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ምርጥ በመጥበሻ የተጋገረ አምባሻ (How to make no-oven Ethiopian bread)/Ethiopian Food

4 ኩባያ ፍርኖ ዱቄት(4 Cups all purpose flour)
1 የሾርባ ማንኪያ እርሾ(1 tbs yeast)
1/2 የሻይ ማንኪያ ጨው(1/2 tsp Salt)
1 የሾርባ ማንኪያ ስካር(1 tbs Sugar)
1/2 ኩባያ ዘይት(1/2 Cup Oil)
1 3/4 ኩባያ ሞቅ ያለ ውሀ( 1 3/4 Cup warm water)

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