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The Easy Guide On Making Just About Any Smoothie

This isn’t just some top 5 best smoothies recipe, this is a guide on how to make any smoothie your heart could desire. Whether you want a vibrant green smoothie or a traditional strawberry banana smoothie. Today we’re breaking down what elements make a good smoothie, and how to do it at home easily. To get you started off I included 4 of my favorite smoothies as an example.

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My Blender:
Preserved lemons:

Ingredients you’ll need:

Orange Carrot Mango-
1 medium carrot
1 cup (155g) frozen mango
1 small peach pitted
1/2 frozen banana
1/2 cup (120ml) orange juice
1/4 cup (50ml) water

Strawberry Banana-
2 cups (255g) frozen strawberries
1 frozen banana
1 cup (240ml) orange juice

Chocolate Peanut Butter-
1/2 cup (120ml) milk of choice
1 banana
1 tablespoon (14g) cocoa powder
2 tablespoons (40g) peanut butter
3 pitted dates
handful of crushed ice

ginger pineapple lemon (green smoothie)
2 cups (245g) frozen pineapple
1 inch (2cm) knob fresh ginger, peeled
small handful spinach
1/2 cup (120ml) orange juice
1/2 lemon worth of zest and juice

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Video Transcription

I’m not much of a smoothie guy maybe notthe best way to start this video out letme rephrase thatwhat I’m in the mood for a smoothie Ihave a few rules and none of theminclude peel just start this up bysaying don’t try to convince me to putkale in my smoothie please you cannothide the flavor of the kale for me okaydoesn’t matter there’s one single shredof a kill leaf in there I know it’s inthere and I’m gonna gag okay now what weare going to talk about is we’re gonnatalk about the elements of what make agood smoothie to me and hopefully you’llbe able to pick something up from thatso what the kale no longer in theconversation let’s do this shall weokay so we’re gonna break this down intoa few different categories the first oneis which liquid you choose to usethere’s dairy which you can do milk oryou can do a dairy-free milk like almondmilk or coconut milk there’s fruitjuices like orange juice which I feellike is the most popular choice to behonest and of course there’s water theliquid is really only there to thin thesmoothie out the consistency that youwant so think about what you want thatto add is it gonna dilute the flavor isit gonna add sweetness or is it justgonna make it creamy that’s what youneed to think about when choosing aliquid now the next part is gonna beabout fruit obviously in my opinion it’sway better to use frozen fruit if youhave fruit that’s about to get too ripecut it up and freeze it and then use itin a smoothie I really don’t like addingI still most smoothies just becausealthough it makes it nice and frosty itdilutes the flavor a ton so you know byusing frozen fruit you’re still gettingthat frosty element without losing anyflavor at all so you know just thinkabout it in a sense of how frosty youwant it you add ice cubes it’s gonnadilute the flavor so you know that’sreally only applicable to certainscenarios now next thing we’re going totalk about is vegetables this is a morerecently popular thing you know peopleare adding like spinach or beets orwhatever you know I also really likecarrots in there there’s a lot ofoptions here we’re not talking aboutkale you know why we’re not talkingabout kale if you want to put it inthere then more power to you my toppicks would be carrots beetsspinach and fennel and last but notleast let’s not forget aboutmiscellaneous stuff now you can do lotsof things to add nutritional value orjust flavor whatever you want you knowfresh herbs spices you can add fats likecoconut oil or peanut butter freshavocado you can also even add honey ifyou want extra sweetness I also thinkthat there’s a lot of room forexperimentation here you could add ifyou have preserved lemons that you madefrom my preserved lemon recipe whichwill be in the link of description ifyou haven’t seen it before you couldtotally add those you know there’s thethe sky is the limit whatever flavorsyou’re thinking now let’s give someactual examples here so first we’regonna make an orange carrot mangosmoothie now you’re gonna start off withhalf a cup or 120 milliliters of orangejuice 1/4 cup or 60 milliliters of water1 medium sized carrot sliced up 1 smallfresh peach cut up half of a frozenbanana and 1 cup of frozen mangoes whichis about 155 grams you know and thenjust give that a little blend until it’snice and smooth you know if you need toadd a little bit of water just to loosenit up you can I wouldn’t recommendadding more on juice because it’salready pretty sweet as it is next we’regonna do a classic strawberry and bananasmoothie so first start with 1 cup or236 milliliters of orange juice 2 cupsor 255 grams of frozen strawberries andone whole frozen banana now notice howI’ve been putting all the liquid downfirst before I add any solids and that’sjust a protective measure to keep theblade from getting damaged – always putyour liquid down first blend it untilsmooth and enjoy now this one’s a littlemore non-traditional this is chocolatepeanut butter smoothie so basicallyyou’re gonna start with 3 pitted dates1/2 a cup or 120 milliliters of wholemilk or almond milk or whateverdairy-free milk you want to use andwe’ll just ignore the fact that I addedthe milk after the dates let’s justpretend I didn’t do thatone whole unfrozen and ripe banana 1tablespoon or 14 grams of cocoa powder 2tablespoons are about 40 grams of peanutbutter and about 2 good handfuls of iceit doesn’t have to be perfect you knowjust add enough ice and totes as frostyas you want now I’m using icing thisbecause this shake is so strong on itsown I actually used the ice to dilute itand to give it some frost and ice whichis why we’re not using frozen stuff hereso yet yeah think about that stuff alsofor the sake of the protection of yourblender may be used crushed ice nexttime – yeah and the fourth smoothie isgonna be a ginger spinach pineapple andlemonsmoothies so you’re gonna start withhalf a cup or 120 milliliters of orangejuice a 1 inch or 2 and 1/2 centimeterknob of ginger 2 cups are 245 grams offrozen pineapple one large handful ofspinach and then half of a lemon worthof juice and zest then blend it up andthen suck it down your face that’salways nice to hear but you want to knowwhat else is nice to hear b-roll[Music][Music]alright guys and that is it sohomemade smoothies you know it’s uh it’snot that hard it’s it’s it’s we’re it’svery easy obviously with this videobeing a little shorter you know just alittle little thing I know my uploadshave been a few a little wonky the pastfew weeks it’s just been kind of crazyat the restaurant but I actually justrecently put my two weeks in and it’s mylast day at the restaurant in a coupleof days which is super exciting you knowI’m really excited it’s it’s bittersweetin a way it’s a little bittersweet and Imight be talking about it a little morein another video but I just want to letyou guys know and more importantlyfermentation Friday will be making acomeback very soon maybe with adifferent name that’s as much as I’mgonna give you right now will keep therest of it a mystery don’t forget tokeep sending your fermentation ideas tome on Instagram or Twitter or whateverDM you tweet me all the links are belowbe sure to follow me if you don’talready and if you enjoyed this video oryou learned something leave a likesubscribe and I will see you next week[Music]

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