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A Simple Guide On How To Make Macarons

These vanilla rosewater macarons sound fancy, but they’re actually pretty simple to make. The shells only require 5 ingredients to make! It’s not so much about the ingredients, as much as it’s about the technique. This one was a pretty highly requested one so I hope you guys enjoy!

The almond flour I used:

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Ingredients you’ll need:

Macaron Shells-
1 cup (112g) almond flour
2 cups (216g) confectioners/powdered sugar
3 egg whites (90g)
1/4 cup (58g) white granulated sugar
3/4 teaspoon (6g) fine sea salt

Vanilla Rose Water Buttercream-
1/4 cup (56g) unsalted butter, softened
3/4 cup (90g) powdered sugar
1/4 teaspoon (2g) rose water
1/2 teaspoon (3g) whole milk (a dairy free milk is fine as well)
1/2 teaspoon (3g) vanilla extract
small pinch of salt

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Video Transcription

I know people are gonna call me out inthe wait whoo I know people are gonnacall me out on the way that I pronouncethese I’m singing in English okay goeasy on knuckle rolls I said it it’s outthere the important thing is thatthey’re delicious which they are[Music]see this is why I usually put my hair ina button because this is just not goodmostly my fault though so you know hey Iblame myself let’s just get this out ofthe way all right if I’m gonna break youmight as well just make it quickclean cut right do that right therethese aren’t exactly the easiest thingto make now with that said anybody canmake these I feel like I’ve reallydialed in the process here and hopefullymy explanation will get people successon their very first attempt crispy supercrispy on the outside almost like ashell and then super chewy and sweet onthe inside typically filled with like aganache or whatever in this case we’redoing a fancy rosewater vanillabuttercream sounds fancy it takes fancyit’s not that hard to make now uponresearching this I found that a lot ofrecipes have the exact same ingredientsand a lot of this relies on techniquesit’s gonna take a little bit of practiceso in a food processor you’re gonnaweigh out a hundred and twelve grams orone cup of almond flour 216 grams or twocups of confectioner’s sugar which isjust powdered sugar it’s just if youwant to be fancy you can say that andsix grams are three-quarters of ateaspoon of sea salt I actually use finesea salt so you may want to drop it downto half a teaspoon there and you’re justgonna pulse that a few times in yourfood processor just to get it a littlebit finer now I will say that dependingon what kind of almond flour you may ormay not need to do this if you can findsuperfine almond flour then you canprobably totally skip that and then justgo straight to sifting it this partisn’t necessary it just gets smoothertops on your macarons then you’re gonnatricks for that mixture to a fine meshsifter and you’re gonna go ahead andwell sift it until all of that mixturegoes through now there’s gonna be a fewlittle bits left at the top that don’tgo through and those are the bits thatyou want filtered out you can just tossthis in the trash it’ll only be likemaybe a teaspoon or a tablespoon ofstuff that’s gonna get thrown away sookay so we’re starting to enter the morecrucial stage for technique so pay closeattention you’re gonna take 90 grams orthree whole egg whites and you’re gonnabeat them just until they get to thissoft peak form which essentially is likeyou pick up your beater and they shouldgently fold over themselves prettyeasily and should be really loose itshould only take about maybe 3045seconds of actual like beating and thatshould happen and then once that happensI’ve got 58 grams or a quarterof white granulated sugar next to me andas you’re beating you’re gonna add thisgradually a little bit by a little bit Iwould say about maybe a half atablespoon at a time until you’ve addedall of it don’t add it all at once orelse you’ll risk knocking too much airout of your whites and then you’re justgonna beat while you’re doing that untilall the sugar is used up and they’vereached stiff peaks which is essentiallylike you pick your beater up and theyshould stand straight upI saw a BuzzFeed tasty video that theyliterally took the bowl and put it overtheir head so if you can put it overyour head if you’re okay withpotentiality of it you know ending up onyour head then that’s fine but yeah theythey put it they basically flip the bowlover on their head and nothing came outand it stuck to the bowl that that’s apretty good indicator now this