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ബേക്കറിയെ വെല്ലുന്ന ഒരു ഈസി വൈറ്റ് ബ്രഡ് ! How to make Homemade White bread.

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Maida or all purpose flour- 3 1/4 cup
luke warm milk- one cup
2 table spoon sugar
1/4 cup condensed milk
1 egg
7 grm or 2 1/2 tsp yeast
1/4 cup butter
make a sticky dough. knead for 10 min
poof for 2 hours in a warm place
then separate the dough into two and shape them into a log
cut it into 7 peices and poof again for 1 hr in a loaf pan
now bake in 350 F /180 celsious oven for 20-25 min
perfect bread is ready.

Original of the video here

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