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How to Make Holiday-Spiced Bread Pudding

In today’s video, Our Little Sous brings together all of the techniques he’s been demonstrating all week long to make our favorite Holiday-Spiced Bread Pudding!

All week long, we’ve been celebrating so many things, including Our Little Sous’ first book: My Life as a Worldschooler So Far!!! He just adores this nomadic lifestyle, loves learning, AND he wants to inspire even MORE people to get in on the fun! Get yours today over at www.Our

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Video Transcription

hey there hi there ho there fun foodfanswhoo we are back again today with ourlittle su say hi to everybody sir heyguys and tell everybody what are wemaking today bread pudding that’s rightall week long our little su has beendemonstrating what sir cookingtechniques special easy and actionablecooking techniques that can get you andyour little sous chefs into the kitchencooking up all sorts of deliciousnessand so today we’re gonna bring all thedifferent ingredients that wedemonstrated in those techniques intoour holiday spiced bread pudding so whatdo you have in the bowl in front of yousir sugar milk and vanilla that’s rightso we’ve just got a little bit of milkand he has whisked to dissolve the sugarin there and we’ve got a dash of vanillaessence now on the first day this weekwhat did you demonstrate for us sir Idemonstrated had a great machine hereall right go ahead toss the ginger inthere he’s just gonna be whisking allthese ingredients together into the milkalways good double check that’s rightcheck to make sure that’s really whatyou want good get it all in there heygirls are for using that’s right we liketo use our hands when we’re cookingdon’t weso if you have fingers I recommend usingthem okay go ahead and give it a littlewhiskokay now ginger is just one of thosegreat holiday spices that we enjoygetting that warm flavor what out therewarm flavors do we want to incorporateinto our dish sir say cinnamon and nowon day two you demonstrated how to grateone of those fresh which one was itnutmeg but you say there’s cinnamon inthere – no sorry they can’t smell itthrough the screen but it’s good but whydid we grate the cinnamon fresh sirbecause it’s a stick and sticks tastesgross that’s right cinnamon sticks aregreat for steeping the flavors but it’snot something that you want to chew onso when you’re mixing cinnamon intosomething like this you want to go aheadand useif you’re gonna seep the flavors intosomething warm like a tea or a mulledbeverage go ahead and throw in thosecinnamon sticks because you’re gonnastrain them out before you look it’sturning colors all right like it lookslike chocolateno cool it does have a lovely goldencolor what else has a lovely goldencolor that’s going into that bowl nextoh that’s right now for this part of therecipe look yeah we got it all whiskedin there all right for this part of therecipe we are using whole eggs both theyolks and the whites go ahead and putthem in the bowl don’t spill any okaynow from yesterday’s video you’llremember our little sue wasdemonstrating special techniques forseparating the eggs if you have somemishaps some of the eggs don’t come outcleanly we like to go ahead and throwthose into a separate Bowl then whenyou’re using whole eggs just like thisrecipe today that are gonna be allwhisked up it doesn’t matter they can goright in got all the egg in there try tomake sure you get everything yeah wewant to get it all in there all right goahead and whisk it up don’t know itfeels like oh it is a little bit thickerthat’s right because you’ve got all thefat in those egg yolks and all theproteins and those whites got a whiskgently yeah you know we want to makesure that it stays in the bowl so we getall this deliciousness into our finaldish can you pass me the two smallerprint bowls please oh okay and here okaynow that you’ve got all of that mixed upwhat are we gonna do with it taste ityou can taste it if you’d like go aheadgrab your tasting spoon first give it awhiff what is it smelling smells weirdsmells weird weird like howyou know it’ll chair the booth hit themginger but there’s nothing in there youcan smell all those holiday smells likea pig smells like a go ok not badoh all right yeah how do you feel aboutthat raw egg oh you got a little lump ofcinnamon in there the rag was a tasterright okayI don’t want to knit all right go aheadand use the spatula then and pass me thewhisk and you can take our lovelymixture of egg and put it into our dishnow in this big bowl what do we havehere I might need some help oh can I goahead and lift it up and this breadremember our little sue demonstratedgetting all of those little pieces notwith a knife but hasser with us with aspoon to break up the bread out withyour hands that’s right we use our handsI suppose to speak to ginger oh yes weused a spoon to scrape the skin off theginger but you use your hands to breakup this bread which was frozen so thatit was easy to break into small piecesand no need to worry about a knife forcutting the little cubes that we wantfor our bread puddingall right now you’ve got all the eggmixture in there and we’re gonna use ourabsolute favorite kitchen tools one ofthose okay all right what are you gonnado what are you gonna do get the answeryou can get your hands in there and mixthat’s right this is one of the most funparts of this bread pudding recipe in atake and just toss to coat all of thedry bread pieces into the egg and milkmixture all right so our little sue isgonna toss scooping up to make sure thebottom pieces get up to the top and thetop pieces that are dry get down therein the egg and milk mixture so thateverything gets all soaked up this isone of the reasons that it’s okay if youhave some relatively big pieces becausein this mixing process they can become alittle bit smaller all right keeptossing we want to make sure everythingis not only thoroughly coated but thatwe get all of the mixture down from thebottom that’s it get way down in thereand toss it all this works my shouldersyep nobody ever said cooking wasn’t goodexercise tooonce it’s all toss to coat we’re gonnago ahead and put these pieces into ourbutter on lined by 13 baking dish that’sthe approximate size that many peoplewill have access to just cut and scoopit all in there and the great part aboutthis recipe is this can all be done inadvanceand so it all smells like bread puddingalready it smells great doesn’t it oh Iwish our audience could smell this butwhen they do this in their kitchenclassroom wherever they are in the worldthey’ll be able to do that won’t theyall right can you grab those a couple ofpieces that fell down all rightso go ahead and we want to spread it outin one even layer let’s get some of thepieces down into the corner over hereand you can make a head to this pointcover and refrigerate and let it sit inthe refrigerator overnight so then itjust soaks up all the wonderful flavorsand then we’re gonna put it in a 350degree fahrenheit oven that’sapproximately 180 degrees Celsius for at30 to 45 minutes we’re just gonna lookfor that to be cooked through nice andcrispy on the outer edges and soft withthat custard that it’s soaking up rightnow and we will come back over on ourblog at our kitchen classroomkomm to show you what our finished breadpudding looks like and we just mightinclude a special bonus recipe for oneof our favorite toppings that we’d liketo throw on top of it give it one lastgood sniff soak in all those wonderfulholiday spices how does it smell itsmells like cool smells like celebrationbut what are we celebratingthat’s right cuz our little Sue’s got abrand new book out what’s it called allright so come and join us in thecelebration at our kitchen classroom comwhere you’ll see the book you’ll findthe remainder of this recipe and thefinished product and all sorts ofdeliciousness that we’ve got going onall month long we will see you again inour next video take care everybody why

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