I mean you canlike flip it you know oh yeah rightyou just gotta like mash them with aforkalso this fork is like oh what youpicked out was not great no it is okay Ihave the YouTube I’ve studied everybodyI’ve studied the YouTube video veryclosely mm-hmm and this is exactly whatshe doesalso I went to like three stores to findbaking powder today you need bakingpowder make sure to call ahead WholeFoods is the one who had it Kroger Annajust good tips good tipswhen I’m mashing the bananas Vinny isgonna go put the coconut oil a microwaveso we canwe’re gonna need 1/2 cup melted cocoa Iknow we don’t like just the glass onesanother banana weird it’s healthy firsthalf of my day I went to because I gotpaint for my room no much a Kroger dadyou want to be in the video how does ithave to be don’t measure there you knowthat right I just copy what they did thevideo oh wowor you can use one of itstruggling[Music]oh that’s good it should be good enoughokay okay now we need a 3/4 cup maplesyrup we just got this fresh which diedwhen I’m done then blueberry it’sgetting real high you know 3/4 cup okaythere’s everything cool it cleaned out3/4 cup maple syrup it seems kind ofwhat Wow okayeach spoon of vanilla ha ha it supposedto be a dough that is not where yourdon’t know you’ll see this is like a wetpart of it and then there’s a dryalthough it’s a one-girl Remy I can mixit together do we have to knead it okayI think we need a blender now shut Vinnythey I can’t get this by myselfOh got a cupI’d say that’s close enough now we needa cup of rolled oats okay oopsnice thanks here’s okay teaspoon bakingsoda here we gosee more there we should be prettyeating the oven oh my god Sophia at 350degreesI forgot about that crucialoh nicethat’s what I wanted I’m proud of myselflook at the sink right now fiveteaspoons salt nice difficult open hereit says open waiter impatient yeah yeahokay but I remember here sure if we justyou mix the wet and dry ingredients I’mgonna start mixing it in the fourth nowthis really does vitamin strablehey it’s at 350 they take the beautifulmuffins and follow me this wayburns myself Robert don’t touch the rattongue hey Siri set a timer for 15minutes yeah good jobteamwork okay now we’re gonna do acleaning montage nope you’re gonna do acleaning montage[Music]take them out they look good Ted ahahadefinitely gonna make more these so good[Music]

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