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Bread Pudding on a Hasty Bake

Ingredients: 1lb of Challah bread- one day old, Challah has a thicker crust which I like in bread pudding..
2 Cups of whole milk
1/2 Cup of sugar
4 Large eggs
1/2 tsp of cinnamon
1 tsp of vanilla
2 tbsps of melted butter
Baking pan: 10 1/2*7 inches or 2-2.2L Pyrex dish is used
Bake in 350F for 50 minutes..

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Video Transcription

[Music][Applause]okay guys today we’re just gonna make awhite chocolate bread pudding with abourbon sauce so with the bread puddingwhat we do is we’re gonna cut the breadusually use the stale bread so they’llbe easy to use it’s just to give abetter flavor on the bread pudding justI used to just wear it up get them in apanjust kind of spread evenly in the panwhat we do is I’ll use little heavycream to kind of soften it up firstbefore I get my mixture in there aboutmaybe about a half a cup what we’regonna try to put it in the bread puddingit’s a little bit of butter we’re goingto do is we’re gonna mix three eggsabout a cup of sugar about a teaspoon ofvanilla extract a little bit of groundnutmeg maybe about a quarter of a spoonlittle cinnamonsabout a half a teaspoon and about a halfa teaspoon of salt we’re about a cup ofheavy cream whisk that up real good yousay I’d give it a little taste for me Iwould add a little bit more cinnamonsince I like cinnamonnow that you have it already what I dois I put at the white chocolate and Igot a little bit of raisin about maybe ahalf a cup of each pull this in nowyou’re gonna get a lot of liquid inthere which is fine you just gonna mixit up so that you want that bread to getin there with it so it’ll soak up allthat liquid usually I let it sit for alittle while before I put it on the pityou want to get that bread down flat soyou get all that liquid soaked in it sonow it’s ready to let it rest for awhile and then we’ll go back and put iton the pit all right guys now that ourbread pudding it’s all set up and it’sready to go we’re gonna stick it in thehasty bake it’s sitting about 350 andwe’re gonna cook it for about an hourso since we have all this barbecue andeverything we’ve been liking we wantedsomething a little sweet you like me noyeah we made some good white chocolatebread pudding on the pit with a littlebourbon sauce so now it’s finished we’regonna try it let’s try it looks looksgood already smells delicious No whosays you can’t do desserts on a fifthright the proofs in the pudding rightcorrectall right what’s in that bourbon sauce Iforget I mean so what I was thinking Iwas a positive but I was pretty sure isperfect we’ll post the exact recipe inthe description below there you golet’s try it now I get to try it seeall right texture crunch I’m ready forbed yeah it tastes so good and the cruston top there and then the gooeynessinside your name that white chocolateand that bourbon goodness that you justpour it on there which I don’t know isin it but it’s good its money yeahthat’s a great way to top a meal offright there let’s see some more I almosttastes like a Apple in there but here’sa damn good looks like a tres lechestres leches I would normally i would letother people taste this we’re gonna youknow we’re gonna need ourselves pickwith everybody else why not yeah thanksa lot for watching check us out onInstagram BB q Crawford and of course myFacebook pageCrawford’s BBQ and YouTube[Music][Applause][Music]

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