is themoment where you’ll add food coloringideally you want gel or icing foodcoloring so it retains its color betterafter baking I added a light amount ofred food coloring to get that pinkishcolor then just beat that bad boy inokay now for the most important part inthe macaron process the Macra nage thisis where you can either make them orbreak them most problems are routed backto here so you know no pressure no bigdeal also just as a side note humiditywill absolutely affect this process sothe more humid it is the more likelythese will not turn out anyway so you’regonna add your sifted and mixed almondflour mixture and you’re gonna gentlyfold the two together over and overdon’t be too violent when you’re doingthis but also don’t be so gentle thatyou’re not doing anything at all theidea here is to push out air and allthose big air bubbles for a more uniformand slightly aerated batter a lot ofpeople swear by counting their foldssome say 50 is perfect I personally feelthat going by appearance is going to beway more accurate since each fold isgoing to be slightly different than thelast the final texture you’re lookingfor is a smooth glossy texture with nobig bubbles and it should be able toform a full figure 8 shape beforebreaking the second you get that figure8 you’re pretty much good to goso stop there as soon as you see thattransfer that to a piping bag fittedwith a round tip spray a baking sheetwith cooking oil and then line that badboy the parchment paper the spray helpsthe parchment stick because you knowit’s really annoying when you pipe outthis batter and then it pulls up theparchment and the parchment goes overand the batter gets are it’s it’s notgood so don’t don’t do that then pipeyour batter into 1.5 inch round spacedabout an inch apart from eachthere make sure not to pull the tipsstraight up when you finish these roundsit’s better to kind of like twist andflick at them off as you can see here atthe restaurant that I work out thepastry chef called them macaron nipplesso you don’t want thatnow once you’ve piped them all out tapthem against your counter a few times toget any excess bubbles out then let themsit there for 30 minutes to an hourcompletely exposed to the air to developa totally dry surface do not skip thatstep it is very very important that youlet that dry out a little bit then bakeit at 285 degrees Fahrenheit or 140degrees Celsius for 17 to 19 minutesoven temp is important because you don’twant your macarons to develop feet tooquickly otherwise they’ll deflate andthat’s at 285 to 300 degrees Fahrenheitor 140 degrees or 148 degrees Celsiusshould be a good range to be independing on how hot or cold your ovenmay run let those cool on the parchmentslightly before attempting to remove youdon’t want the bottoms to stick or tearapart very sad then carefully removethem and cool them down to room tempwhile those are cooling you can makeyour rosewater buttercream simply beat56 grams or a quarter cup of softenedbutter until creamy and light then beatin 90 grams or 3/4 of a cup of powderedsugar and a pinch of salt onceincorporated beat in 2 grams or aquarter teaspoon of rosewater which youcan totally get at most grocery stores 3grams or a half a teaspoon of vanillaextract and three grams are a half ateaspoon of whole milk beat until lightand fluffyoh ah why is that so hard to say untillight and fluffy transfer to a round tippiping bag once your macaron shells arecompletely cool and I cannot stress thisenough cool pipe about a tablespoon ofyour buttercream on one cookie andgently sandwich two of them togetheragain make sure your cookies arecompletely cooled I know you’re excitedbut they got to be cool repeat with allyour macarons of course you can joy themnow or you can store them in the fridgein an airtight container for a few daysthey’re even better when they’ve restedin the fridge for one to three days Iwould recommend a base macaron recipenow you can switch it up by changing theflavor the filling and the color of yourshellsnow as per tradition here you guys knowthe tradition all right you’re in on itit’s b-roll time[Music]alright guys and that is ithomemade macarons see that wasn’t so badpretty straightforward but again it’sgonna take some practice so get a couplein the only time set is that price ofalmond flour but I would say it’s gonnatake you probably one or two tries toget this method down perfectly ratherthan that I don’t really have much moreto say so if you enjoyed this video oryou learn something leave a likesubscribe and I will see you next week[Music]

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