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130: NO ADS! Simple Loaf Tutorial, Start to Finish (Yeasted Bread) – Bake with Jack

Bread Tip 130 Re-edited with NEW MUSIC because of copyright claim on the original. Hopefully this time there’ll be no adverts to interrupt your viewing pleasure 😉 ENJOY


Where’s the best place to start? Right here with a simple yeasted loaf of bread.

I hope this video is helpful 🙂

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2:46 Weighing
5:49 Mixing
7:15 Kneading
13:34 First Rest
14:49 Divide & Preshape
19:30 Shape
23:46 Second Rest
26:44 Bake

Ingredients List (makes two loaves):
24g Fresh Yeast or 14g dry yeast

640g Room Temperature Water
1000g Strong White Bread Flour
16g Salt
30g Olive Oil

Equipment List Video:

Dough Scraper
Large Mixing Bowl
Proving Cloths
A Water Jug
Scales measuring Grams
A tray or Tin
An Oven
A Bead Knife and Board
Deep Tray and Kettle
Cooling Wrack

Short Cut Recipe:

Dissolve yeast in water, add flour, salt, oil and mix together.
8 Minutes kneading on an UNFLOURED surface
1 hour rest
Divide and preshape into 2 balls
15 minutes rest
Final Shape
1 hour rest/final rise
40 minutes bake at 200C Fan/392F/Gas Mark 7

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